Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bill Ganz, Douchebag and Liar or just plan STUPID! (updated 18/5/2011)

Tonight at the City Commission Meeting District 4 resident doucher Bill Ganz, showed his true colors.  

First, let me tell you that our BSO gave a presentation regarding the merger of our City's Fire Department (I say good riddance).  AL Lamberti and staff spent about 2 hours discussing the benefits.  Then promptly the City Commissioners were voting to hear more, to which BSO replied we will have the contracts by the next meeting.  Done deal many would you say.  So, then the Mauroudis read off by title every item in the Consent Agenda except item 23, which Ganz requested be pulled.  

Now, here I do have to apologize to Good Ol' Bill because I stated that they voted on the Board of Adjustment and it was not one of the many COnsent Agenda items that was breezed through and then passed.  So, Bill I apologize!

Now, at this point I was furious and wanted to just tell every last one of those elected officials and City managers where to stick there Consent Agenda's, but it was not the right time and Noland made no hesitations to tell me so.  These Meetings the City holds are a bunch of bull...The public is not allowed to speak, but we are forced to sit and listen to them go on and on putting on airs about transparency and acting like they haven't made up their minds on issues, when it is obvious to everyone in the audience that these meetings are orchestrated and mere formalities because the votes have already been cast in closed door sessions.  So, much for Sunshine.

Back to Ganz, so he pulled the ordinance about Sports Volunteers and he pointed out that he had received an email basically trying to protect pedophiles and he made this big show about "how he couldn't understand why people wouldn't support this ordinance because it is about the safety of our kids.  I guess Good ol Bill didn't read his back up like some of us did.  Because it listed excluded more than just sexual predators, as Bill Ganz would have us believe, it excluded individuals with any felonies, misdemanor, drug possession, etc...The email that he referenced in his tirade never demonstrated any support for pedophiles, but asked that they insert language in the ordinance to create an appeal process for indiividuals who may have a past, but have turned their lives around.  So I called him on it because I had written the email and a group of us submitted it to City Hall.  The information taht Ganz had provided in his big show was a blatant lie.  So when I called him on it and explained about the situation, he took another minute to reference the entire email and read it.  From the reading of the email at no point did it mention the support of sexual predators, what it did do was explain our position of guys who had turned their lives around and requested an appeal process be included in the ordinance.  We got into a shouting match because he insinuated that the ordinance was only talking about Sexual predators, but frm the reading of the actual ordinance and the standards adopted by it.  The City clearly meant to exclude more than just sexual predators.  So, again, Bill either didn't read the backup or he intentionally meant to mislead the public.  

Also, when the Utility tax came up (my arm is sore, as I held my "No taxation without representation" sign for the entire length of the presentation, which was exactly the same as it was last year when they gave it and were advised to go back and do more research.  Well, it is obvious they didn't (see my previous post "Whats up with the tax".) because they did not provide any new information.  Ganz again kept talking about the numbers and yet neither Dunkley, nor Hanson provided anything concrete.  Miller asked for the financials  about the amount the tax would levy from the private sector and they basically told him we ain't got it.  He asked about several other things and they replied again "we ain't got it"...  The only numbers that they could produce was the number 0, which is the amount of new information that they provided.

Hanson did make a lovely speech about using half of the possible $6,000,000 that may be generated from this tax on lowering the millage rate and the otherhalf for capital projects like a baseball diamond at Westside Park (wow, really Hanson...psst) I tuned him out at that point because it sounded like he was singing a catchy lil tune performed by Whitney Houston "I Believe the Children are Our Future"...Ganz, Popelsky, and Noland were singing the chorus and background.  Like Whitney, they all must be on crack, if they think that by selling us a pipe dream about this tax being proposed because the City cares about our kids and will use the funds to lower the millage rate and give our kids better parks is poppy cock.  Noland even made a comment about the Commissioners representing the entire City, but I guess she forgot about the 10,000 or so residents in District 2 who did not have a voice to speak on the DIAS.  Tonight, Ganz, Noland, Popelsky, and Miller pounded the final nail in the coffin of democracy in Deerfield Beach.  They have effectively killed it!  Hanson and Ganz even stated several times that the decision about the Utility Tax should be a management decision for Hanson and not the tax payers and electors of the City.  WHY?  

I believe this guy wants to be our City's next Mayor and the manner in which he is so willing to trample on the basic liberties and principles of our Country is a sheer NO GO for me.  They even tried to blame the City's Charter for them having to continue with this particular vote even though ove10,000 of the City's residents are not represented at the discussion.  They actually had the nerve to look at us like we were doing something wrong by even suggestion that.

AM I, feel free to comment on this particular post because I wrote it being very upset witht he process that I had just witnessed and the sheer lack of morals that were displayed on the DIAS.  They want respect but don't want to give it. These are the most unscrupulous and ethically challenged individuals I have ever seen.  They are just smart enough to not get caught, but their day is coming too.  Mark my words.  Maybe I will even run for office in the hopes of winning just to see how everything works up there on the DIAS and expose it and them for what they really are.  You wanted change in DIstrict 2, but I don't think you were prepared for the change that is coming.  It will no longerbe Business as usual.  I have no problem with stepping from behind this laptop keyboard and getting in your faces and challenging your authority.  You people have given us no other choice.

So Game ON!

*Updated information:

Today, May 18, 2011 I reviewed the City of Ft. Lauderdale Sports volunteer requirements and our proposed ordinance mirrors that which they enacted back in 2006.  The difference is Ft. Lauderdale included an appeals process for special circumstances.  Applicants who failed the Level 2 Background Screening could appeal the decision and the City Manager has the authority to make a case by case determination to approve or deny said appeal.  This is all we were trying to convey to Mr. Ganz and had he read the email and the back-up he would have known that Deerfield's proposed Sports Volunteer Ordinance does look to exclude individuals with convictions other than sex crimes.  The minimum standards recommended by all youth sports organization give a list of many offenses that would disqualify an individual from volunteering, sexual offenses are automatically disqualified, but they offer the appeals process for the others, so eligibility can be determined on a case by case basis.

The Florida Recreation and Park Association also suggest a set of minimum guidelines for sports volunteers and included is a "child safety policy" which does indicate an appeals process should be put in place.

How hard is it to clarify the language in the ordinance to exclude permanently all sexual offenses and offer an appeals process to determine the eligibility of someone who may have had a lessor charge in their past and have now become a positive role model, whose influence and knowledge would be beneficial to the kids???


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