Thursday, April 28, 2011

Outsiders, scream their choice for District 2 City Commission. Will we listen???

Am I the only one who feels like, all of the news outlets and other blogs in Deerfield Beach are screaming at District 2 to vote for Ben Preston.  Why, do they know something that we don't know.  

Oh Yeah, Ben Preston.

See the following:

Apparently back in March we had "clear choices" and it could have been a "turning point" for District 2.

District 2 has a chance to "vote again in a city election and get it right".

District 2 should elect "a new face--not part of the old order".

I guess Jeff Sayles, a non-District 2 resident, is screaming at us (if you listen closely) to vote for the new face who appeared as a clear choice back in March.  Well, Annette has my vote.  Thanks Jeff! 

Oops, I think he meant Ben Preston.

At this point, No Thank You! 

What a clever fellow, that Sayles.  Sneaky... Sneaky...  

I will tell you like I told Mr. Preston, tell me how you will make changes to benefit district 2, a community that you have chosen for about thirty-five years to totally ignore.  Do you know anything about us, besides we are all  considered the same race.  That is not to say that you had to be on Mango, Coach at Westside Park, go to church in District 2, or even attend a party at the Legion Hall.  When these types of statements are made they are made because We are wondering why have we not heard of him until he ran for office.  

Many of you already know my problem with Ben Preston...I will repeat it here as to get it straight for all of others and for Ben Preston himself.

If you are a local historical figure of the black community, such as say The First Black Firefighter, why is it that in 5 years of my attendance at Deerfield Park Elementary School and three years at Deerfield Beach Middle School and then High School, did I never hear of you.  If I didn't go to Middle School with his kids I would have never known who he was, and even though I attended school with kids I didn't know of his historical importance to our community until 2011.  I had 12 years of schooling that held black history exhibits each year and still I had never heard of him or his historical title in Deerfield Beach until 2011 when he needed something from me.  My Vote!

You chose to dodge all questions about this change you could provide while on the campaign trail and any attempt in the heart of District 2 to talk to you or ask you questions was met with contempt and accusations that you were being set up.

By the way, did any of you see Ben at the last 2 City Commission meetings, cause I know I didn't.  Even though Mr. Preston told me personally on March 8, 2011 that no matter who won he hoped that we would all work together.  If it is Sylvia he hoped that she would accept his help as a consultant."  

Yeah, Ben I remembered!  

After that statement, I even told Larry Barszewski that had you talked to us before it may have swayed my vote.  Ask him!  You almost had me fooled.

Well, it seems like we are the ones being set up here for the okie doke!

Oh, look who else is screaming Ben's name

Yep, that's Chaz Stevens given Good Ol' Ben a shout out!  Weird huh!

Wait, wasn't  isn't Beulah Hill a champion for Ben Preston???  

I guess since she couldn't deliver him the District 2 seat the first time.  His team has decided to cast her off like some old soiled sheets.  It's ashame, too!  I thought she really supported him.  At least she kept trying to convince me to vote for him, one late Saturday afternoon.  After which I had to take my gloves off (wink wink).

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