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Chaz Stevens: SOCIOPATH and Degenerate Tried to Have Me Baker Acted, Tazed, Harpooned, and Arrested for Arson

 Now Chaz Stevens, is insinuating that I be "Baker Acted"  (which means an imposed and involuntary confinement for psychiatric evaluation) because I might pull out a "glock" and shoot a middle aged woman for calling me disgusting since I stated that I would "stand my ground".

According to the "genius", who if you haven't looked to the left was arrested for violating a mutual court ordered injunction for protection against domestic violence, I was going to commit arson against City Hall because I quoted President Obama when he commented on the situation in Tunisia back in 2011.  Where a single citizen literally sparked a revolution which has lead that country down a path to true democracy and human rights for its citizens.

Now, this is the same man who in a post indicated that he wanted to "harpoon" me like a whale, the same man who requested that BSO's Chief Pete Sudler "Taze Him Bro" and then hold the trigger while counting to 12 in German...what is that all about???

I reported my concern to BSO back then (June or July) when he threatened to harpoon me, I pointed out to the officer that he had a court recorded history of possible least enough proof was provided to warrant a restraining order and then the subsequent fact that he violated that same restraining order...and the BSO officer dismissed my complaint.  

However, Chief Pete Sudler had no problem with personally calling me because the above "Genius", told people I was going to burn down City Hall.  Yes, he called my personal home phone and asked me about this because he was concerned.  Had he been anymore concerned he probably would've sent BSO SWAT...thank GOD he didn't and thank God this took place back then before he thought I was trying to incite a race war.

Anyway, back to the "Genius" and his claim that I might be a threat to a middle age woman because she called me "disgusting".

Now, I wasn't going to mention this further but because the "genius" brought up that unfortunate situation at the last City Commission meeting during which BSO Chief Pete Sudler's performed a 9 minute tirade and solilquoy warning people that a particular blog and blogger were trying to incite a race war

He quoted directly from yours truly and since I am the only blogger and blog talking about the death of Thetus Fleming Jr because he never got a single article or media coverage like all the other hit and runs or traffic accidents in Deerfield Beach, even though from Sudler's own mouth...this was a very nasty accident...You wouldn't think so as it got no media coverage.

Chaz Stevens has removed this video from Youtube on 4/9/12...I re-uploaded it!!
Ben Preston and Sudler met with the victim's mother on 4/2/12 (almost 2 months after the tragedy) after I emailed Ben complaining that he had not reached out to her.

Anyway, what Chaz didn't tell you is that the middle-aged woman in question, I have learned her name is Maggi something (I didn't get her last name), but I do know that she is one of the two woman who sits in the front of each Commission meeting next to Joan Maurice in support of Bill Ganz...
I wonder if Ganz shares her passionate conviction since usually the three women and he are mentally linked and they do his dirty work during the public session... like the three witches in MacBeth.  I wonder if Maurice is the third complaint filed against Caryl this third attempt in about year that Mayor Peggy Noland has tried to remove her from the DBHA on behest of Chaz Stevens, It would make sense...Chaz Stevens and Mike Weiss who work with Peggy and then Joan Maurice who literally works for Bill Ganz in these endeavours.
So Maggi, in the middle of Sudlers tirade turns to me and shouts "disgusting", I say to her "what's disgusting?" (we were only about 6-7 rows apart.)  She then repeats her original statement "that's disgusting!"  Chief Sudler had to pause his speech for her outburst.  She then proceeded to call me "BOY!"  I have no clue what she said before that or after but  I did hear her clearly call me "BOY".
Just in case you have been living under a rock or in a vacuum void of history,  the United States Supreme Court in a unanimous opinion stated that the word "BOY"  without any words modifying it, can be a racial epithet depending on the context, inflection, tone of voice, local custom, and historical usage, which can be read here.
Some others in attendance have indicated that they did not hear that part of Maggi's outburst and some have indicated that they clearly heard it or they heard the heated conversation between Maggi and I following the meeting where she came up to me and tried to explain why she called me "BOY".

District 2 Commissioner, Ben Preston and BSO Chief Sudler have indicated that they didn't hear anything.  Yet, Noland is banging her gavel for something and Sudler takes an extensive pause and looks directly at Maggi...but he says he had to ask why the deputies were if he truly didn't know and that they weren't on standby...I arrived late and they were already in the area of the meeting excuse me if I don't believe YOU!

I ignored her because there was no excuse whatsoever for her to use that particular word to describe me.  Especially since in the entire year that I have spoken at commission meetings and pissed that group off...not a single person has ever used that phrase.  They have laughed when Ganz called me a supporter of pedophiles, they have smiled when it was mentioned that Chaz called me Fat Albert, creepy, a troll, a conspiracy theorist, Black Ghandi (this one is the latest) and they probably have even joked behind my back, of course, about all the others terms he used in reference to me and they have maybe even used those terms in the privacy of their own homes and in their own private conversations, but they have never referenced me in that deragtory manner, not even when I called Joan the Ganz Gremlin (which I have sinced apologized to her for, in person) and I have never been referred to as "BOY" and my family is from the SOUTH..A little town in GA called Louisville where the slave market in the center of town is the towns tourist attraction...I was so offended and pissed off that she chose those particular words during a time when I was being condemned by a BSO Police Chief no less of being an instigator of racial tension and trying to incite a race war.

I expressed to Maggi that I don't know what country she came from, but in this country where all people are created equal and we all have equal rights and basic human rights and dignities...that "BOY" not acceptable anymore and should not have been acceptable back then.  She was heated and obviously the 5 or so BSO deputies were heated as they glared at me from the back of the commission room, like they were ready to ponce on ME.  Suffice it to say I haven't really been out of my house since Tuesday..I am not taking any chances...which is ashame in 2012. But that is the world we live in...

Hatred springs eternal in the hearts of the ignorant and they will use any excuse to persecute someone who is the object of that ignorance and hatred.  Even if they have to LIE!

I am surprised that Stevens is taking the side of a woman considering the fact that he seems to think that woman can be disrespected and are he's to play with as he see fits.  He seems to think woman are deserved of nicknames like "cunt" and other derogatory phrases like the ones he used against City of Deerfield Beach's Mayor, Peggy Noland.  Chaz Stevens who used racial slurs to describe the then DBHA Executive Director Pamela Davis..who apparently despite Chaz Stevens and the City of Deerfield Beach's Commission's, Management's, and staff's attempts has found a new job, which is free from the stress of one Chaz Stevens incessant badgering, name calling, and racial attacks.  Good for you, Pam!!!

Anyway, I can't understand for the life of me why the Mayor and the Deerfield Beach City Commission and many others in the political arena in Broward County are listening to this "Genuis" when it is obvious that he is disturbed, a SOCIOPATH, and only good at spreading conjecture, rumor, and lies...That was his modus operandi back in early 2000 when he was stalking, cyberstalking, harrassing, committing credit card fraud, and using the legal system to blackmail and extort from individuals which lead to his eventual arrest and he is still doing it.  Explains a lot, though.

Now he will tell you he got Capellini, Gonot, and Poitier so that gaves him credibility...but does it really???  I won't even bring it up but if you read my blog then you already know how I feel about it.  Now he has moved from attacking Lauderdale Lakes to Belle Glades, another City with a high concentration of African Americans and minorities.  Does anyone else see a pattern with this guy???

But our cities leaders listen to him and in return they use him to dispatch their political, personal, and professional enemies...with lies, rumor, and conjecture.  He is basically a character assassin on retainer and routinely hired by the City of Deerfield Beach.

Now, I have even heard that he was court ordered to seek psychiatric help, in return he had the adjudication withheld from the above court case...(documents and proof to come) and yet he is the mouth piece of the City of Deerfield Beach and has the ear of the City....WOW!!!  What is the world coming too.  Does truth in reporting really mean long as you have a catchy phrase or can muster up enough Hate in people with lies you can control government...that's ridiculous.

However, that is the reality here in Deerfield Beach and possibly Broward County...the home of personal and professional vendettas played out right in front of the eyes of the public...who many are oblivious to what is really going on or they refuse to  see it or address it until it lands on their front porch.

Don't look behind that curtain, Dorothy!!!

So at this point, Chaz Stevens has tried to have me Baker Acted, Tazed, Harpooned, and Arrested for arson...WHY???

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