Friday, May 27, 2011

Deerfield Beach Utility Tax: A Violation of the 14th Amendment commenced on the 14th of April in Deerfield Beach

Let's break this down.

The battle cry "No taxation without representation!" was a great political slogan coined to counter the Sugar Act of 1764. In order to help recoup the debt it incurred during the French and Indian War (or the Seven Years' War), the British Parliament passed the act, which taxed all manner of foodstuffs imported into the colonies. The Americans, in the midst of economic depression following the war, were not particularly enamored of a new tax. Some have written that the Americans were simply whining tax evaders. The slogan was good for rallying the troops with an easy issue for every one to discern: that since they were not represented in Parliament, the tax should not be levied. However, the ultimate goal of most of the agitators was not representation in Parliament, but independence.
The concept of "no taxation without representation" may be present in general in the United States. But those who are unrepresented (such as convicts and immigrants who cannot vote) are still subject to taxation. Notably, the citizens of Washington, DC, do not have any voting representation in Congress (though it does send a non-voting delegate to the House of Representatives). Since 2000, DC license plates have included the phrase "Taxation Without Representation" in an effort to raise awareness of the issue, especially among tourists visiting the city. By virtue of the 23rd Amendment, however, DC does have at least three electoral votes.
I won't go into the history of this because we already know it.  However, I will point out that even the citizens of Washington DC. have "By virtue of the 23rd Amendment, have at least three electoral votes.  " The citizens of District 2 in Deerfield Beach by virtue of Florida Statute 286.011 and the Executive order 11-78 removing City Commissioner, Sylvia Poitier, from office have no voice and no vote on this and many other issues that have occurred in Deerfield Beach since April 14, 2011 and on this impending taxation issue.  These 8,000+ American citizens have been effectively cut out of the political process since April 14, 2011 violating their Constitutional rights under the 14th Amendment, giving us cause to shout "No taxation without representation".  
After the jump, I will be thanking he who brought this to light!

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