Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deerfield Beach District 2, Looking For A City wide Change.

So you all may know by now that Commissioner Sylvia Poitier will be voluntarily turning herself in today to face misdemeanor charges brought by the State Attorney.  All of the actual charges have not been disclosed to the public as of yet.  So to speculate that this is the end of her career, before all the chips have fallen is premature and only leads to assumptions.  And as far as I know we are all presumed innocent until proven guilty.  So let us agree to wait and let it play out before jumping the gun. 

I have made it clear that my mission is to discuss it all.  That a better Deerfield Beach is my only agenda. 

A fair, just, and equal Deerfield Beach is the only thing that matters and with that I would like to say the following:

If the City of Deerfield Beach removes Sylvia Poitier from office, creating a vacancy on the dias with no election within 9 months and no person available with her qualification.  We, the residence of District 2, need to enforce the City Charter which states that :

(b)   Special elections.  If no regular city election is scheduled within nine (9) months, the commission shall schedule a special election to fill the unexpired term of mayor or a commissioner held not sooner than forty-five (45) days, nor more than seventy-five (75) days following the occurrence of the vacancy or vacancies. 

In any special election held for the purpose of this section, the provisions for candidates and elections of article VI of this Charter shall apply.

(f)   [Qualifications to fill vacancy.]  A vacancy in the office of commissioner shall be filled by a person having the same qualifications as the commissioner no longer in office. If the vacancy is to be filled by appointment the appointee shall be a person from the same district as the commissioner no longer in office. If the vacancy is to be filled by election, the candidates for election shall reside in and be elected by the qualified electors in the same district from which the commissioner, who is no longer serving, was elected. 

Now this is where we will run into a problems Deerfield is the Quorum requirements.  

(d)   Quorum requirements.  Notwithstanding the quorum requirements established by this Charter at section 3.15(7), if at any time the membership of the commission is reduced to less than a quorum, the remaining members may, by majority vote, appoint a qualified elector of the city as an interim, additional commissioner to serve until the next regular city election if less than six (6) months remain until that election. If, however, following the appointment of the interim, additional commissioner in order to have quorum for the conduct of municipal affairs there shall be more than six (6) months remaining before the next regular city election, the commission shall call a special election to elect additional members in order to form a whole commission, including the position occupied by the interim, additional commissioner. In the event that the remaining members of a commission lacking a quorum are unable to agree on the appointment of an interim, additional commissioner after two (2) weeks of deliberation, the governor shall appoint such interim, additional commissioner in order to provide a quorum for the conduct of municipal affairs. 

This section allows the remaining Commissioners appoint someone until a Special election can be arranged.  What we need to do is make sure that if it comes to that, we do not allow them to drag it out and that they act upon it as soon as possible.  

So I say, if they had the time to petition Governor Scott to remove her they have the time to find the money to fund this special election, which my sources indicate was the plan all along.  

Basically, what Deerfield needs to do is get rid of all incumbent politicians and start fresh.  These politicians who make a career of fleecing "We the People".  

In Politics experience is a double edged sword.  It gives you the knowledge to be more effective, but because the system is set up in such a way that career politicians owe out so many favors for campaign donations that they usually are fearful to go against their contributors, instead of only thinking about their constituents.

What we should do is change the way campaign contributions should be given.  I suggest the following:

A pool of money!  If the intent of campaign contributors is to help government then all donations should be pooled regardless of party affiliation and then distributed equally among the candidates depending on the level of government seat they are aspiring too.  This would help to eliminate a politicians hesitancy to act on the behalf of their constituents as opposed to their contributors.

It is time to pull the curtain! FIrst in Deerfield,then in Florida, and then America.

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