Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chaz Stevens, Trying to Incite a Race War, but District 2 says, "NO".

Get this now, I was called "divisive" by Deerfield Beach City Manager, Burgess Hanson and he said that "he" wanted to bring the city together.  

With that in mind it was recently decided to have a community meeting on Monday April 18, 2011 at 7pm and we were lucky to obtain Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church located at 1060 Martin Luther King Ave in Deerfield Beach, as the venue.  

Flyers were put up notifying people in the community of the event and the past candidates from our 2011 election were personally called, by me, inviting them because they will possibly represent us in the impending Special Election that should be held within the next couple of months.  These individuals and any who would answer the "Call of Duty" should be there, because this will be an open forum for all to discuss their concerns, issues, and problems and as a community we will look for new positive ideas and solutions to address them. This will be the first opportunity of many for ouresidents to openly and honestly discuss the ills affecting all of us, as citizens of the City of Deerfield Beach.

That brings me to today.

Well, Chaz Stevens has gotten wind of it and in typical Chaz fashion (tactless and vulgar) he has condemned it.  Although this is billed as a "joining of hands" in an organized effort to hash out solutions for District 2 and Deerfield's problems, he has dubbed it a, "Power Grab", in the following post:

I guess he thinks that we, over in District 2 should sit on our laches and just let the city or Guberna Scott come in and tell us who will best represent us.  He may even be thinking that the city should just invest in some bean crops and send us all back out in the fields.  Well, we will not sit idly by and allow that to happen.  

We want to be proactive and not reactive (in every sense of the word).  We want to make sure that whosoeverepresents us for the next four years is aware of our concerns and knows that we are willing to stand behind them 110%.  As a community, we will become engaged and energized to help said person in any way possible, but we want them and the other city officials to know that we will be keeping a watchful eye to ensure that our interest are considered in every action taken on behalf of the residents.  

Our voices will be heard from "front street" to the Beach.

So, let me be the first to extend a welcoming hand to any and all city administrative staff that would like to attend to "Oversee" that "we" are not planning a coup d'etat.  Chaz, even you would be welcomed with open arms at this community meeting, after all you live in this community, Deerfield Beach.  We would love to have you and the other gentlemen that you so aptly named in your post to attend.  Actually, we would demand it of our City Manager and Assistant City Manager.  All of you should come out and show your support for Deerfield Beach's District 2.  

If you guys should be unable to attend and are forced to miss it, I do believe that the good Reverend will be video taping it, so I will make sure to send each of you  a copy as a keepsake.  A memento of the day that District 2 woke from its slumber and rose up to meet the call of Civic Duty head on. 

Please keep this in mind, Mr. Timothy "Chaz" Stevens and any others who may share your opinion:

"Your approval neither desired, norequired!"
Noxema Jackson-To Wong Foo, Thanks fo Everything Julie Newmar

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