Monday, April 18, 2011

Chaz Stevens, Genius, Liar, Sociopath.

According to Chaz, we "the public" shouldn't care" how he acts or has acted.  He equates his run in with the law due to a domestic violence dispute with a simple speeding ticket.  Is this not a kick in the va-jay-jay to all women who have been or will be victim to any kind of domestic violence.  I know I think so!  What about you?

This is the post in question.

Now, Chaz who threatened a lawsuit for slander/libel against then Commissioner Sylvia Poitier for saying  "she never beat her wife" at a commission meeting on April 5, 2011.  He went so far as to have his lawyer send her a "cease and desist" letter, which he then posted on his website.  Now, if I had not located the actual court documents and posted them here disproving his assertion that he was never arrested in Palm Beach.  (Keep in mind that his assertion from his own post that he had never been married was contradicted by his own attorney's letter indicating that he had indeed been married at 19 for three months.)  So now he asserts that the victim of his alleged domestic violence only filed the suit because he was suing her civilly and both restraining orders were thrown out.  Well, I already posted that the first was indeed thrown out due to lack of evidence, but the 2nd, which was a mutual restraining orderestricting both Chaz and his victim from contacting each other.  As far as I can tell, the victim did not break said restraining order, Chaz did, which resulted in his subsequent arrest.  

In attempt to, I guess, dispute my post about him donating blood money . He post a generic email that was sent from Women in Distress (WID), thanking the sender for their donation.  If you notice, the email does not actually say his name and does nothing, but indicate that he sent them a "contribution" and this was sent out for tax purposes.  His website states that he has given all of the proceeds of his blog to this organization and the best he gets is a lousy email.  I guess Woman in Distress can't even bring themselves to Thank him in a manner befitting someone who so altruisticly donates all proceeds of their business venture to that organization.  I guess they know that it's blood money, but do you really turn it away just because the sender is a douchebag who gets arrested for a case related to the very thing you abhor.  Some would say "yes", but I guess WID says "no".  Good for them because they'll need it if he starts "speeding" again.

Now this next part is the funniest thing that he has ever written.  He goes on to say that basically anything that I post about him here is an attempt by Terry Scott and Sylvia Poitier to discredit him.  Does that slime bucket even read?  Anyone who has read this blog can plainly see that I am not trying to discredit him for purposes of anyone.  What I am trying to do is point out the inaccuracies in his information and bust his lies.  Isn't this the attention you craved, Mr. Stevens?  Your name in headlines.  Glory be to Chaz!  Get over yourself, you lied on multiple occasions and I busted you on multiple occasions.  Done deal.  That does not change the fact that you have done good work in spying out political corruption.  The question is why?  Now, you go on a power trip and insinuate that you will "white out" the Poitier name, well that is a little to much for anyone to take.  As a moderator you allow comments which state I sold child pornography at Chuck e cheeses (that is brilliant subterfuge for youreaders), you "possibly" think and allege that I may have poisoned your dog, which apparently had been sick (at least according to your 2009 post) a few years ago.  Then you insinuate that people in District 2 are out to kill or harm you and your family and that Poitier herself threatened your life and that the BSO has you under guard.  The fact is you don't have to lie to do the work that you do.  Just do it!  Why do you need to resort to such lengths.  You discredit yourself the only thing is..before me you had no one calling you on your blatant lies.  Well, now you know better and hopefully stop pulling a George W. Bush and lying to youreaders in order to excite a response for them to feel sorry for you.  We already do because you are a douchebag with psychological problems.   Some might go as far as to call you a sociopath and I would agree.  Check out this site and tell me who that reminds you of.  -  Profile of the Sociopath

It's time for you to get professional help.  You have found an outlet that is legal and you can still hold power over your victims...Cyber Domestic Violence.  Brilliant!

BTW, I do support Sylvia Poitier, but my allegiance belongs to the District 2 in the City of Deerfield Beach.  Where does yours lie???  

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