Thursday, April 21, 2011

No Voice for Deerfield Beach's District 2, until Election???

The decision has been made to leave the Deerfield Beach District 2 Commissioner seat vacant, after the removal last week of Sylvia Poitier, until a new Commissioner is elected during the Special Election.  There is no news yet as to when this Special Election will be held.  The City Charter dictates that it be held no sooner than 45 Days (May 29, 2011) and no later than 75 days (June 28, 2011).  It is expected, however, that the City will try and delay the Special Election under the guise of allowing new candidates sufficient time to campaign.  So, the City Commission and City Management, by law, decided that until such time as a new commissioner is elected, the remaining Commissioners and Mayor will run the city. 

What else should we expect from a Commission who allowed over 106 employees (predominantly District 2 residents) to be laid-off without warning.  This is the same Commission who is sitting idly by while the City Managers office strong-arms negotiations with the general employees union, IUPAT.  Let's face it, if we thought we had it bad before now that there is no one to speak up for us on the Dais, what is there for us to expect.

We have options, though, since District 2 will have no voice at City Hall.  Our  residents can review and educate themselves on the Commission agendas (which are available the Friday before a CC meeting and is available online at the City's website ),  they can get involved by regularly attend CC meetings (ready to discuss agenda items that concern them), and stay involved notifying the Commissioners and Community Action Groups about their concerns.  These Community Action Groups, such as the Community Action Team (CAT) can act as your advocate at the the CC meetings if you are concerned about addressing the Commission.  

One such group, CAT, has stepped up to energize and organize the District 2 residents, so that they can have an effective voice at City Hall.  The Group is also dedicated to joining all of the districts together to create a better Deerfield Beach and they can be reached by email at

They will be holding community meetings every Monday before a Commission Meeting, which are held once every other week.  The next commission meeting is May 3, 2011 at 6:55pm and CAT will hold its Community Meeting to discuss the CC's Agenda and the pressing issues of our community.  

They will email the City Clerk's office to be put on the agenda (for each CC meeting) so someone from the group can always address the Commission and express our concerns.  It should be pointed out that towards the end of each meeting the Public is allotted 3 minutes per person to openly address the Commissioners, Mayor, and the City Management team.  So, even if you do not attend the CAT meetings you are encouraged to attend the CC Meetings and voice your concerns.

As Mrs. Diane Chisholm, so eloquently stated at the first CAT meeting, "If we don't stand for something, we will stand for anything".  unfortunatly, we have stood for anything, for far to long and allowed our city to forget about us.  Well, now it is time to wake up and shout to the heavens that we are District 2 and we want our fair share.  With that said we must also do our part to show the city that we are willing to participate in an effort to grow and prosper.  This can be achieved by simply cleaning up the areas around you.  Keeping your yard clean, cut, and manicured.  We have many lawn Services available in our community for those who can afford it.  

Nathan's Lawncare, Landscaping, and Pressure Washing, Inc.  954-775-5990 quoted a price of $30-$50 depending on the size of the yard, but consults are free.

There are other lawncare services out there in our community and we should patronize our own.  I am sure that they all would be willing to work with you to negotiate a price range that both company and homeowner can agree upon.  

Hint, Hint, Hint:
You can always do the job yourself, which cost you nothing except some sweat  possibly tears, about $4.00 for a gallon of gas for your mower.  I remember in the old days that teenagers would do this type of work for a little spending change, but I guess times have changed.   These are only suggestions and you can approach the issue however you would like, but keep in mind this type of community awareness would go a long way!  

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