Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chaz Stevens accuses local blogger of poisoining his dog.

Now, Chaz is insinuating that I poisoned his dog in order to protect the name of City Commissioner, Sylvia Poitier.  Like, that could stop the wheels of justice.  I personally can't wait for those same wheels to roll over all the corrupt individuals at the City of Deerfield Beach.

 Come on Chaz, like seriously Chaz, Come on Chaz, really???ME!  Out of all the enemies that you have Chaz, me really?  I would like a show of hands, of everyone who thinks poisoning someones dog is a good idea,(put your hands down, Thomas).  I personally wouldn't put it pass you yourself to have poisoned your own dog for sympathy (like I already mentioned on my twitter feed when you announced that your dog was possibly poisoned.  You are way to predictable at this point). Like I said,  I know that I wouldn't put it pass YOU!  

I don't recall reading that you poisoned anyone in the past, so for you to insinuate that I would do something so heinous just to "give you a piece of your own medicine" is quite frankly insane and I can see why your ex-girlfriend filed an order of protection against you.  I just hope that you don't stalk me, like you did her.  I don't have a balcony for you to toss piss at.  

If I were to even consider (For the record I have never consider harming this douchebag) giving you a piece of your own medicine...after the arrest report and court documents I reviewed would not have anything to do with your poor defenseless dog, Scooter (who didn't ask you to adopt or purchase him, it's not his fault you are a total domestic violence committing glory hound). 

So to your poor dog, Scooter, I apologize that your master did not spend enough time in jail for domestic violence related issues and get the help he so obviously needed to curb his own violent tendencies (Yes I am saying that you probably physically and mentally abused poor Scooter, b/c he can't file an injunction against you).

Timothy Richard Stevens, GROW UP!  Is this how a guy who just got nominated for the prestigious "Chris Brown, IBTRLIBMG award".  

I think not, good sir!  I think not.

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