Thursday, April 21, 2011

Deerfield Beach City Management Ask For Our Opinion???

City of Deerfield Beach ask it's resident's "How is the Parks & Recreation Department doing?".  When I think about it, the question the City officials should be asking is "How is the City management doing?  Maybe they should go on "surveymonkey" and create an anonymous survey to get a true feeling of the resident's opinions on the "highly" paid City of Deerfield Beach management staff's job performance.  Now that is a survey i'd take.  

I am apprehensive of even taking this quiz considering the fact that our city management is in tough negotiations with our city employees.  We have to ask ourselves what is the purpose of asking us now?  What is your true agenda Klopp/Hanson/Milanowski?

And Is it just me or even the site, surveymonkey, they chose to create the feedback survey on a little bit suspect???

Basically, if you really want a survey, give us a survey that encompasses City of Deerfield Beach services as a whole.  Your jobs included, guys?  Because this blogger does not think that any of you are worth the high price-tag that you are costing the your salaries, aesthetics of the city, employment rates (heck it seems to be getting worse since the major employer in our town, City of Deerfield, is laying off people left and right)redevelopment, and business acquisition.  I honestly have not seen what you three and your cronies have done.  The City of Deerfield Beach is no better off with you and the cost to keep you is a little too high.  We talk of corruption and Deetjen and Mahaney's incompetence, but heck our current City Manager worked under both of those guys, so instead of bringing someone new and fresh in, we got more of the same...He is just screwing us in another position.  At least with Deetjen and Mahaney, we got breakfast the next morning.  What have we gotten with the Klopp/Hanson regime?  Nothing,  but an STD and now our beautiful city is sick.

We need a check-up people and I don't think Klopp/Hanson is the pair to cure us.

If they are truly concerned about balancing the budget, knowing cuts are needed, then start with the top.  Were is the talk about managements pay cuts?  I could have sworn at the April 5, 2011 meeting it was stated that Klopp and Hanson would be taking a pay-cut.  When is that going to happen?  Has it even been brought back up since that time?  Management needs to lead by example, stop bullying and strong-arming or city employees.  Heck, to go a step further, is theirelatives that work for the city going to be up for the chopping block, too?  I hear somebody has a wife, who is a supervisor at a park in District 3 and somebody has a daughter that works at the DB Aquatic Center.  Will these individuals be on the chopping block or are they, as Ryan Seacrest would say, "Safe"?

It does seem, at least to me, as though this management regime is playing games with the livelihoods of our City Employees.  Our Mayor and Commissioners seem to either be reluctant to do something to stop it or are cheering them on for nefarious reasons.

If you want to privatize so badly, just come right out and say it, stop playing games with the residents and city employees of Deerfield Beach.  We will vote it down, anyway!  So your attempts at lowering the City's base cost for services, so you can obtain low bids to drive the market down, if bidding by private contractors to take over General employee functions was to occur, is mute.  Hey, Beach and Pier lovers...your pier and beach will be the first to go private if Klopp/Hanson have their way.  So, don't think these manuevers will only affect District 2, they affect Deerfield as a whole.  So, who's next???

Deerfield Beach, especially District 2, says "Hell Naw" to Privatization.

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