Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Little Black History in Deerfield Beach: Red Tails movie, Pizza, and an Essay in Deerfield Beach

Title:Red Tails Experience
Date:January 21, 2012
Start Time:11:00 AM
End Time:3:00 PM
Description:Must be registered with the Parks and Recreation Department by Thursday, January 20 at 5 PM.
Address:Westside Park Gymnasium
445 SW 2nd Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Location:Westside Park Gymnasium, 445 SW 2nd Street. The city will provide transportation to and from Paragon Theaters located at the Deerfield Mall.
Hours:Meet at 11 AM at the Westside Park Gymnasium, 445 SW 2nd Street
Red Tails Experience offers Deerfield Beach youth an unforgettable history lesson On Saturday, January 21, Deerfield Beach teens are invited to participate in a special viewing of the George Lucas film Red Tails, a true story about the struggles and triumphs of the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of African American U.S. service members during World War II.

District 2 Commissioner Ben Preston, who originally brought the idea to city staff, would like to see kids citywide participate in this opportunity. “This movie is about one aspect of the American experience,” says Preston. “I want to give kids from across the city a chance to come together to learn about this inspiring story, and to share their own experiences with me and their peers.” Commissioner Preston will address participants before attending the movie with them. He will also announce the details of an essay contest for those attending.

The outing will run from 11 AM-3 PM, and will include admission to the theater, popcorn and soda, and a pizza lunch. Those attending must meet at 11 AM at the Westside Park Gymnasium, 445 SW 2nd Street. From there, the city will provide transportation to the Paragon Deerfield 8 Theaters located at the Deerfield Mall.

There is no cost for the Red Tails Experience, but space is limited to the first 120 kids to register. To attend, a teen must be a Deerfield Beach resident between the ages of 13-17. Participants must preregister with the Parks and Recreation Department by Thursday, January 20 at 5 PM. For more information, call 954-426-6898 or email

State of Emergency Symposium: Deerfield Beach


There is a cry for help from our children. We as
parents and adults need to listen and answer.”

Join us on

Thursday, January 12, 2012
Westside Park Recreation Center
445 SW 2nd Street Deerfield Beach FL.

To hear and discuss the issues our children are facing . We will have a youth panel discussing what they need from us. Also a adult panel to discuss how we can work  together to answer their cry.

??? TOPICS ???

Family Dynamics * School Improvement*
Violence* Community Activities* Parenting

Sponsored by Boys and Girls Night Out Inc.

To be a part of this event or for more information contact us at

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

US Congressman Allen West Should Apologize to Deerfield Beach Housing Authority Director Pam Davis.

U.S. Congressman Allen West
Clowning Around in Deerfield Beach, FL
With the Sun-Sentinel reporting that the HUD investigation into the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority was a BUST, which can be read here, do you think U.S. Congressman Allen West will be apologizing to Pam Davis and the residents of Deerfield Beach for wasting our time.

If you remember, Allen requested this foolish investigation based on the allegations made by Chaz Stevens, who admittedly holds a grudge both personal and racial against Ms. Pam Davis and the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority.  Chaz and Allen were joined on this fools errand with none other than City of Deerfield Beach Mayor Peggy Noland, herself. 

It would seem that if Congressman Allen West and his Staff spent more time researching issues instead of attending root beer socials at the behest of a racist and sexist self proclaimed "Genius", maybe he would be a better Congressman for his constituents and the people of the United States of America.  

My guess is that Allen West will not apologize for wasting our time and precious tax payer dollars on this folly, but he should.