Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ghost of the Past, Come Back to Hurt Deerfield Commissioners

Located this little tidbit in that David Eller's Observer, Letter's to the Editor's section.  Look's like Sylvia, did the unexpected of a politician and revealed a little bit more than she should have, resulting in an embarrassing situation for Klopp/Hanson and Mayor Noland.  I wonder if they exacted revenge on her for this...oh yeah, she was arrested but they were the one's caught lying to the people.  Thanks guys!

Here's a link to the Deerfield Beach website so you can view the minutes yourself and see who is on the side of the people (all the people) and who is not.  Decide for yourself, this occurred many, many times frustrating the shady commissioners with one..I will not name names, because the one has been in the paper an awful lot lately.

9 Sep 2010
The ruse of No Tax Increase is exposed
At Tuesday’s Deerfield city commission meeting, there was a lot of lively discussion about the recent nearly 20 percent property tax increase proposed by the city.  After initially trying to sell the proposed millage increase as “no increase”, the city commission, thanks to prodding from Commissioner Poitier, reluctantly redefined their no-increase position to mean no increase in revenue to the city even though there are increases to many taxpayers.
Finally, the truth came out on that subject, despite the city attorney’s and the interim city manager’s attempts to position the millage increase as no increase.  Commissioner Ganz gets it and was the only commission member, besides Commissioner Poitier, who was honest and sympathetic with the large group of residents who attended the city commission meeting.
The real elephant in the room is that the city commission feels they must have the same amount of revenue as last year to run the city and, short-term, that may be the reality.  Is that because the costs of the previously negotiated union contracts continue to account for a greater portion of the city’s resources each and every year?  Oddly, there was no mention of any cuts to the largest portion of the city’s budget (the union contracts) at the meeting.  Rather than tackling the biggest drag on the budget (the union contracts), the commission has chosen to cut areas that impact children’s programs, the Historical Society and other easy targets that hurt individual interests. We can only hope that the commission has the stomach to renegotiate and minimize the excessive costs of the union contracts in the future to avoid or at least minimize any more tax increases.
David Nace
Deerfield Beach

I wonder if this individual still resides in Deerfield Beach and what they think of this whole mess?  It would be interesting to find out.

**When he says Union Contracts he is talking mostly about the Firemen's DPP (defined pension plan) and Pay

I think it's high time we tell our kids don't worry about being a doctor or lawyer, go join Deerfield Beach's Fire Rescue...half the work and three times the pay and when you retire you can buy your own city.  Or is that just if your last name is Noland?? Nope, it's like that for all of them., Ben Preston included.

(Sorry guys, BW & BP, right is right and fair is fair)
Now this is the level of corruptness of our Mayor and she dares to look down at Sylvia...I still say let's call for a "mulligan".  Where was the SAO on this one.  Thanx Bett, for calling this one out.  To bad no charges were brought and the Governor didn't suspend her or the Firefighters that broke the law.  I guess what's good for the goose is not good for the gander???

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