Friday, April 15, 2011

Bob Norman's "Pulp" Gets Filtered.

I posted this to Bob Norman's "Pulp"

Umm, Bob wasn't the loan interest 10% and that same loan went to help stave off foreclosure of a WDBA low-income housing project in Deerfield Beach. The same low-income housing project that had to be sold because the WDBA could not afford it anymore w/o the city's help and now those poor people had to move out because the new owner went up on the rent...OUCH! I guess Sylvia was all about the money, eh??? I wish she'd use it to get a new car b/c that one she's driving in from 2005 isn't becoming of a millionaire (at least Chaz says she's seems to think shes a millionaire) Oh, it's a 2004-2005 Ford, not a luxury car like some at the city.

Oh, Bob can you get a list of the other creditors to the WDBA...I think one is the City of Deerfield Beach, so that would mean that the conflict of interest vote would have benefited all of Deerfield's residence if the intent was to pay back a loan(s) and not to keep up the property as the CHDO was created to do. (BTW Gwen- Clarke reed, not Sylvia Poitier set up the WDBA as the city's CHDO back in early 2000 and we all know those two don't get along). But none of this matters. But I am guessing that is the intent, right????

Oh, Bob you are celebrating Chaz "Domestic Violence" Stevens...I wonder if his dog still is doing any better, since he said I poisoned him last friday and has the vet bills to prove it...oh btw Can your ask your buddy Chaz if Scooter ever recovered from that nasty case of Idiopathic Polymyopothopy he claimed the dog was dying from back in 2009. Don't believe me check out my bloghttp://myperspectiveis.blogspo... for the proof.

Ummmm Bob, what I forget to mention was...when did she lie about the relationship between herself and Lionel.  Did you do any investigating on this case or did you just take Chaz's word for it.  Guess, you are trying to get back in good with him.
Look at the statements made by the news media.  Is anyone else drawing conclusions besides me.  These are supposed investigative journalist and they have investigated what exactly.  I personally think they should all gather up their paychecks and give it to Chaz Stevens, that way Woman in Distress will be able to help more women in distress.

Prof: So, what do you do when our mainstream media quotes our tabloid media
 (Blogs included)? 

Diamond: Investigate the subject for yourself, don't trust anyones research but your own, Always question the information you receive. If it is, in fact, the truth, then it should be able to withstand the test of investigation. 

"The Player's Club" Yay-e-Yay-e!!!

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