Tuesday, October 25, 2011

City of Deerfield Beach to Hear Kessler Consulting on Assessment of Solid Waste and Recycling Department...(Updated/Cancelled 10-25-11)

 ***Updated 10-25-11 @ 12:50pm:

The City of Deerfield Beach has cancelled tomorrow nights workshop regarding Kessler Consulting.  So the 7pm Workshop has been cancelled.  The CRA special meeting will still be held.

Please contact City Hall @ 954-480-4263 City Manager  or 954-480-4213 City Clerk to confirm or for updates

To All Concerned Citizens of Deerfield Beach.  If you have friends or Family that are currently employed by the City of Deerfield Beach Solid Waste and Recycling Division of the City of Deerfield Beach then you need to make plans to attend this meeting tomorrow night.

A discussion about the future of our Solid Waste and Recycling Department may ensue, so see you there.

Special Meeting

Kessler Consulting Inc. will be presenting the findings of their assessment of the city’s solid waste and recycling operations. 


October 26, 2011
Start Time:6:30 PM
End Time:7:00 PM
Description:Special CRA Meeting will be held at the Public Works Facility, 401 SW 4th Street, at 6:30 PM, to coincide with the City Commission Workshop, which begins at 7 PM.
Address:Public Works Facility
401 SW 4th Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

A City Commission Workshop will be held on Wed., Oct. 26 at 7 PM at the Public Works Facility, 401 SW 4th Street. 

Workshop will be preceded by a Special CRA Meeting, which begins at 6:30 PM.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Deerfield Beach Wading Through Water Bills and Charging Incorrectly

Here's a report from Elgin Jones from the S. Florida Times 10-20-2011

The city of Deerfield Beach is dealing with more than 6,000 water, sewer and garbage accounts that were never added to its billing database for more than a decade. Many of those customers can’t be located. Others have moved to new addresses and opened new accounts. Instead of addressing this latest failure and mismanagement catastrophe, City Manager Burgess Hanson has embarked on an obscure debt collection practice. Through some unknown process, his staff is identifying people they believe owe the outstanding debts and arbitrarily adding those amounts to the customers’ current accounts. Water bills from years ago are surprising residents and many dispute they owe the bills at all. But that is not stopping Hanson’s team from merging the old debts with customers’ current bills and turning off their water if they do not pay up. This unusual debt collection tactic is occurring in the predominantly black areas of the city. In addition to being callous, it may also violate state and federal debt collection laws. Stay tuned.

Mike Weiss=Chaz Stevens=Disaster for Deerfield Beach Housing Authority and the People That They Help.(Updated)

Since Chaz Stevens cares so much about the DBHA emails...i'll post what I sent.  I wasn't going to do such to avoid painting Commissioner Mike Weiss, as if he is bought and bossed by Chaz Stevens to the public.  But since someone (probably Mike Weiss) found the time to inform him, like he is a Commissioner on the DBHA, then I will post that email here.

PS. I see what Jeff Sayles means when he references Chaz Stevens propensity to steal because Chaz has found the need to steal a pic of me from this very blog.  I'm so glad it's a cute one...

Without further ado...the email

Below is a quote taken directly from Chaz Stevens, who was recently denied appointment to the DBHA because he was found to be (in the court of public opinion, at least) a racist, a vindictive and maniacal meglamaniac whose antics would not be conducive to that commission to perform its duties.

Pardon me, but you’ve been at the DBHA how long?  How many hour devoted to this matter?
The full post can be read here.
Now maybe it is just me, but if the people, nor the seemingly sane Commissioners, didn't want Chaz Stevens on the board why would we want someone on the board who is taking their marching orders directly from him!!!
Before his appointment, Mike Weiss advised Commissioner Ben Preston that he didn't know Chaz Stevens and they did not communicate, well many of us advised Commissioner Ben Preston that Mr. Weiss was a member of the Chaz Stevens boy band, "Wehrmacht" and that he took his marching orders directly from his "Fuhrer", Chaz Stevens. 
I thought the goal of these appointments was to make the DBHA perform better and protect the residents that the DBHA was designed to help.  Well, so far, what has the DBHA with these new appointments been able to accomplish.   
It would seem that Commissioner Mike Weiss, under the Waffen-SS orders of Chaz Stevens, has been solely and singled-mindedly focused (like a soldier) on Pam Davis and issues that the OIG investigation is trying to uncover and resolve.  Instead of Mike Weiss helping to create a more conducive environment for the DBHA Commissioners and staff to do their actual jobs, which is advocating for and providing affordable housing for eligible individuals and families that he stated was his sole purpose.  He has done just the opposite and has created the environment that the public fought so hard to prevent Chaz Stevens from creating.  In effect, he is hindering the DBHA staff and Commissioners from doing their jobs and performing their functions by duplicating efforts.  
So, Chaz may not be there in body, but he is there in mind and soul wreaking havoc on the business of the DBHA.  He is hindering their performance and duties by pursuing this witch-hunt.  Allen West has called the OIG here to investigate the DBHA, if Mike Weiss is not on their payroll then he should not be holding up DBHA Commission meetings with these Chaz Stevens orchestrated incidents each month at the board meetings, where the Commissioners should be discussing and votings on ways to promote and further the Agencies directives, as there are way to many people right now that could use some new intiatives and programs that a fully functioning DBHA could be sponsoring.  Instead, the Executive Director, Pam Davis, her staff, and the Commissioners are bogged down with not only supplying the OIG with the information they need to conduct their investigation of the HUD funds, but they now have to waste valuable time fending off questions and accusations from Chaz Stevens, who has admittedly on his blog indicated that this is a personal vendetta and that Mike Weiss is working for him.  
Come on, what more does it take to see that Mike Weiss, like Chaz Stevens, was not a good choice for the DBHA and should be removed immediately.  Sally Potter and Joan Maurice seem to understand that these meetings are not solely for the purpose of exacting Chaz Steven's revenge.
If the OIG, which is the investigative force with the jurisdiction to actually do anything if something is found, is asking the same questions that Chaz Stevens/Mike Weiss, who have no jurisdiction or power whatsoever, then why are we allowing Stevens/Weiss to waste the boards, the publics, and the DBHA benefactors time and money on Stevens vengeful, spiteful, and racist witch-hunt.
It's time to stop the madness and stop the WEISS-t of our time and let the authorities in the OIG do their jobs.
DBHA Commissioner Mike Weiss=racist vindictive blogger Chaz Stevens=disaster for the low and moderate income individuals that could and should be helped by the DBHA manage resources effectively, review financials and audit reports.  
Oh by the way, it's funny that Chaz Stevens accuses the DBHA staff and commissioners not under his thumb of orchestrating a "fix" to hinder Weiss at the 10/19 meeting, when he himself admittedly orchestrated a "fix" with Weiss to ask for an "emergency meeting".  He then basically screams at Commissioners Potter and Maurice for not going along with HIS plan. 
Here's a copy of an email I fired off to Maurice and Potter, hoping to get them off their collective duffs.
Commissioner Potter and Maurice;
I've heard from my people that you thought "Weiss's idea of an emergency meeting" was a bad idea.  Well, it wasn't Mike's idea, it was mine.  So you must have thought "my idea of an emergency meeting" was a bad idea. 
Which can be read here.    

I am asking the Commissioners and Mayor to step in and stop this madness.  Advise Mike Weiss to allow the OIG to do the investigating which is their job and he stick to his job as a commissioner, which is long-range planning, policy development, and fiscal oversight of the authority.  Three DBHA Commission responsibilities encompassing about 18 essential and secondary functions of which Mike Weiss is hindering all but three.  His primary goal and objective should not be to question the Executive Director on behalf of Chaz Stevens, but his objectives are clearly outlined and prescribed in the "Position Description" for a DBHA Commissioner.  

With the records proving that Mike Weiss has been mainly focused solely on an issue that the OIG investigative team is already handling, I believe that it can be easily proving that he is ineffective and neglecting the majority of his otheduties as a Commissioner of the DBHA; which in fact, is causing the other Commissioners and Staff to be ineffective and therefore should be removed in accordance with FL Statute 421.07 if he does not make a better effort of fulfilling all his duties as a DBHA Commissioners, instead of just fulfilling Chaz Stevens vindictive order to "grill" Pam Davis on issues already being looked into by the OIG.  
Chaz Stevens and Commissioner Mike Weiss can both wait like the City and the rest of the public for the OIG report to come out at the conclusion of their investigation of this matter.  Then Commissioner Mike Weiss can fulfill his essential board member function as per Number 6 of the Job Description:

Manage resources effectively. review financials and audit reports  

and then Number 2:

Hire, direct, and evaluate the Executive Director 

Which I am sure, he, Chaz, Mayor Noland, and Bill Ganz are just salivating at the moment they can do that.  So until that time you guys just have to wait and Mike Weiss needs to get down to doing the business of the DBHA, instead of the dirty work of Chaz Stevens. 

So, what do the people think?

Do we need Chaz's errand boy on the DBHA Commission.  He is his errand boy for a reason because they're friends and possibly share like-minded values, morals, and ideals.

Update 10-22-11

It would appear that Chaz Stevens has admitted that he and Mayor Peggy Noland
are co-conspirators in this matter.  Which sounds about right since she is the one who, for the second time, appointed Chaz Stevens for the Commission.

Rest assured, in the very near future, a third person will be removed from a Board, the DBHA Board to be specific, and it won’t be you. To be removed from the DBHA Board takes a motion from the Mayor. And only the Mayor. The Mayor has confided in me her desires on this issue. Like I said, it won’t be you. 
But a change is coming. If I were you, I’d start bringing my own bagels to the meeting.
Chaz, who supposedly is a friend to women because he donates money to Women in Distress (mostly likely court ordered...) and self believed non-racist because he has an NAACP card (Nathan Bedford Forrest and David Duke could have had an NAACP card too for $30.00 annual membership, membership isn`t all that exclusive.) it just goes to show that the right size donation or holding the right card can make a person totally oblivious to what and who they are and in Chaz's case well....need I say more!  

And to the Mayor Peggy Noland...I have come to expect corrupt, conniving, manipulative, vindictive political tactics from you, but this takes the cake if it's true and    it maybe the final straw!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are Deerfield Beach Residents Being Charged the October 1, 2011 Legally Imposed 10% Utility Tax for Utilities Consumed in September???? Updated

While out collecting signatures for the “Kill the Tax” part deux with my comrade in arms against this “wrong tax at the wrong time”,  Ms. Caryl Berner, she  brought to my attention the following:

The utility tax starts October 1, 2011, my FPL utility billing cycle is from September 13, 2011-October 12, 2011 is the utility tax accrued on the kilowattage used prior to the imposition of the tax on October 1, 2011.

Now, this is an interesting question and I, like Caryl Berner and I am sure many other FPL and City of Deerfield Beach utility customers, am very intrigued and would like to know if my first bill after the imposition of the utility tax was calculated including the wattage I used prior to the legal and posted implementation of this tax.

Now, Caryl advised me that when this first occurred to her she immediately contacted FPL to find out if this was the case, but to no avail she could not get a straight answer.  Seeing that FPL would not answer her question directly she contacted Hugh Dunkley, City of Deerfield Beach Finance Director, and he talked around her questions and never gave her an answer.
So, I pose this question to FPL and the City of Deerfield Beach, on behalf of the thousands of utility consumers who have or will receive their October utility bills including charges for this utility tax on energy used before the tax was implemented.

Are the thousands of residents of Deerfield Beach being charged an extra 10% on the kilowatts per hour (kWh) of electricity and gallons of water consumed prior to October 1, 2011?

I advise everyone to review their bills closely this month because after I reviewed ours it became crystal clear that we were.

Let’s look at what the City advised would be the calculation for the billing of the utility tax.
If you visit the City’s website here, you will view the possible calculations per kWh used per billing cycle.

It list that if your monthly usage is say 1,000 kWh you will pay $6.92, 1,400 kWh $9.89, and 1,800 kWh $12.86 per monthly kWh usage.

Knowing this, I looked at my October statement dated October 12, 2011 with a billing cycle of September 13-October 12, 2011 and it indicated that I was billed $10.25 in utility tax for 1501 kWh.

There is no section of the bill which indicates the portion of kWh that were used prior to October 1, 2011 (18 days), which should be exempt from the utility tax since it wasn’t implemented until October 1, 2011.  There was nothing indicating that the utility tax was prorated or will be prorated or if a credit will be issued for the kWh used before the electricity was legally taxed.

I think it is safe to assume that FPL and the City of Deerfield Beach taxed me for the entire billing cycle, even for the kWh used before the tax could be legally implemented and collected. 
So, is the City or FPL going to be issuing the credit and/or the check for this possible discrepancy?

Please note: The City notified the carrier, FPL, on or about June 8, 2011 per Hugh Dunkley, which is the legally required 3 months prior to tax imposition deadline as mandated under FL Statute 166.233.  This statute dictates that any municipality looking to levy a tax notify the Florida Department of Revenue (FLDOR) so they can post the tax rates in a timely fashion to allow the vendor(s) (in this case FPL and the City of Deerfield Beach) ample time so they can upgrade their systems to accommodate the addition of the tax and facilitate the collection.  This was put into statute at the behest of the business community to allow them sufficient time to make the necessary changes to their system per Linda Frazier, Revenue Program Administrator-FLDOR.

So again, I advise everyone to review their utility bills and contact the City of Deerfield Beach and FPL to find out if they were billed incorrectly like Caryl and I.  If you were, you may want to find out when you will be getting a credit and/or a refund (if you already paid it) for this error.

You can contact:
Deerfield Beach City Manager Burgess Hanson, your City Commissioner, or your Mayor at 954-480-4263

FPL Customer Service at 954-797-5000

UPDATE 10-21-2011: I spoke with FPL in regard to this matter and they referred me to contact the City, as there is nothing they can do at this point.  I spoke with Hugh Dunkley this morning and he advised me to contact FPL because they are collecting the tax.  So, my question is who do I talk to when both obligated and responsible parties are pointing the finger at the other.  The FL Department of revenue referred me back to the City, as well.  I guess the statement is true when you point a finger there are three pointing back at you...

**I have spoken with FPL, again, and they advise that no prorate of this first bill which includes energy consumption prior to the effective date of the tax will be completed.  I spoke with the City and they advised the same thing.

The City indicated that they were not interested in prorating the residents who were biled in this manner because FL Statute 166.231(7) gives them authority.  Well, I reviewed that statute and at no place does it give authority to levy a tax on any service consumed and rendered before the effective date of said tax, but again I am no lawyer and apparently Andy Maurodis' legal interpretation of the law can be assumed to always be whatever the City wants it to be.

(7)  The tax authorized hereunder shall be collected by the seller of the taxable item from the purchaser at the time of the payment for such service. The seller shall remit the taxes collected to the municipality in the manner prescribed by ordinance. Except as otherwise provided in ss. 166.233 and 166.234, the seller shall be liable for taxes that are due and not remitted to the municipality. This shall not bar the seller from recovering such taxes from purchasers; however, the universities in the State University System shall not be deemed a seller of any item otherwise taxable hereunder when such item is provided to university residences incidental to the provision of educational services.
Does this look like it indicates in anyway that I should be taxed on services rendered, received, consumed, and used before the effective date of the imposed tax, just because I didn`t pay for them before the tax became effective.  No it doesn`t, but the City wants us to believe that.  I explained to Hugh Dunkley that that is the most retarded interpretation that Andy has had so far.  That is like the government on Wednesday 10-26-2011 making wearing sandals on Tuesdays illegal and then arresting me Thursday 10-27-2011 because I wore sandals Tuesday 10-25-2011.  

So, I found this tax info from New Jersey, which is almost comparable to what has happened here in this case.

Recently passed legislation increases the New Jersey sales and use tax rate from 6% to 7%. The rate change affects all retail sales of taxable merchandise or services that take place on and after July 15, 2006.

You must remit 7% sales and use tax on all taxable sales of property and services that occur on and after July 15, 2006.

If you have any taxable sale transactions that began before July 15, 2006, and are completed on or after July 15, 2006, the following rules apply:

Sales Made Before July 15, 2006; Delivery On And After July 15, 2006 -
If the property was sold and delivered or services were rendered before July 15, 2006, the tax rate is 6%. If the property or services were sold but the property was not delivered or the services were not rendered until on or after July 15, 2006, or after, you must charge tax at the rate of 7%. This rule applies whether or not payment has been made in whole or in part prior to delivery.

So it looks like we will have to file complaints against FPL and the City of Deerfield Beach so that this tax code can be reviewed and clarified for all interested parties.  I am sure there has to be some Administrative ruling that has been done on this...I`m looking...i`m looking.  This is not fair to the residents to be billed for services delivered and used before the effective date of the tax, but still be taxed because you weren`t billed for them until after the effective date.  Why does NJ have this concept right and Florida does not???

Also, I remind all Deerfield Beach residents and registered voters of Deerfield Beach that the "Kill the Tax" petition will be available to sign ore-sign at the Cove Bagel & Deli in the Cove Shopping Center Tuesday through Sunday 9am-3pm or Shelby's Kitchen at 3952 W. Hillsboro Blvd. Saturdays and Sundays 9am-1pm  (rain or shine).  Bring your voters registration card because we need the precinct number, if you don't have handy still stop by and sign the petition.  

***Updated from the City of Deerfield Beach website posted 10-22-2011 11:49AM

Public Service Tax Billing UpdateManagement has become aware of a billing cycle issue regarding the public service tax (utility tax). We are in the process of working to address the situation, and will provide updates on this website, and through other modes of communication as they become available. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Deerfield Beach City Commissioner, Bill Ganz: "City Mentioned Once a Year Ago That OIG was in Town"

Apparently Chaz, Bill, and Burgess have all been drinking the kool-aid...and it wasn't grape.

First, Ganz identifies that there are City records from a Budget Hearing in Sept 2010 where the City mentioned that the OIG was here auditing the City.

Now, I want to stop here and repeat the word "mentioned".

The definition of the word "mentioned" is to refer to something briefly and without going into detail.  Some related words are hinted, imply, bring up, broach, insinuate, and worm.  The last word struck the me the most as it seems that Bill Stevens, Burgess Ganz and Chaz Hanson are trying to worm their way out of trying to hide this FEMA audit from the public and then lying about it from the dais.  

Let's face it, Bill chose his words very very carefully, but to anyone with sense you don't mention something of importance you state and clarify it, like they did with the OIG HUD audit of the Deerfield Beach Community Development Division. 

For example:

Honey, did I mention I left my cars in the car.

as compared to 

Honey, did I mention that your mom died last week.

A death is important that is why it's not mentioned, you tell someone of a death in the family because it is important information that should be stated, clarified or explained.  All important information warrants an explanation, not just a "mention".

I guess the Good Ol Boys, of Bill, Burgess, and Chaz didn't think the possibility of the City of Deerfield having to possibly pay FEMA anything was important enough to warrant more than a mere mentioning at a Budget workshop last year.  In fact like I stated at tonights Commission meeting that is the point.  This report, like any othereport, audit, investigation, etc... is important to the residents and citizens who pay the taxes and will have to foot the bill.

Come on guys, just admit it.  You screwed up and didn't think that anyone would find out until after you had weaseled wormed yourselves out of it.

The point and the fact remains that you stated and re-stated, not mentioned the facts and conclusions from the OIG HUD audit, well before the final numbers came out.  The headlines and news articles prove it.  The mere fact that Judy Wilson of the Pompano Pelican posted her story on 10/14/11 regarding information provided to her from the 10/4/11 meeting makes it clear that the City was hiding this information.  You knew Judy had possibly read the report and saw the OIG's recommended amount of ineligible charges of $3.9 million dollars.  Since according to Burgess, "we have made this City transparant" then why was she and the othereporters not informed of this miraculous reduction by FEMA to only request a possible $1.6 million back from the ineligible charges the OIG recommended.  That is a headline and again worth more than a mention, if you are truly trying to make this City transparent.

Why isn't the OIG HUD report available on the City's website for transparancy sake so all of the interested residents to review.  The Kesslereport is on there, so why not that report.

Matter of fact, Burgess if you think by mentioning over a year ago that the "OIG was here looking at the books" suffices for an attempt of transparency, but actually telling us when the final report was completed and you had the OIG's conclusion and audit findings isn't worth even a mention, then you and anyone else who agrees with you, like David Cohen and the Ganz Gremlins from the front row, then you all are either seriously deluded or are hiding something and trying to worm your way out of it.

The fact is this report and all reports and almost any information related to the government of our City and it's business is exactly that, our business.  It's not only conducive to having an open government with transparency and maintaining the public trust, but it's the "LAW".

I didn't realize that elected officials and public officials had the right to determine what information, that clearly falls under the purview, scope, and jurisdiction of the State and Federal Governments public record laws, should be disseminated to the public and when.

The Attorney General Pam Bondi has been quoted as saying 
"In Florida, transparency is not up to the whim or grace of public officials. Instead, it is an enforceable right."
I found this when I submitted my complaints against City Manager, Burgess Hanson, and Bill Ganz, along with the Commission Video of the Oct 4, 2011 meeting with the "only" articles that discuss this FEMA audit, which are Judy Wilson's articles from the Pompano Pelican dated Oct 7, 2011 and the one that Ganz held up after I left tonights meeting, after being fed up with the cover-up and lies that he was spewing, from October 17, 2011, for lying to the pubic and causing a public record to be falsified, which I believe may be a violation of FL Statute 839.13.  Some of you may remember this statute because it is the one that the SAO is charging Sylvia Poitier with violating, well I believe her comrades from the Deerfield Beach dais Bill and Burgess did the same thing on Oct 4 and Oct 18, but again I am no lawyer, so we will leave that up to the District 17 State Attorney's Office and Broward's Office of the Inspector General to decide.  This is a perfect test for Satz and Scott to show the people of Florida that what's good for the goose is good for the gander and they investigate and prosecute indiscriminately.

Isn't that odd, that even the newspapers didn't find this information important enough to inform the residents of it's possibilities and implications when it came out on April 12, 2011.  September 28, 2011, almost one year to that date that the OIG HUD audit of the Community Development Department was finalized and the OIG's recommendation was submitted to HUDs Miami office foreview did a member of the public discover and inform the residents of this possibility and mysterious audit.  Since then the City has taken a defensive stance on why they didn't tell us and now they are hoping that we buy this new story that it was mentioned by Hugh Dunkley on Sept 21, 2010 that the OIG was here.  

Again, even if it is true we the residents deserve more than a mere mentioning of a possible multi-million dollar or even 2 cent payback to FEMA or any other agency, entity, or even 16 ex-employee(S) that recently may have won an arbitration against the City, who was found to have conducted the 2010 lay-offs out of compliance with the Employee Unions Agreement.  This is "NEWS" and yet our "NEWS" papers are void of the very thing they should be putting first, actual "NEWS".

Now some of you like David Cohen and the Ganz Gremlins, which are those three ladies in front, that hurriedly asked that I be removed by "JOE" the Cop after I stated that I was voluntarily leaving due to the bull**** Bill Ganz was excreting from his anus, through his chest and out of his mouth may think that what the City is doing is okay.

Let me just say something and this is directed directly at David Cohen, who attended some of the Community Action Team meetings during the utility tax affair and who publicly advised the group  to submit prr's in regard to seeing if major companies in Deerfield Beach, i.e. Publix (his words not mine) were paying their fair share of the water bills and not taking advantage of loopholes in the charter and the law, which the City is allowing them to exploit (again his words not mine).  I don't know if you, Mr. Cohen, have had a change of heart or maybe you just batting for both teams, but you sir need to make a choice.  You either know that the City is not as transparent as it claims and does indeed hide information from the residents and you choose to keep it to yourself or you know the information and shout it from the rooftops because the law demands it and if the City won't follow the law then you will.  That is your choice, like it is all of our choices.  The only person that will condemn you for making the right one, which is choosing to keep your fellow citizens informed of wrong doings, is the individuals that are doing the wrong-doing.

Which if I am not mistaken, Chaz Bill, and Burgess are at this very moment trying to figure out how to discredit me and the facts of the OIG FEMA report, but was right about one thing, the facts are the facts and let them do withit what they will.  Me, I will tell the facts to my brethren in the City and keep all of us residents informed, so we can begin to finally have an open and transparent government as the law prescribes but the City Staff and Commission won't obey.

In closing, I advise everyone to read the report for yourself.  See who is the giving the facts that are available.  I know I didn't make this stuff up, but Burgess, Bill, Chaz, and certain Staff would have you believe that the OIG and I don't know what we are talking about and so they alone should be trusted.

Yeah, right!!!

If these Commissioners don't see that "we the people" need answers and a full investigation into our City and it's management then maybe they are not fit to govern us, especially those will seek re-election or those that will run be running for Mayor in the next election.

Let us be leaders in the fight against corruption.  Let's be the first City to take a hard and definitive stand against corruption instead of just giving it new places to hide, like at the Ganz residents.  It is no secret that everyone knows that corruption has a permanent home over at Noland's and Popelsky's respective places.