Monday, April 18, 2011

Man Boobs to Chaz Stevens: Got Milk???

Hahaha, I love my picture being on your page (Look Ma, i'm on MAOS) it goes to show that you are paying attention, even though you consistently post that you aren't...LMAOAY (if you didn't know that is Laughing my a**(insert expletive here) off at you and by you I mean Chaz Stevens).  When you get that movie deal who will get to play me.  I want Anthony Edwards or Keenan Thompson.  We can get Chaz Bono to play you, you already have the same first name. 

(Geez, I have sunken to his level)

20%, eh???  Looks like I keep popping up on your page so I guess my effectiveness quotient has skyrocketed.  Thanks, now I am a celebrity in my "hood",  I made it to MAOS.  And a woman beating, credit card stealing, lying, dog poisoning sociopath, and stalker has called me out.  WTG, Chaz!  (BTW, I know KM is glad that she didn't let you, as Beyonce would say, "Put a ring on it".  Yep, all of that is in the report soon to be released.  

Sylvia is related to me, but she's not my aunt.  She is a distant cousin, but out of respect for our elders she is known as Aunt Sylvia.  Many in the city call her that and some aren't even related to her

Boy, if Deerfield Beach had any good records of the black social structure and family lineage in this city you would have known that.  I guess it is finally time that Deerfield has a black history done.   You'd be surprised to find out who I am related to black and white, if you cared to know.  Yep, I said it black and white.  

My only question is why are you talking about Linda Hunter???  I wish Linda Hunter would call me and give me some of the dirt she knows.  Heck this is an open invitation to Linda Hunter, no I like your source better Amanda Shafer, call me or email me and give me the City's 411.  Chaz used Sunshine Law to pass along info so why can't you, Amanda.  I'd take the easy route either way because it is a long and arduous process combing through Google for info.  Maybe you can submit a public records request for the info that Google has given me.  Because unlike you, my sources are search engines not City Employees.  

Why do you think I told everybody that lil nugget of info at the community was for you.  Oh, your informant thought it was unintentional...Silly Billy Goat.  I love to "beat the bushes" and see what, no who, comes scurrying out.

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