Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chaz Stevens, Donates Blood Money to Woman in Distress...

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Now is this the guy you really want representing our city on any board???  Woman in Distress, have you asked the ladies that you protect, if they mind if this guy is their advocate?  I know all money is green, but are you that in need of funds that you take money from one of the guys who quite possibly sent a woman your way.

Blood money if you ask me!!!Blood money.

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Now, don't get me wrong.  You guys help many woman and the money that jailbird, Chaz Stevens sends your way from (wheresoever he gets it, rather from Noland, Burgess, or Deerfield Beach City Coffers).  We'll find it and let you know.

BTW, this story gets much worse so I hope you stay tuned for juicy bits.  Chaz lies about the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIM in this case and gets first case thrown out.  But then is caught in the act by Police.  Details at 7pm.  Since the newspapers won't run this information, for whatever reason (your guess is as good as mine),  I'll just keep posting and send them to concerned citizens. 

If you would like a copy of these documents, please contact me directly or leave a post here and I will get them to you.

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