Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Governor Scott lets call it a Mulligan and just start over.

I say let's call the last few elections in Deerfield a Mulligan and let's recall all of them and hold Special Elections to elect a Better Deerfield.  Noland's gotta go, Ganz Gotta Go, Popelski Gotta Go, Miller Can stay because well, he just says all the right things in my opinion and seems the most comfortable to work towards a better Crime free) from the streets to City Hall, to the DIas.  Governor Scott Let's set a precedence in favor of the actual people.  Let's remove the entire Dias and have a do-over in Deerfield Beach.

I have posted a few articles that indicate why the citizens distrust government, so the best thing to do in general is "call it a mulligan" and start over.

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