Wednesday, April 20, 2011

District 2 Special Election is a Reality...But Was It A Necessity?

It's official, in a post by Sun-Sentinel's, Larry Barszewski, on April 19, 2011 we will be having a Special Election in District 2 to replace Sylvia Poitier, who was removed from office by Guberna Scott on April 14, 2011 relating to 5 misdemeanor charges stemming from a loan Poitiers brother, Lionel Ferguson, negotiated with the WDBA back in 2005/2006 to save low-income housing projects in Deerfield Beach's SW 1st Street, that the WDBA owned and operated, from foreclosure. (BTW, the WDBA has recently "given away" these properties for tax cost and the new owner has raised the rents, therefore causing many of the individuals who have resided in these properties for years ,due to financial hardships, to have to move-out.)

The state is alleging that Ms. Poitier did not legally disclose the familial relationship between herself and a creditor of the WDBA by filing a statutorily required form 8B-Voting Conflict form related to Commission votes to award grants to the WDBA.  The allegations insinuate, in the points of the statute, that Poitier or her brother, Lionel Ferguson, would have received a "special gain or loss" by the Commission approving or not approving said grants and therefore because she did not disclose the perceived conflicted relationship she violated Florida's ethics law and Deerfield Beach's City Charter.

So, basically what they are trying to say is that Sylvia intentionally did not disclose the relationship with Lionel, so she could get the City of Deerfield to grant the WDBA the monies to payback the loan, at 10% interest per annum, and that she would possibly have gotten a cut from those monies.  

Now, I have seen on many post and blogs that this is about the money, well on several instances the City of Deerfield Beach did grant the WDBA monies ,for different reasons.  SO the question we should be asking and what none of the news reports has indicated is if Lionel Ferguson was ever paid back by the WDBA.  If Sylvia is as corrupt as others have "yelled from the rooftops" that she is then why did the WDBA never pay back the loan to Lionel Ferguson so Sylvia could "get her cut", as they say.  They have had plenty of chances to take City Funds and pay back this loan, but why haven't they.  I guess all of this will be up to a jury to decide, when it goes to trial...again wasting tax payers dollars when there are actual cases out their where politicians actually made money off the public and it can be proved but no one is prosecuting.  

Hint, Hint:  Take a look at the March 17, 2009 Commission Meeting Item 4 under the Consent Agenda. (Notice no discussion of the prior items, of which the first was about spending over thirty grand for chemicals according to another city,Margate's, provisions).  (Odd, huh???)  See how newly elected Commissioner Ganz interrogates Commissioner Poitier, Chaz style, about the disbursement to the WDBA, if you even notice she states that she spoke with the City Attorney, Andy Maroudis, and he crafted the agenda item.  It was  even asked that they table the item for discussion, but Ganz insisted that they not.  HMMMM??  Poitier even states that she asked Maurodis to contact the Ethics Commission because this issue has to be discussed.  (I wonder if that was ever done??HMMM)

Well, that is neither here nor there and you will have to do more research yourselves, like I have..just kidding, I'll let you guys know what I find out as I find it.  

Now, I am all about corrupt politicians getting theres, but it just seems a little fishy to me that the State Attorney would go after this seemingly little fish when there are obvious and blatant corrupt officials talking to you in your face and petitioning the Governor to suspend someone over misdemeanors that will probably be thrown out anyway or should have resulted in a slap on the wrist, a fine, and do not do it again.  

"Something strange is afoot at the Circle K" 
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

I am going to use the "P" word.  Privatization of the Pier or other functions of the City (now I can't prove this yet, but I am working on it.), if these just so happens to pop up on the agenda in the next few days and months while District 2 is without legal representation, I, no WE, will know what the real agenda was.

Speaking of corrupt politicos Mr. Satz, oh Mr. Satz,

Hey, Mr. Satz!...have you ever looked at Deerfield Beach's Peggy Noland.  Everybody in Deerfield is and was talking about her corrupt practices, maybe you can pull your head from between your tail long enough to see the Sunshine (law) breaking from Peggy Nolands window. I have included some links that you, Mr. Satz or BSO Detective Brian McDonald, might find of interest.  This one is good.

Well, this link is for the citizens of Deerfield Beach who think Chaz is a Spaz.  I found this little nugget and I have to say aftereading it I have a new found respect for the man, well it's more like res for the man.  It's an interesting read in these times of financial hardships and budget cuts.  I wonder if he ever got that meeting with the City Manager Burgess Hanson????

So, with all that said and done.  We will be having a Special Election in the upcoming months, We in District 2 just hope the City officials do not plan to drag it out, while Ganz, Noland, Hanson, Klopp, Milanowski and Shafer wine and dine the idea of "Privatizing" our citys resources and giving away our property and our Beach to greedy developers in Capellini fashion. 

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  1. Want to make Noland start to twitch. Look into local business leaders contributing big money to pay off her considerable gambling debts during her last stint as commissioner.


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