Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's Up CODB Employees?

Is your job with the City worth selling out your community?

Tonight many of District 2's and Deerfield Beach's residents told me that because they "worked for the City" they couldn't show opposition to the tax.  I understand that because without the job that the City provides then you won't have any money to pay the tax, anyway.  So my question becomes, is working for a tyrannical boss who is looking for every possible excuse to fire you, lay you off, or basically "****" (Insert expletive here) on you worth having your liberties tested.  Keeping in mind (using the theme from tonights meeting) that your kids will one day inherit what is enacted today.  Is it worth it?  

So, you get one more year, possibly, of working doing champagne work for kool-aid money and then they privatize and your are left holding the bag. NO benefits, no savings (because you couldn't afford to save and live), and no job prospects.  Was it worth it?  Is it worth giving up 5% today for 278 days of job security?  

Or is it more worth fighting for your God Granted liberties, even if that means just holding up a sign at a meeting, to make sure that everyone is valued the same.  What is wrong with us Deerfield?  Am I the only one who sees the writing on the wall?  WE need to stand up for ourselves and let the City know that we are not just gonna take anything they offer us.  

City Employees don't let the Union reps negotiate your lives away for 7 pieces of silver.  Demand your 7 pounds of flesh from this City.  Many of you have earned it.  

They have no problems with paying the Fire Department $20,000,000 + to do EMT work, so why should you suffer for the City's stupidity.  I think our Fire Department is tops and the fact that they are dually trained is wonderful, however have you people ever heard of pay differentials???  If the majority of the work is EMT pay them as such, there should not be an automatic bonus given for every hour worked that their skills as a Fire Fighter were not utilized. When Deerfield has a fire then pay them for fire fighting, if not pay them as an EMT.  Hanson, do a report on the cost savings.  Stop spending all your time and resources trying to tax the the work at $160,000.00 you need to be more productive in the area of revenue generation, but really what can we expect from a guy who worked in the IT department and had no real experience before landing this dream job.

To you City Workers that think its okay because you are protecting your jobs.  I am telling you now, it aint!   Think about the lesson you are teaching your kids.  It's okay to roll over and not stand up, as long as you have a lil bit of security tomorrow.  I am gonna quote that old time movie "The Color Purple"...

"You betta bash Misters head in and think about heaven later"

Ms. Sophia spoke the truest words that black people often your quest for heaven, in your afterlife, and security for your tomorrow, don't forget that you have to live for today and make sure whats going on in your present is as positive as that which you are seeking.

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