Friday, April 29, 2011

Is McAllen, Texas Truly an Answer to Deerfield's Problems??

Have any you ever heard of McAllen, Texas?  


Well, neither had I until I read through Deerfield Beach Budget Workshop Minutes from April 29, 2010 that are up for approval at the next City Commission Meeting.  

I thought it was of interest for everyone to get to know the town (McAllen, TX) that our City Management staff admittedly used as a model for our 2010-2011 budget.  

So, I took the initiative to locate a comparison of their city and ours.  I used the 2nd most populated zip codes in both cities, but if you decide to use the most populace zips then feel free. 

(BTW, they are 33442 (us) and 78501 (them))

I hope you took the time to review the comparison chart.  I will not expound upon what I saw because I don't want anyone to accuse me of leading to any specific conclusions, but I am quite positive we all came up with the same conclusions.

Now,  I am going to attach some links to articles about that McAllen and I want you to read them and also read the comment sections, because in the comments you get a feel for what the actual residents think.  So, you get a cross-section of governmental supporters, the average Joe, and then the dissidents.

These are just a couple of articles that I found in my search.  I suggest you look around on the internet and see what you find.  

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