Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chaz Stevens nominated for the 2012 Chris Brown-I beat that rap like I beat my girl award

Headline April 13, 2011:  Sylvia Poitier Voluntarily turns herself in to face Misdemeanor Charges brought about by the hard work and dedication of Palm Beach County Jailbird and Gadfly, Chaz Stevens.

Chaz Stevens 5/5/2004
Stevens who since about 2008 has cataloged countless hours reporting and filing complaints against City Commissioner Sylvia Poitier and others finally saw his hard work pay-off.  Stevens who used those same skills to allegedly commit credit card fraud, harassment, email hacking, and a laundry list of other complaints that were filed against him back in 2003 by his then girlfriend, K**** M****** (whose name I have withheld, because quite honestly who would want to be romantically linked to that douchebag).  

Her initial petition for a restraining order was denied, due to lack of evidence. The initial complaint weaved a horrifying tale of woman being threatened with physical violence.  A tale that also included some claims of Mr. Stevens having a past history of sexual, mental, and physical abuse.  There is even a claim that he not only abused the girlfriend, but her also he10 year old son, as well.  Again, these allegations were never proven and the court denied the request due to lack of evidence, but like Chaz himself stated on his blog back on March 10, 2011 "Attorney's for MAOS tell us that breaking the law and being found guilty of that is"  well let me just say we all know the guilty sometimes go unpunished.  (Peggy Noland...Bill Ganz...Burgess Hanson...Keven Klopp, not necessarily in that order)

Ok, so anyway if everyone remembers right after the City Commission meeting on April 5, 2011 Chaz blogged in response to Commissioner Poitiers statements about him "being arrested in Palm Beach for beating his wife" and he stated that "One, I've never been married and two I've never gone to jail for hitting a woman"..which is Chaz?  You've been married or you've never been to jail for beating a woman.  Your own records would indicate per your letter from your attorney on April 6, 2011 (Cease and Desist), you were married at 19 for a few months.  I wonder why it didn't last...somebody got all Ike Turner didn't he???  Just kidding.  We have no real way to know what really happened do we, which brings us back to your never being arrested for beating a woman.  It would seem that you did get arrested for violating a protection order brought against you by a woman who claimed you beat her and physically and mentally abused her and her son.  

I am not trying to discredit all the wonderful work that you have done, but I do want to point out the hypocrisy of it all (which if I am not mistaken is how you and I first chatted on your blog and then you subsequently blocked all comments after calling me a troll, retard, and local conspiracy theorist...hmmmm)

I digress.

Your victims second restraining order, which eventually became a mutual restraining order against the two of you (btw you refer to her as your "crazy ex-girlfriend"...LAUGHABLE).  It would seem to me that even after you threatened her with a lawsuit, she stood her ground and eventually like she first alleged you stalked her until finally being caught by the police and as a result you were arrested.  Now, may not have been arrested for beating her that time, but like you yourself insinuated just because you didn't get caught doesn't mean you didn't do the deed.  

With all the lies that you have told regarding this extremely embarrassing matter, I don't know what to believe you or the petitioner's court documents.  I am going to go with the Petitioner!

So, congratulations on your winning that Kessler Award and having it named after you.  I know how much you wanted to have something (Like A1A) named after you, so congrats on the achievement.  Maybe next you'll get the Chris Brown, I beat that rap like I beat my woman award.

                                                    Dedicated to Timothy Chaz Stevens

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