Monday, April 30, 2012

Hypocrisy and the Inquisition Alive and Well in the City of Deerfield Beach

Now, tomorrow nights City Commission meeting should be one for the records as there is so much stuff going in the City of Deerfield Beach that one only has breath and they could hit a hot button issue.

Alcoholics and drug users (Not Chaz Stevens, but apparently Florida House is in his backyard) spending millions to move into a house on the beach so that they can communally try and kick their habits, FEMA pulling a Jerry Maguire and saying "Show Me the Money" to the tune of $1.65 Million dollars, the City's water supply going untested according to federal and state regulations resulting in Department of Health mandating the City place a Public Notice (which they did, but nobody saw), the potential rescheduling of our local elections from March to November to coincide with the National and State elections so the City can save funds in this time of financial crisis that required concessions from workers and sacrifices from residents.

I can go on, but I think I will stop there...

I have been talking with people from the many political factions in Deerfield Beach, each representing their own unique positions on the political scene, and all are split on the whole Florida House issue but the majority seem to think that this will mean lower property values, bring an increase in crime, demons will roam the Earth, fire and brimstone will rain from the sky, and basically all hell will break loose.  Now, what I find funny is that some of these same people who are so appalled at there being a facility in their neighborhood to help addicts recover from narcotics and ALCOHOL dependencies, are the same people biting at the bit in support of Mayor Peggy Nolands campaign to allow folks to purchase alcohol on Sunday's before 12 pm. 

Isn't that hypocritical??  I understand that people should drink responsibly...we all get that...well many of us except maybe Chaz Stevens who, just today, posted on his MAOS site that he was an alcoholic and that his addiction is to blame for his breaking the order of protection against DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (not no contact as he suggest on his site, the court document is clear),  his subsequent arrests , his credit card fraud (again the court documents are clear and the proof is in the pudding, so it is not is a proven allegation), his blackmail, his stalking, and all of his other SOCIOPATHIC behaviors.  
Apparently, he is trying to now suggest that he is not guilty of the things listed in the court case against him for which he was arrested for, had the adjudication withheld and was admittedly placed on probation for...hmmmmm
However, I must say that I am so impressed by his admissions that I am going to make an open invitation to Chaz and whenever he wants me to, I will accompany him and support him when he goes to his 12 step meetings.

I hope anyone who needs help has the chance to find it in a safe warm environment that is conducive to their recovery.  Why anyone would want to hinder or stop that is beyond me.

Why this has become such an issue I don't know that either, so I will leave it alone.  

The next topic that finds its way to importance of our Commission is the removal of Caryl Berner from the DBHA because three Commissioners Weiss, Maurice, and Potter (all recently selected and appointed by Mayor Peggy Noland) went behind the DBHA Chairman's back (after he had already decided to give a second chance) and complained in their capacity as DBHA Commissioners to Mayor Noland.  Which if I am not mistaking breaks the exact same rules that they so eloquently condemn Berner for breaking.  They went before a board (via email) as Commissioners and discussed DBHA business without an prior to a vote being taken by the DBHA board, which is the exact same charge they are bringing against Caryl Berner.

Weiss himself forced the DBHA and staff to focus on answering the questions composed by a SOCIOPATH, Chaz Stevens, regarding an issue that staff and the DBHA Board and Executive Director was already in the process of answering HUD about it, making them duplicate their efforts and not conducting DBHA business, which caused inefficiency of the board, which can be read here, but the Mayor did nothing even when notified of it.  I guess because he is helping to carryout that nefarious agenda of her's and the City's it was forgivable and residents under the housing authority be damned.   

Most recently, after those same three DBHA Commissioners Weiss, Maurice, and Potter gang banged their way to forcing the DBHA to waste more time in passing a motion to request Commissioner Caryl Berner to resign a transcript of which is in the Commission's back-up to their agenda motion to boot Caryl off the DBHA Commission, which can be read here, I noticed something.  Chairman Emery, in his official capacity made his position abundent clear, at least to me.  


1. He was there only to help his people
2.The City helps with DBHA insurance for its staff

Hold-up, why is he now talking about insurance and how expensive it is and how the DBHA can't afford it an how grateful the DBHA is that the City is helping them with it even though they don't have to.

We know that obviously, the City Manager and Commissioners contacted Emery directly, per his statements, regarding the health Insurance for the DBHA staff.  

Now, I am just speculating here but do you think Burgess Hanson and the City of  Deerfield Beach may have threatened the DBHA board and staff with the lost of their Health insurance or other benefits through the City just to get them to remove Caryl Berner???  Again, I am just speculating but from what I hear from the City of Deerfield Beach workers it is not beyond belief.  Hell Burgess does it blatantly...remember during the first Union negotiations..he says from the DIAS,  "if we don't get these concessions there will be more layoffs". Now what employee would go against their employer hearing that with the very real chance that they will just mass layoff people, especially with the recent mass layoff of 106 people in the last year.

I am just saying that it is not hard for ME to believe that this is what happened to cause the Chairmen to go this route after previously advising of leniency.  It wouldn't surprise me that is the reason Pam, Hobbs, and Bennett left because of threats from the City of Deerfield Beach.  Again only would take a whistle-blower to prove brave soul that if they came forward and told their story, would find themselves under the protections of the governments whistle-blower laws...Anytakers???

Now, again while reading the transcript of the meeting...One could get the sense that Emery was not just talking about Caryl.  I got the sense that, although he mentions Caryl, that he was insinuating about the recent coup staged by Weiss, Maurice, and Potter forcing his hand in Berner Gate.  Like, I said earlier every accusation that he made against Caryl can be said of Weiss, Maurice, and Potter who went to the City Commissioners without DBHA approval to speak on DBHA matters.

Speaking of speaking of DBHA matters...when did announcing yourself as a private citizen and then advising   you are a member of a board who voted that you can't speak on certain topics so you wont...become a cause for removal.  It sounds to me that per the transcript of the meeting Caryl followed the rules.  However, Maurice, Potter, And Weiss did not and each respectively via email virtually went in front of a board as DBHA Commissioners and discussed unapproved DBHA business behind the back of the DBHA Chairmen.  Hell the email from Potter was so well written that she even advises us that prior to her email

At our last meeting of the DBHA BOC Chairman Emery brought up the specific examples of of harrassing staff and speaking on behalf of the DBHA without permission.  He declined to take action other than to warn that it must stop.  We all know that there is little hope of it stopping and therefore I ask the City Commission for some relief.  
Taking directly from DBHA Commissioner Sally Potter's email to  Mayor Peggy Noland petitioning for relief on behalf of the DBHA.
 Isn't that exactly what Chairman Emery is talking about, but no admonishment of these three usurpers of the Board's authority.  I say why get rid of one when it is obvious that these three with the backing of the Mayor and City have all but usurped teh power of the Chairman...If Emery doesn't have the backbone to stand up for the residents and DBHA staff like Pam Davis did against the tyranny of the Burgess Hanson and the City Commission then our City doesn't need him.  If the DBHA Staff is more concerned about their own personal health benefits than doing what is in the best interest of the residents they are paid to serve. then let the walk out too.  After reading the transcript of that meeting and several others it has become plainly obvious to me that the City has accomplished its stated goal of taking over the DBHA and control of all it's Federally funded wealth.  They didn't even do it under the table, they did it right in your faces and you allowed it.  We allowed it.  Like so many other things, we just sat there and allowed it.

Hopefully, Caryl Berner does not give in without a fight.  Make them prove you were inefficient and make the staff prove how you wasted their time as Commissioner Potter stated with "minor projects" she wanted implemented for the DBHA and the residents.  

Potter, Maurice, Weiss, Noland, Stevens, and anyone else in the City who agrees with this obvious witch hunt of "Lay Sister Zelda" aka Caryl Berner, the only Commissioner on the DBHA BOC that seems to actually go above and beyond for the residents because they actually care about the people, should all be ashamed of themselves.

If Caryl goes for breaking these rules, then Potter, Maurice, and definately Weiss need to go also.  These people are not good for the residents, they are not good for the DBHA, and most definately are not good for any Board of Commissioners.  

Fair is fair, hopefully Caryl realizes what is going on and brings this up at her inquisition tomorrow night.

I only wish I was in the there to speak on her behalf.  Deerfield's DBHA and the residents it serves will be losing a great Commissioner if the City's plan and Chaz Steven's plan is allowed to be completed.  

Those of you, who I know will be sitting in the audience who know this is wrong, if you sit and say nothing, then you are just as bad as these individuals persecuting Berner.  If you allow them to "burn" her it is only a matter of time before they are building the pyre for you and your group.

Your silence against this blatant injustice and misuse of power only prolongs your stay at the top, but it does lengthen your fall, which is inevitable.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Earth Day/Arbor Day Event in Deerfield Beach on April 28, 2012

Title:Arbor Day / Earth Day Event
Date:April 28, 2012
Start Time:9:00 AM
End Time:12:00 PM
Address:Central City Campus
401 SW 4th Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Location:Deerfield Beach Recycling Center
Hours:Saturday, April 28th
Arbor/Earth Day Celebration in Deerfield Beach 
Free trees for residents, unveiling of city’s first solar panel installation and lots of “green” demos and vendors
This Saturday, April 28, join the City of Deerfield Beach for a dual celebration of Arbor Day and Earth Day. The event will take place from 9 AM-NOON at the Central City Campus (Recycling drop-off center), located at 401 SW 4th Street in Deerfield Beach. The Deerfield Beach Recycling/Solid Waste, Landscaping, and Grounds divisions have partnered to offer educational workshops, giveaways (including trees and rain barrels), and lots of earth-friendly cost-saving ideas to residents.

At 9:15 AM, there will be a dedication of the city’s first solar voltaic energy system, which is generating clean renewable energy and free power for the administrative building on the Central City Campus. All funds for the project were provided to the city by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program (EECBG) from the US Department of Energy through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The system has already generated more than $800 in energy savings in the first two months of operation. There's even a website linked from the city home page to monitor the energy produced and the CO2 avoided by using the system. The system was installed by local vendors Kaufman Lynn and Solar Source.

Event highlights include: 
  • One FREE tree for Deerfield Beach residents (must show proof of residency)
  • One box FREE - City-Shred on-site paper shredding for sensitive documents (charges apply for additional boxes)
  • Bring your shower head and exchange it for a FREE energy efficient, water conserving shower head
  • Compost bins and rain barrels auctioned off every hour starting at 9:30 AM
  • 26 different green businesses and organizations with displays, goods and tips for living a more sustainable life
  • Demonstrations on growing your own garden, composting, and using a rain barrel
  • Local community gardens, Fruitful Fields and The Need to Feed, Inc. will illustrate their dynamic approach to feeding the community
  • Toyota Prius on site for public viewing, courtesy of JM Family Enterprises

Kids’ activities: 
  • Two showings of the original “Lorax” movie, at 10 AM and 11 AM (reusable gifts for those who attend)
  • Face painting
  • Solar car races
  • Crafts made from recovered materials

For more information, call the Recycling Division at 954-480-4454.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

City of Deerfield Beach: There May or May Not Be Truth to "There Must Be Something in the Water"

Chaz Stevens, in his efforts to mock and belittle many residents of District 2 and the City of Deerfield Beach, has often mentioned that it "must be something in the water".  

Who knew that he could possibly be right...

Well as it turns out that Charles DeBrusco, City of Deerfield Beach Director of Environmental Services, knew and according to him in a front page article in the April 26, 2012 Observer entitled "About Your Drinking Water" the City of Deerfield Beach had levels of dangerous chemicals "below the maximum contaminent levels mandated by the Federal and State Government".

You may have already read my post from April 20, 2012 entitled "City of Deerfield Beach to residents: Let Them drink Vodka", which can read here, where I spotlighted the small public notice in the April 17, 2012 Sun-Sentinel from the City of Deerfield Beach advising of missed water contamination test dates and information on our City's recently and newly tested water.

The problem was and is that many people didn't "NOTICE" the public notice...

How Deerfield, right???

Well, in this new article by Diane Emmeott editor of David Eller's Observer, DeBrusco advises the public that this "oversight" was actually not the City's fault.  Apparently, according to DeBrusco, the company that actually does the testing of the water supply "on a regular basis", somehow "didn't send us (City of Deerfield Beach) the appropriate bottles".

Comeon really, Charles?  You couldn't come up with anything better than that...

Hell, even you usually have better excuses than that for your ineptitude!!!

Like, when you hindered FDOT from installing pedestrian safety measures at Hillsboro and MLK and then you and Ben tried to reason it out by stating that you didn't feel right about them looking at that area arbitrarily. 

Now that was a good one...

Hopefully, nobody dies from this one...but with our City`s drinking water going untested according to Federal and State guidelines last year only time will tell.

You are really piling up the bodies aren't you???  

The one good thing about the Preston/DeBrusco "Hillsboro and MLK Debacle" is that finally after thirty years of fighting with the City and most recently 6-7 months ago (when RESIDENTS, not Commissioner Preston, again begged the City and FDOT for pedestrian safety measures in District 2) that dangerous stretch of highway from Natura to Dixie on Hillsboro will have a full traffic study done by FDOT.

Charles you've really been a one man wrecking crew in the City of Deerfield Beach.  Haven't you?

Well, that is not true. You have had much help in the degradation of our once fair City...Burgess Hanson, Keven Klopp and the seated Commissioners and Mayor.

I have heard rumor that this slip-up was nothing more than the result of cost saving measures put in place by DeBrusco under the directive of City Manager, Burgess Hanson.

Is that true, Charles???

Now, why would the City "risk our lives" by tampering with the testing protocols and safety measures that are in place to ensure that the City maintains it's high quality of drinking water.  This blogger can't answer that question, but maybe instead of the Mayor spending her time listening to the childish complaints of some "SPECIAL" DBHA Commissioners regarding Caryl Berner and their vindictive quest to boot her from the DBHA Board and spend Tuesday Night May 1, 2012 asking the real relevant questions like how the HELL did this happen.  Deerfield used to have the best water in Broward County and yet it has slowly but surely gone to hell in a hand-basket under this Commission and this City Manager.  

You may have noticed that it has increasingly gotten worse and now come to find out that the City wasn't even testing it properly...then to hear DeBrusco give another excuse and try to rationalize that it is not mandated to be tested each does that mean that the City lets the quality go to $HIT and then when it comes time to test they fix it??? Well, if you have tasted the tap water in Deerfield Beach over the last, let us just say, 4 years then you might conclude that is true.

Anyway, am I the only one who notices that this Commission and this City Manager along with his , highly educated and highly paid staff have more excuses for their errors than the world has a--holes.  The only problem with that is that comparatively they are ALL full of $hit...and they are spending our tax dollars to clean up the many many messes that they are making and have been making for quite some time now.

Has anyone heard about the $1.65 MILLION Dollar re-payment to FEMA, which is the result of the Home Sec OIG Audit of the City's receipt of FEMA dollars, which resulted in an almost $4 Million dollar repayment suggestion from the OIG against the City of Deerfield Beach...maybe not because unlike the almost $4 Hundred Thousand repayment to HUD after the OIG came to town, which the City used to publicly humiliate and oust Sylvia Poitier from the dias...they have been all but quiet about it.  According to Ben Preston, the City is still disputing the recent FEMA repayment, which can be read the same manner Burgess Hanson did back in 2010-2011 with the HUD OIG repayment, which was also highly publicized in the news and at Commission meetings.  I wonder why the silence on this particular OIG Audit and repayment.  Is after all only a couple MILLION dollars as opposed to a few hundred thousand.  Guess with no Sylvia or Gloria to point the finger at the City is all but Deaf and DUMB when it comes to this.  Oh well...Guess they aren't sincere when they keep saying the "public has a right to know".

Is anyone else concerned that they proudly proclaim this in the media and from the dias, only after someone else breaks the news and they are providing an EXCUSE SPIN FABLE "explanation" of what supposedly actually happened to pacify clarify to the commission meeting audience and the 25 or so actually concerned and politically active citizens in our City.

This untested and possibly contaminated water situation and subsequent "explanation" is just the latest in a long line of MISsteps, MISmanagements, MISunderstandings, MISinterpretation, MISguided actions, MISinformation, MIS-uses of funds in the last few years under the directive of MISS Madame Mayor Peggy Noland, MISter Ganz, MISter Hanson, MISter Popelsky, MISter Miller, MISter Preston and MISter DeBrusco.

Hopefully, on May 1, 2012, at the next City Commission meeting this ragtag bunch of MISfits don't miss this great opportunity to bring forward the idea of rescheduling March elections to November.  Our City obviously can't afford to miss this opportunity to save money and fall in line like many other City's in Broward has done.  Instead of worrying about the repeal of a "blue law" and allowing Miss Madame Mayor the opportunity to purchase her booze in Deerfield Beach before 12pm on Sunday's, maybe they should be putting their little brains together and focusing on finally doing some good in our City that benefits the whole City and not just a couple businesses, a Mayor and her family and GANZ.

Hey, Diane why aren't you writing about that!!!

Oh yes, the roasters are coming home to roost...

So cock-a-doodle doo mutha------s...

Take a shot of last year's water supply...go ahead drink up!!!

*Please note that the public notice concerning the possibly contaminated drinking water did not appear in Deerfield Beach's own paper David Eller's Observer and it did not appear in the Pompano Pelican.  Both papers usually have announcements, editorials, and such from the City of Deerfield Beach when it wants to notify its residents of information.  Why not now???

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Former Mayor, Jean Robb, Ask City of Deerfield Beach to Con$ider Election Change Because "It Just Makes CENTS!"

According to the April 22, 2012 edition of the Sun Sentinel, Margate switched from March to November elections to save money by piggybacking on regularly scheduled county, state, and federal elections. 

The incumbents will serve until March. 

Whoever is elected by the voters in November will have 4 months to wait in the wings. 
It would stand to reason that this 4 month wait time gives the newly elected officials a chance to observe and learn the political process and the inner workings of their positions before being "thrown to the wolves" and "diving right in" to issues.   
It also gives them a chance to fully research and be brought up to speed on current issues that are facing their cities.  i am sure we all remember when Ben Preston won the Special Election in Deerfield Beach and the City was in the process of voting on the Utility Tax and BSO mergeand he stated that basically overnight he had to rush to review the information (which in Preston terms means...City Staff told him what it was about and how to vote).  That should never happen because it is the job of the elected officials to take suggestions from Staff, but they should be researching the information themselves and forming their own opinions on what is in the best interest of the residents. 

Margate joins Sunrise, Tamarac, Hallendale, Hollywood, Lauderhill, Cooper City, Coral Springs, Dania Beach, Lauderdale Lakes, Parkland, Southwest Ranches,Weston, and Wilton Manors , all of whom have scheduled elections for 11-6-12. 

Time is of the essence if Deerfield wishes to make the change. An ordinance to that effect would have to be placed on the May 1st agenda. The city has nothing to lose by making the change. It would guarantee a greater turn-out and be cost effective.

So, basically if the City of Deerfield Beach officials and staff are truly concerned about being fiscally responsible than this is an option to save us major bucks...which they could in turn use to help pay back that $1.65 Million Dollar repayment to FEMA or utilize to promote pedestrian/bicyclist/motovist safety throughout the City.
I would like to thank former Mayor Jean Robb for continuously coming up with ways to save our City and therefore the taxpayers money when it comes to running our municipality.  If only the re-classified, highly trained, highly educated, highly paid, and highly arrogant City Staff would do that and we may not be in the financial situation we are in.

Robb's thirteen years of experience as Mayor of Deerfield Beach really shows through when she fights for the residents against the despotic actions of the current seated Commissioners and City Manager, Burgess Hanson.  

So, I am asking everyone to contact their respective Commissioners and Mayor, Peggy Noland and ask that an agenda item putting forth an ordinance to move the next years elections from March to November 2012 along with the   General election (Presidential election), it will save the City major sheckles in this time of financial hardship when the City, according to the Commissioners and City Staff, can't afford to take care of minor details, like residential road re-stripping, street lights, road re-paving, and other issues because of falling property tax revenue.  

It just makes CENTS!!!

Call Deerfield Beach City Hall at 954-480-4263 and let your elected officials and City Manager know that  they should consider this cost saving action.

Email them at and City Manager at

and say "It Just Makes Cents!"

*Italicized comments are those of this blog and do not represent the information provided by Jean Robb.

Friday, April 20, 2012

City of Deerfield Beach to Residents: Let Them Drink Vodka!!!

Well, City of Deerfield Beach Management and Staff strike again.  I don't know if you received this notice or if the City mailed the residents this notice.  

However,  everyone that I have talked to had no idea about this possible health hazard within our City's drinking water.  

If you notice the announcement indicates that "some people may be more vulnerable to contaminants in the drinking water than the general public."

I just love the bit in the below public notice which states:

"Even though these were not emergencies you, as customers, have the right to know what happened and what we did to correct this."
If you didn't properly test the water according to Federal and State mandated guidelines (mandates that are in place to basically provide "some" protection to consumers, so we don't die by drinking poisonous water), how could you possibly know that it is not an emergency?????

So, I would like to thank City Manager, Burgess Hanson, for looking out for the residents health and well-being.

It is nice to know that the City of Deerfield Beach cares so much for our health and much so they want to grant us the option to purchase alcoholic beverages on Sunday's before 12pm.

I think with this health risk in the City of Deerfield Beach's water that would be a good idea because I will just start drinking Vodka, instead of water from Deerfield Beach.

Or maybe i'll just go to Boca or Pompano to get my water.

Apparently, this notice appeared in the Sun-Sentinel???

I do know that on Feb 23, 2012, the City of Deerfield Beach announced that 2 new water processing plants came online within the City, which can be read here, and apparently the City is seeking damages against the company who built them for delaying the completion and not bringing them online.

Why the City of Deerfield Beach along with local news media thought the above story was more important than an actual story advising us about the potential health risk the City had put its residents in, potential lawsuits against businesses who utilize City water in production of goods, as well as visitors and guest to our fair hamlet by not only not testing our drinking water (it's only S. Florida, right), but then not warning us and then not telling us for over a year and when it finally did come out they put a little notice in the Sun-Sentinel seemingly hoping that no one would notice, while they came in compliance with the law.  

Now, I have already stated that I know the City hates compliance with the law...

This is just another blatant example of how they (City Management, Staff, and those damn Commissioners) spend more time trying to circumvent the laws of the land to fit their own nefarious needs to hide their misdeeds.

Hey that rhymes!!!

Just so you know how these chemicals affect humans I have taken the liberty and researched it for you:

Dibromochloropropane (DBCP)In mammals it causes male sterility at high levels of exposure. After discovery of its deleterious health effects on humans, the compound was banned from use in 1979 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The continuing presence of the chemical as a contaminant in ground water remains a problem for many communities for years after end of use. Info can be read here.

Ethylene dibromide (EDB) -is not known to cause birth defects in humans.  Although, swallowing EDB has caused death at 40 mL doses. Info can be read here.

AsbestosSome people who drink water containing asbestos well in excess of the maximum contaminant level (MCL) for many years may have an increased risk of developing benign intestinal polyps. Info can be read here.

So, thanks Charles Debrusco, Burgess Hanson, Peggy Noland, Bill Ganz and the rest of the brain-less trust that forced us to pay an additional 10% Utility tax last yeafor possibly contaminated water that has the potential to make us sick, sterile, or kill us.

If we're healthy enough we'll remember this when we go to the polls.

BTW...I looked on the City website for this notice and I could not locate it...You would think it would be there, right....Guess the City didn't think it was important enough to post to keep the public informed.


I expect a full page ad in the Observer this Thursday...with your explanation for this one...make it a good one.

The doozy of a whopper you spit out in the April 12, 2012 Observer against "the resident" who is the former Mayor of Deerfield Beach for over 13 years, Jean Robb, was so full of exaggerations and spin that I thought I was reading an ad for Burger King.  

So suffice it to say, knowing you folks as I do, I have to believe the former MayoJean Robb.  At least she has never lied to me, lied about me, or spun the truth to put herself in a more positive light.  To me, she has more credibility when she breaks wind, passes gas, cuts the cheese, oflatulates (farts for the more vulgar crowd-this means you Chaz Stevens and Bill Ganz) than you people ever did in your whole tenure as elected officials.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

City of Deerfield Beach Goes "Radio Silent" on $1.65 Million Dollar in FEMA Repayment

So, the long awaited FEMA repayment amount seems to be in.  

According to the letter received by the City of Deerfield Beach, the final amount the City has to make in restitution to FEMA is about $1.65 million dollars, instead of the original $3.9 million that I wrote about in my post "City of Deerfield Beach Taxpayers May Be on the Hook for Over $3 and Half Million in Penalties to FEMA", which can be read here.

Now, if you notice the date of the letter (March 23, 2012), it would appear that the City has known the final repayment amount for almost a month now and yet there has not been a single mentioning of it in the news.  Instead, the City chose to write a full page editorial in the Observer disputing allegations made by former Mayor Jean Robb at a City Commission meeting.

Now if you are like me then you are probably wondering why the Commissioners, especially Bill Ganz who so passionately stated that the City needs to "put the information out there" to keep the public informed, (Which, I believe, is what inspired the City's need to defend itself against Robb's statements or their need to "SPIN" their version of the truth so they don't look like total douches and liars), why would they again intentionally keep this information from us.

I had submitted numerous public records request to ascertain this information on the repayment amount and the last one from Hugh Dunkley stated that "no such document existed" and the clerk's office advised me that they apprise me of new developments. Well, they had this since March and why did I have to submit another prr to get the full letter.  The City doesn't like following the law...  If they spent more time following the law and less time trying to find loopholes to circumvent it..maybe our City wouldn't be in the financial ruin they claim it is in.

They are so quick to tell us other information, but why hide this particular information.  Especially since the City Manager and Bill Ganz basically called me a "liar" when I originally posted that this repayment was a possibility.

This is an article in from the Pompano Pelican, which can be read here, that details the City Manager's and the Commission's responses at a public meeting when I asked first asked for answers.  Although I was get the point and you can see which one of us had a grasp on reality and which one of us was trying to save his own A$$.

Why has there been no news coverage about it...again I have to wonder especially since they bombarded us daily with the accounts of the HUD OIG audited which was about 4 times less than this repayment.  

Is the City's government and the news media in collusion with each other to highlight the positives and sweep the negatives under the rug???

I don't know, but it would seem so.  Either that or the local news reporters just SUCK!!!  Either way the citizens are pretty much screwed and should demand answers.

Last year, Bill Ganz stated in response to my allegations about this possible repayment and the possibility of the City attempting to befuddle this information that the City could have used this as a selling point for the Utility Tax, but because the numbers kept changing (in the same manneas the possibility was there with the HUD repayment, but the City and the news media kept us inundated with information about that) they didn't want to "shout fire" and then it be a lesser amount.

Well, again the City has had this since March and yet they have not made an attempt to "inform the public" about this huge sum of money that they would have to pay back.  If I remember correctly the OIG report indicated City Staff errors which caused the repayment and yet all the Commissioners have been doing of late is praising the Staff blowing smoke up our arses and handing out raises..I mean re-classifying positions resulting in a salary increase based on the new workloads.

Now, the Commission, under the directive of Mayor Peggy Noland is trying to allow and give "tourist" and tailgaters the right to buy alcohol before 12pm on Sunday's as if that is super important when our tax dollars are going to this repayment.  I don't know about you, but I would much rather they this happened and what protocols have been or will be put in place to avoid another major "F-up" like this from happening again.  Also, finding out who was responsible and making sure that those individuals are made to answer for their mistakes...just like they did with HUD report.  Instead, they are initiating proceedings just so Mayor Peggy Noland and her Klan can get liquored up and wasted on Sunday's.

Yeah, that's more important Peggy!!! (Sarcasm alert)

Anyway,  I would just like answers and not more smoke and BS, as they usually serve us.  Maybe Joan Maurice can have another outburst and Peggy, Bill, or Burgess can explain it to us.  

The City doesn't have enough money to provide the yellow stripping on residential roads in District 2, it doesn't have the funds to provide for the safety of it's citizens in District 2 by installing those "pretty little lights" at Hillsboro and MLK, it doesn't have enough money to avoid all the UNIONS and employees from taking a 10-20% pay cuts, but it has enough surplus of money for Burgess Hanson, City Manager, to hand out generous raises to folks who may have caused the City to have to make a $1.65 MILLION dollar repayment to FEMA...

Hey, Diane, Judy, Elizabeth where are the news reports about this...Hey Chaz, why have you not been talking about this like you all did the HUD repayment...I understand the roadblock of your plans, Sylvia Poitier is no longer on the dias...but just like you kept us abrest of that situation you should be doing the same now...we are talking about Millions and not just a few hundred thousand.

Is this the type of continued despotic government that we need here in Deerfield Beach???  

No, I don't think so!!!

The next cycle of local elections in Deerfield Beach can't come soon enough...hopefully Peggy, Bill, Joe, Ben, Marty, Burgess, and Keven haven't destroyed our City before we have a chance to correct our errors, which was electing them in the first place.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Deerfield Beach Blogger Says "Au Revoir" for Now...

In light of recent troubles with Deerfield Beach BSO Police Chief Pete Sudler and insinuation that I want to start a race war and thereby insulting all BSO Officers...

I am gonna take a lil vaykay to a destination unknown, departure date:unknown, arrival:unknown, return date: unknown????

I want all of those who are fighting for JUSTICE and Pedestrian Safety in my community to continue...if you haven't already, then start...that is my prayer

Some of y'all I will miss and the others well...Let's just say I am praying for all of us and some I am praying for more than others.

Au revoir, Deerfield Beach, FL!!!

I will continue blogging from my location, so keep checking back...

Be on the look out for my next post...

The "capricious", vindictive, and retaliatory transfer of Joe Langlois of the Fire Department by Deerfield Beach City Manager, Burgess Hanson, at the behest of Howard Noland (Mayor Peggy Noland's husband)

Remember poor Mike Mahaney, who Noland ousted because he demoted her husband, Howard Noland, from his ill-gotten and kept position as a fire inspector, because Noland himself wasn't properly certified and couldn't pass the test...

That story can be read here.

Yes, the same Howard Noland who complained that Joe Langlois actually wanted him and his team to actually do their jobs and work.  

The nerve of that guy, eh?

Talk about NEPOTISM, eh...

That story, in Deerfield Beach, begins and ends at the Noland house.

Yet, people keep voting for her...and y'all talk about District 2...

Looks to me like the whole City is in the same boat when it comes to voters least the few that actually take the time to go out and actually vote.

Anyway, seeing the power that some wield with an iron fist...I am glad that I am taking this time away from the CITY, but I will be home eventually and this blog will continue to do what it does best and that is tell the truth of the matter...maybe I should change the name of the blog "The truth of the matter is..." 

right on!!!

Signing off for now, eh...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

City of Deerfield Beach to Consider "Berner Gate" request by Three DBHA Commissioners

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Wow!!!  So it turns out that I was wrong in the City of Deerfield Beach's "Berner Gate".  

What is "Berner Gate"?

Berner Gate is the phrase that I have coined to refer to the City of Deerfield Beach's Mayor, along with the Commission, Management, and Staff's third attempt to remove one of the most caring and passionate Commissioners from the DBHA board, Caryl Berner.

One has to ask why is it that only the three newly Noland/Ganz appointtees are pointing fingers and whining about Caryl Berner.

Oh before I forget...I was wrong because I thought the "whining" letters came from *Chaz Stevens (because Joe Miller stated at the last meeting that the letters where from two current Commissioners and an *ex-commissioner), Chaz's henchman Mike Weiss, and Die-Hard Ganz Supporter Joan Maurice.  Well, I got two of the three right, but the third according to a recently released prr from the City of Deerfield Beach shows that the third was none other than Sally Potter.  So, the rookie commissioners all appointed by Noland last year are the ones complaining and citing statutes that one could probably make a case  to boot them from the board as well.  Except they are saying that Caryl should be booted because she asked for things to help the DBHA and because she defended the staff of the DBHA against blatant and unfounded attacks by Chaz Stevens, but referred to them as "her staff"...

Click to Enlarge
Well news flash Potter, she is correct.  As a DBHA Commissioner they are her staff, your staff, Maurice's staff, and even Weiss staff...this is what you are whining about.

Suck it up!!  I thought you owned your own must be a daycare because you three along with Mayor Noland and Chaz Stevens are acting like two year olds.

I supported your appointment and even praised you, which goes to show that everything that glitters ain't gold.

Have any of you thought to say...hmmm, ask the residents what they feel about the two years that Caryl has spent on the DBHA or is this just some personal vendetta of the Mayor and Stevens so it will make a good quip if Caryl was to run for District Three her opponents can use it against her.

The fact that the emails didn't come from the Chairman of the DBHA, Keith Emery, should be enough to say we are not moving ahead with this.  

Isn't this like a coup or something being perpetrated by Weiss, Potter, and Maurice against the DBHA Chairman's wishes???

Click to Enlarge
But Mayor Noland is on a mission and she is gonna get you Caryl and your little Commission seat, too

I am so sick of all these childish games...and Maggi had the nerve to call me "BOY!" and then defend it by stating I was not acting like a man...and therefore a "BOY!"

Well hello Maggi...the lady you sit two seats down from at every commission meeting and your other cronies are behaving as children....

Do you call Chaz Stevens and Mike Weiss "BOYS!"???  

The Deerfield Beach political scene has become such a horrid place!   Not saying it used to better, but saying that government should not be run in this fashion, locally or federally.  Actually that is what this reminds me of..the manner in which the GOP is sandbagging and road blocking all of the efforts by the US President in preparation of the 2012 election..I guess that s what the Commission has been doing here in Deerfield Beach, residents be damned.

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I am already sure that the "kangaroo court" that we call the Deerfield Beach City Commission has already convened and made up their minds about Berner and will move forward with this inquisition and "witch hunt"...truth and fairness be damned...typical for this commission and this City.

Caryl you know something if they do get rid of you...on the kids fancy of Potter's, Maurice's, Weiss's, Steven's, and Noland' can continue to help the less fortunate people by starting a blog of your own and detailing the triteness, nepotism, cronisim, favoritism, that goes on in Deerfield BEach.

I would file a lawsuit if I were you...I think this is the most lawsuit prone City in Florida and most of the lawsuits the public doesn't even know about.

We have elected liars, cronies, puppets, thieves, and thugs on the dias...we are getting what we deserve.

I have changed my mind I will post the emails.  They didn't even have the decency to send signed letters for their childish request.

If this does move forward who will want to be on any City of Deerfield Beach, let alone the DBHA Board if it is this easy to get booted off of a volunteer board...if all that is required is for Mayoral handpicked cronies to single you out and you are gone, just because you are passionate about helping the people and don't bow down to their will...I guess none of the City's board's will be populated by people with common sense only droids of the City.

Noland, Ganz, Stevens, Weiss, Potter, and Maurice your little Jedi mind trick is not working on this blogger...the above are the droids I am looking for...and you should all be ashamed.