Thursday, April 21, 2011

Privatizing and Bean Fields Coming to a City Near Year...

Just thought I would remind those who thought I was joking about the whole "privatization" plan.

This article from Feb, 2, 2011 where City Manager, Burgess Hanson, basically begged the City, the State, and HUD officials to allow him to privatize City functions.  

Do you think this just went away???  If you read the article closely, we never did find out what happened to that $170,000 that was attributed to misallocation of funds by the City on salaries that they couldn't justify and payments that they couldn't justify.  I bet they didn't see that coming in their witch hunt to crucify Sylvia Poitier and others.  

You just mark my words with Ganz, Popelsky, Noland, and Miller on the Dias alone with Klopp/Hanson running the City.  Don't be surprised if they do a "Paranormal Activity", get on the Ouija Board and ask old J.D. Butler how he started growing beans.  I bet they'd open those fields up real quick and put all of District 2 back to work in an effort to say they created jobs.  

The one good thing that would come from that is at least our unemployment rate(s) would go down...

I can just see Klopp/Hanson now, yelling down to the IUPAT picket lines from their second story office windows, "We told you we'd get you, 4 years, 4 years.  It took us 4 years but we said we'd get you."  Sound familiar?

Happy Negotiating!!!

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