Monday, May 30, 2011

City of Deerfield Beach Residents Speak Out Against Lack of Input in City Political Games

I sent this to the editor of the Sun-Sentinel aftereading an article where a Canadian gentlemen, stated that he was upset with Deerfield BEach Commission because he, a property owner, but non-resident, did not have a voice in the decision making process.  He did not ask for a vote, he just stated that since he pays taxes here he wanted, at least a chance to express his opinions on issues that arise in the the town he and many others have chosen to purchase property in and spend his hard earn loonies and toonies in.,0,401315.story

If you haven't noticed, there are over 8,000 American Citizens in Deerfield Beach that do not have access to the political process.  Some have even stated that these 8,000+ American Citizens gave up their Constitutional rights on March 8, 2011 when they voted and returned to office Sylvia Poitier.  I do not remember the Constitution mentioning that a registered voter forfeited their civil rights if they vote for a candidate that subsequently is charged with corruption.  If that is the case, more than half of the American population would be without rights.  With that said, my question is why have your reporters not been investigating or printing on this subject.  Could it have anything to do with part of your operations being in Deerfield Beach and you do not want to rock the boat or is it that you don't care that this situation is going on, or maybe the Sun-Sentinel believes as that blogger believes that we gave up our rights and therefore should not have a vote or voice in what happens in our City before July 19, 2011 when we will take to the polls to elect a new Commissioner.

Which is it?  

I sincerely hope that your news teams begin taking this as many of the residents of District 2 Deerfield Beach do.

I know I have personally sent information to Larry Barszewski (who it would seem that you give free rein to write on the negatives in our community, but it seems he is editted or censored on everything else.)

Below find some examples:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sun Sentinel article

Deerfield Beach commissioner needs money to sue nemesis
By Larry Barszewski, Sun Sentinel
Story posted 2011.03.16 at 05:03 PM EDT

Deerfield Beach community searches for its voice after losing Commissioner Poitier

Staff writer Larry Barszewski reports:

What does by Brittany Wallman, but reported by Larry Barszewski mean???

Now, I could be wrong about this, but since you and other news outlets have failed to cover this story it will only stand to reason that you people do agree with the statment made by Chaz Stevens, that we basically forfeited ourights to participate by voting for Sylvia and that we should forever STFU!!!????

Well, we will not STFU and will continue to fight against this injustice until it is resolved.  It is appalling that we can not get the news paper to cover this story, but you will run here as soon as it is resolved one way or another.  I guess the Sun-Sentinel like all otherags and apparently the Deerfield Beach City Commission  is just not into doing what's right and makes sense, but is only after doing what makes cents.

Well, you can take this as my two cents on the subject.!

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