Thursday, May 31, 2012

Questions for Deerfield Beach City Manager, Burgess Hanson.

Who is Melissa Cunicelli??? 

Who is Former Deerfield Beach BSO Chief Ron Refett?

How are these names connected to current Deerfield Beach City Manager, Burgess Hanson???

What really happened that would eventually cause one of these people to be demoted, one of these people to be arrested, and the other to speed out of town...Yet, the SAO would "publicly" come up with nothing.

Story to come...

City of Deerfield Beach and Commissioner Care More About Promoting Pride than Safety of its Residents...


If your City had the money would you want them to fix an inconvenient problem or would you want them to fix a safety problem.

Especially, if you know that the safety problem has a 90% chance of not being looked at until 2015.

This is the dilemma the residents of Deerfield Beach are faced with.

City of Deerfield Beach has about |$150,000 of funding which is about to expire at the end of September (according to a Community  Development rep).  The City wants to use those funds and build Ben Preston's archway of pride over at DBHS and fix an engineering problem that causes an inconvenience the parents who are dropping off and picking up their kids from the High School.

I wonder how many of those parents are actually residents of the low-income CDBG district and residents of Deerfield Beach...

So to me that is an inconvenience, not a necessity.  There has been no accidents and no deaths that can be attributed to this engineering problem and a lack of pride has never killed least I don't think.

Ben Preston and Beulah Hill are more concerned about fixing the City's inconvenience and leaving a legacy for themselves than fixing a safety problem, which has has and can be attributed to deaths and that is the lighting situation over on Hillsboro and MLK.  

Ben, the legacy that you leave is not an archway by the High School, but the man who let his people "DIE".  The man who was more concerned with appearances than safety, The Man who had no "Pride" and who could care less about the safety of the residents he swore to protect.

Now, the City is holding to and using as an excuse as to why they will not look at using CDBG funding is because they think and "WANT"  FDOT to fix the problem.  FDOT has already stated that they won't even begin any project until 2015, even if a study reveals that it needs to be done.  This study was slated to begin in November of 2012 for possible implementation in 2015, at least that is the info that I received from FDOT.  Through lots of effort and hardwork since October 2011 working with FDOT, a fatality in February 2012, and then finally embarrassing the City Staff and Commissioner Preston into actually taking action, they finally stepped up and joined the residents and in March 2012 the City asked FDOT to perform a full street study analysis, which FDOT says should be concluded by the beginning of June...but who knows when the work will actually begin if any is recommended.

We do know, as of now, that the City of Deerfield Beach has the money to correct part of safety problem for its residents and why they would choose not to, is beyond me.  Waiting for a could be to happen three years from now..while putting our lives at risk is unacceptable.

Now, so both issues are for work that should have been done a long time ago, the DBHS engineering inconvenience for those dropping off their kids and the Hillsboro and MLK 0 lighting which may be attributed to fatalities, accidents, and other.

So, which do you think should be a priority of a City that claims to care about "ALL" it's residents.

The funding is there, but the City Manager, Burgess Hanson, and staff stubbornly want the residents, pedestrians, bicyclist, and motorist who utilize that area at Hillsboro and MLK to do so at their own peril, or at least until 2015 when funding may become available through FDOT to correct the safety issue that should have never been.

How many street corners on major highways and thoroughfares have 0 lights installed.  I mean come-on there are 7 alone at Hillsboro and Federal.

Ben Preston keeps talking about pride at the high school.  What about pride in the fact that YOU fixed a thirty year old problem that could save lives.  We have already lost one Deerfield Beach resident this year in that area, after the City was warned, how many more lives need to be needlessly lost for the City to act.

It is obvious you have the money through CDBG-R funding and/or CDBG funding.  It would be money better spent to protect the safety of the City's actual residents than for promoting pride and fixing an inconvenience for people who are mostly just passing through to drop off their kids to the IB/Magnet High School that just so happens to be in a low-income district eligible for government funding.

The residents safety should come first...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Precautionary Boil Water Notice in City of Deerfield Beach...I Hope Y'all Was Drinking Vodka

Well, remember this little post from Friday, April 20, 2012

City of Deerfield Beach to Residents: Let Them Drink Vodka!!!

How bout this one from Thursday April 26, 2012

City of Deerfield Beach: There May or May Not Be Truth to "There Must Be Something in the Water"

About 10 hours ago, we just received noticed that the City of Deerfield Beach is one of several cities on a "Precautionary Boil Water" notice.  The Sun-Sentinel and many other news media outlets have bombarded the airwaves and blogosphere with the "Boil Water" notice.

As reported by them 

A precautionary boil water notice was issued for parts of Broward County after a potable raw water well tested positive for a fecal indicator, officials said Friday. 
The water plant, which serves Broward County Water and Wastewater Services in Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Lighthouse Point and Coconut Creek detected the fecal indicator, which are microbes that indicate the water could have human or animal waste. 
The well is no longer in service. Officials said additional samples will be taken from the well on Saturday and Sunday and the boil water notice will probably be rescinded on Monday.
Officials said people shouldn't drink the water without boiling it first. It must come to a rolling boil and be boiled for one minute. 
People with severely compromised immune systems, infants or the elderly may be at more of a risk and should consult medical professionals. 
Call 1-800-426-4791 for the EPA's Safe Drinking Water Hotline.
Which can be read, here. 

Maybe these stories are no related to the April 17, 20, 26 post about our water, but it is a little ironic and seems coincidental.

I remember the Observer having an article from the Charles Debrusca about the water problem and telling us about the 2 new water plants that have come on line.

I will continue to drink Vodka and I am now in full support of the City of Deerfield Beach voting to allow it's residents to purchase alcoholic beverages on Sunday before 12pm.  Since I will definately not be drinking City of Deerfield BEach water, even if this was coincidence and not related.  I just don't trust it now.

So, STOLI is my new best friend...

Thank you Charles Debrusca and City of Deerfield Beach.

This is from the City of Deerfield Beach website, though.

Top Stories
Memorial Day
Drinking water warning is ONLY for Broward County water customersONLY Deerfield Beach residents who are serviced by the BROWARD COUNTY water system are under a boil water order.Residents who receive water service from the City of Deerfield Beach DO NOT need to boil their water. If you are unsure who provides your water service, look at your water bill to see if it reads Broward County (WWS) or the City of Deerfield Beach. ONLY customers with bills from  Broward County (WWS) need to boil their water. The City of Deerfield Beach water system is safe and is not under a boil water order. For more information, call 954-831-3061 or 954-831-3250.Broward County Notice
Map of area under Boil Water Order
This information was updated at 9 AM on May 26, 2012. Continue to check this website or for additional updates. 

I will continue to boil any water, even though my bill is from the City of Deerfield Beach, thank you very much.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Chaz Stevens, Husky Boy???

I wonder who's HUSKY, BOY!!!

Chaz leaving the gym...

Oops!  Wrong Chaz...

I just want to issue a public apology to Chaz Bono for confusing him with Deerfield Beach's Chaz Stevens. 

The above Chaz seems to have respect for WOMEN.

This is the real Chaz Stevens...

This Chaz HAS seems to have no respect for WOMEN, Minorities, or anyone but himself.

But what do we expect from someone who repeatedly violated an injunction for protection against domestic violence and was court ordered to continue psychiatric treatment.

Did I mention he has no problem with stretching the truth until there is no semblance of it at all, calls women vulgar names, is an alcoholic and "other abuser", and he is apparently so delusional and out of touch with reality that he doesn't realize he is a "HUSKY BOY".

While you, Chaz, were sitting on your couch contemplating your own brilliance, this "Husky Boy" was on vacation with my friends toasting to you and your cohorts at Deerfield Beach City Hall who give me so much to talk about and fight against.

Oh and I do love a Lovely shade of PINK!

Save me one of those "funny" shirts...

Can I have one that says, "I'm with Sociopath"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Deerfield Beach Housing Authority's Newly Appointed Commissioner May be Involved in a Workplace Discrimination Suit

I heard a nasty rumor that one of the new DBHA Commissioners has some sort of pending litigation against them for possible racial discrimination, harassment in the workplace, and/or basically just plan ol being a douchebag to pregnant women everywhere...

Again this is rumor and has not been confirmed by this site.  Agents are working tirelessly to get the scoop.  Once I have confirmed it...You all will be the first to know.

How did I hear such a nasty rumor?

Well, friends of the "Perspective" were eavesdropping on a private conversation (as they often do) and just so happen to heaa bit of the details, so they rushed me the tidbits...but with no promise of more to come...

I wonder which newly appointed DBHA Commissioner it could be...

Sources tell me that this Commissioner is besties with Chaz Stevens (Go figure...), was appointed to the DBHA BOC by Peggy Noland and is a confirmed known liar...

It has even been said that this person has lied directly and to the face of an elected official.

If this is true, what would stop such a person from lying to an employer, a magistrate, a mediator, or even a judge for that matter.

If this is true, do we want someone like that around those individuals who are in need.  Who is to say said individual would not use their position to take advantage of those very vulnerable individuals at the mercy of the Housing Authority...

I know I personally wouldn't be surprised at anything said individual would do, especially if they have the "balls" to lie directly to the face of an elected official.

As quiet as is kept, if they are friends with a guy (Chaz Stevens) who threw "poo" onto a ladies balcony, fraudulently charged her credit cards from his own business accounts, cyberstalked, cyberbullied, blackmailed, and then now admits that they are an alcoholic and "other" abuser, who is to say that this person, his friend, is any different. 

I am dying to know who it is...I could just spit!!!

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up, please stand up???


I found this little hypocritical nugget on the Broward Beat from Chaz Stevens, himself.

I deleted most of his comment, but I do suggest that everyone go and read them in there entirety, here.

Chaz Stevens says: 

In my life, you are judged by the company you keep.
Perhaps folks are judging the Doc and his wife by the company they keep…
Just a thought.
For the record, I am not a Jew. In fact, I am an atheist.

Do you think he truly meant that...because it is telling between the two of them, Chaz Stevens and Mike Weiss.  The Abuser and the Liar, both seem to have an affinity for being disrespectful to woman.  Guess, they are to afraid to take on people who are not defenseless women.

Four (4) Month Anniversary of the Deerfield Beach Hit and Run Death of Thetus Fleming Jr.

Tomorrow May 17, 2012 will be the 4-month anniversary of the hit and run death of Thetus Fleming Jr. (Lil Thet) near Hillsboro Blvd and Martin Luther King Blvd on February 17, 2012.

Still no arrest and no one has been charged.

R.I.P Lil Thet

I hope those responsible will one day soon, be held accountable for your death.

According to the BSO Pedestrian Fatality report, young David Calderilla-Alcocer was listed as the driver of the 1999 Dodge pickup truck that struck Fleming.

The report goes on to say that after hitting Fleming with his truck, Calderilla-Alcocer drove off, leaving Fleming in the road.  About 30 minutes later, Calderilla-Alcocereturned to the scene.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

City of Deerfield Beach Accepts John Maurice LIES, Without Blinking An Eye Even When Confronted With the Truth...WTF???

Although the City of Deerfield Beach Live feed went out and many people did not get a chance to hear Former Executive Director of the DBHA, Pam Davis, tell the Mayor, City Manager, Commissioners, and the audience that Commissioner John Maurice is a liar.  She clearly stated that she had never, I repeat never, complained to Commissioner John Maurice about anything.

Get Microsoft Silverlight She went further and stated that the Commission needs to stop helping Chaz Stevens with his plots and devices to achieve his clearly stated goal of enacting revenge on her and destroying her.

Not even an hour after she spoke Chaz Stevens was on MAOS alluding that Mrs. Davis could not speak the King's English.

Now, that Mrs. Davis has come all the way from Gainesville to clear the record and we now know that "logically" and obviously to some of us, that Davis did not, would not do the things that DBHA Commissioner John Maurice, Sally Potter, and Mike Weiss claimed.  If they would go to such lengths to lie on Pam Davis just to achieve the nefarious goals of Chaz Stevens and the City of Deerfield Beach Commission what else are they lying about.

Also, point of interest,  Please notice how Pam Davis just advised the Commission that they had been lied to and not a single Commissioner was bothered or seemed the least bit interested in finding out why...

Does anyone else find that odd???

Ben Preston gave a lovely quote in the Pompano Pelican about how, they moved forward without all the facts.  You have a person whose name was thrust about as making these atrocious comments about a Commissioner come and tell you in your face that she did not say anything the DBHA Commissioner John Maurice claimed she did and Preston just moves on with business as usual.

What is going on here???

How do you explain the lost of live feed at this meeting???

Does anyone really care?

The question now becomes, John Maurice as a Commissioner, blatantly, knowingly, and bold-faced lied to an elected body causing the public record to be falsified.

Sally Potter, Mike Weiss also lied and caused the public record to be falsified what are the consequences for any of these individuals or like City Employees who "F" up will go un-punish to ruin the City some more.

What next???

March can't get here fast enough...

Maurice should be a shamed of herself and you wanted to be a NUN...

Now we know we definitely have two liars and a patsy on the DBHA BOC..

Liar Mike Weiss, Liar John Maurice, and Patsy Sally Potter...

I feel bad for those less fortunate folks at the Palms, at Stanley Terrace, and anyone else who is unfortunate enough to have to utilize any service provide by those at the DBHA.

Downhill from here...but we will be watching.

City of Deerfield Beach Commission Meeting Live Feed GOES BLACK???

What the HELL??

City of Deerfield Beach Commission Meeting live feed just went down at 7:12pm.

We got to see the photo ops of the Mayor, but we did not get beyond that.

It is now 7:49 pm and it has been off since that time.

I have emailed the City Clerk, Commissioners, and Mgr to notify them and see what is going on, but nothing.

I hope there is no funny business afoot so they can have Ada change the minutes...  I personally wouldn't put it pass them.

I did see Ganz at the beginning of the meeting after several glances from John Maurice and then a lil visit at the Dias...

Ganz stopped the progress of the meeting to announce that Maurice "mis-spoke" at the last meeting.  She did not mean to say she spoke with 5 DBHA Commissioners, she meant employees.


Will wonders never cease...

I wish I was there in person to hear what Pam Davis, who last meeting John Maurice stated complained to her for months about Caryl Berner's behavior, came to say.

To bad the City Live Meeting Feed has been corrupted and we will probably never know, unless there was a back-up video.

Deerfield Beach's Berner Gate Swings Open and Hits Mayor Peggy Noland and Commissioners, Where the Good Lawd Split em'...

Have you seen the City of Deerfield Beach Commission Agenda for tonight???

If you haven't then I suggest that you check it out here, under "Written Request".

I will just say, because I don't want to ruin your surprise if you have been keeping up with "Berner Gate", is that you may want to tune in or be there in person.

I will just say that three certain members of the DBHA BOC dropped some names to help the City and Chaz Stevens enact their revenge on Caryl Berner and the DBHA and thus take controlling interest in that entity.

Well, those names heard about it...

They requested to speak at tonight's Commission meeting and from what I hear, from those individuals, is that they will be setting the record straight...

From my conversations with people..the little tales told by the "Three Amigos" at the last meeting, were just that "TALES" or should I say FABLES...  

Oh hell, I will just call it what they were...LIES!LIES!LIES!

I am not the least bit shocked though.  

The Three Amigos are tied to possibly the most corrupt and delusional elected officials in Deerfield Beach history and one of the most Notorious Sociopath and Delusional character in the history of his own mind and backyard.

Mike Weiss=Chaz Stevens

Sally Potter=Peggy Noland

John Maurice=Bill Ganz

Must Deerfield Beach Suffer Liars and Fools Much Longer???

Well, I wish I could be there tonight to bear witness to whatever happens and to hear the explanations of these people.

We already know that Mike Weiss has lied to Commissioner Ben Preston's face...when he advised Commissioner Preston, during the appointment process, that he didn't know Chaz Stevens.  But we all know how that turned out...

I wonder why Ben Preston never made a big deal out of that.  I know I hate being lied to.  I guess the letter Joe Langlois wrote about Preston was true...he really doesn't ig for facts...He likes to be spoon fed!!!

2015 is how far out???  Well, although we have to wait a while to get rid of him...we only have to March of next year to get rid of the rest of the bad seeds who have destroyed our City.  Noland, Ganz, Popelsky, Hanson, Klopp, and a host of others that could care less about the City of Deerfield Beach and only care about what they can scalp from it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chaz Stevens Screams Harassment from Local Blogger. Guess He Can Dish It, But Can't Take It *Updated

So after reviewing Mr. Stevens website MAOS and hearing whispers that he emailed several individuals and others in a veiled attempt to warn them or sway them from attending the May 14, 2012 District 2 meeting to inform the public about the controversial "Stand Your Ground" Laws hosted by Terry Scott  and his non-profit organization Community reaching Youth, Inc (c.r.y., Inc.)

I fired off the following email to him:

Have you looked into community reaching youth, INC???  Cry for youth was more likely than not an error.
Knowing you you already know that, but delusions and your drug abuse keep you from printing the truth.
Also, tell your friend Tommy that if he wants to comment on my page to discredit me, as I have done to you so many please have his facts right because I have the court documents and they are on the site and people can read about YOU there. 
Keep attacking Terry...I wish you would take him down...somebody needs to and all the other political pimps like him.
Thank you 
Your friend David Cody 
If you need me to go with you to your AA meetings I will.  I wanna fully support you in your efforts to get clean and sober.
Next, you can look into getting psychiatric help for that little problem of yours that causes you to be a total douchebag or the clinical term, a Sociopath. 
Please note that this is my first and only email to Mr. Stevens

This was his very prompt response:

From: Chaz Stevens <>Date: Wed, May 9, 2012 at 2:42 PM
Subject: Re:
To: David Cody <>
Cc: Wright Tommy <>, "Chief, BSO, Deerfield Beach" <>

I am going to suggest this to you once. 
Never ever ever email me again.  I will consider any further communication from you as harassment. 
Do not reply to this email.  
Leave me alone. 
This message was sent from a mobile device.  Apologies in advance for any typographical and/or grammatical errors.

Looks like he can dish it out, but he can't take it.  

The truth hurts and I have legitimate purposes for contacting him and that is to correct the inaccurate and misleading information that he is disseminating through his website MAOS, on local blog comment sections, and via emails to various individuals.

It's funny that he is the one screaming harrassment after his actions.  As a sociopath I guess he wouldn't see his actions as having any he feels like the victim here.

He may want to change his site from MAOS to DOAS (Delusions of a Sociopath).


As a result of the above post a reader, Caryl Berner (who has been harassed, antagonized, criticized, and chastised, by Mr. Stevens for years) was prompted to email Mr. Stevens.
Funny u should get Pete (Chief Sudler) involved in this. I believe you and Wright (Steven's attorney and sidekick) play good cop, bad cop when it suits you. You went to, if you can't beat them (City of Deerfield Beach), join them. And you want Pete to protect you. You have harassed and bothered people with your posts to a psychotic extent and now you get Pete involved to build up some sort of case against David?  You've talked about your boxing lessons as if to scare off people because you're so strong and scary. Remember when you had an injury trying to learn to box? Like Popelsky is so fond of saying, "A leopard doesn't change it's spots" and you will never be respectable. 
I will be answering Wright's post on David's blog after the City meeting next Tuesday night. It saddens me that there are so many people like you, Wright, Weiss (DBHA BOC), West (US Congressman). I believe you're trying to get back at the world because ***** ********* wouldn't take your crap anymore and rejected you. So now you want to ruin everyone's life that you can. You're a terror, a horror, a bully and a very poor excuse for a human, let alone for a man.
You think you can intimidate everyone away with your bullying. You tell David you consider his email to you HARASSMENT. That is rich. I have to send that to Bob Norman.

This was his prompt response to her:

From: Chaz Stevens <>
Date: May 9, 2012 4:16:35 PM EDT
To: caryl berner(email removed)
Subject: Re: You Can Dish It BUT You Can't Take It

Crawl back under your rock. 

I kicked your ass good. 

No more emails from you either you worthless old bat.  (no soup for you)

Caryl likened his last statement to the "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld.  Which is funny to me because I have consistently called him Joseph Goebbels "Minister of Propaganda" for the Nazi's.

Why any elected official or government entity would listen to this guy is beyond me.

Don't forget his use of the "C" word to refer to Mayor Peggy Noland and then his racial slurs against the former DBHA Executive Director Pamela Davis, not to mention his insistence on attacking predominantly minority cities (Lauderdale Lakes and Delray) and entities.  That is not to say that he shouldn't be looking into these cities, but it is odd that out of all the blatantly obvious corruption in the political arena all around us, he zeros in on these specific city's is a bit coincidental.  

He will say he is an NAACP member, but a donkey with a checkbook or a VISA can join the NAACP as long as their cash is good.

I don't know any humanitarian who uses the language he does to refer to women or minorities.

Maybe I don't know the right "humanitarians"???

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stand Your Ground Law Informational Session in Deerfield Beach on May 14, 2012 *updated

Now, I figured that Mr. Stevens was gonna be upset when I posted about his run in with law.  I was just hoping that he didn't have a relapse and go back to drinking and abusing "other" substances as a result.  I couldn't live with myself if that happened.

So I have been keeping a watchful eye over there on MAOS looking for signs of a relapse and I have to come forward and say.  I think he has!

In the last couple of weeks, it would seem that he has reverted to a state with delusions and a compulsive need to lie.

Typical sociopathic behavior...

1. He posted that Former Mayor Jean Robb was dead.  She isn't!
2. He had his "snaky and oily" lawyer friend, Thomas Wright, Esq. to post comments on my page.  Comments, I might add, that are full of inaccuracies, false accusations, and well dare I say, seem to have come from the mind of delusional and sociopathic child.

Now, 5 minutes after I originally posted this flyer he attacks Terry Scott.  Now, that is another snake I despise, but I can't sit idly by and allow Mr. Stevens to blatantly lie and possibly ruin a chance for my community to have "speakers in the know" to inform us on these controversial "Stand Your Ground" Laws, as proposed by Mr. Scott's event.

According to, Community Reaching Youth, Inc under President Terry D. Scott is an actual entity.  Now, I am not sure if the flyer is inaccurate or if Mr. Scott has changed the name of his organization.  But it would appear that it was a typo (the flyer says CRY for Youth, Inc), but Mr. Stevens having nothing better to do with his time than to attack the black community with lies and misleading information.

The funny thing is, I would love for Mr. Stevens to take on Mr. Scott and all of those political pimps like him.  Let the Government raid their non-profits and dig around, I am sure something will turn up.

The thing with that is...there are a lot of non-profits in Deerfield Beach (Yes, even outside of District 2) and Broward County and not all of them are shells and abusers of that tax status.  Obtaining grants and then utilizing the funding to pay the legal maximum for administrative purposes and then not actually helping the community.  those funds could go to actual productive organizations with actual hands in the community.  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Citizen Clarifies the Palm Beach Judge's Mandate for Timothy "CHAZ' Stevens to Seek Psychiatric Care

Yesterday, I received information documenting Timothy Chaz Stevens psychiatric disfunction, which can be read here.  I promptly posted the information because the public has a right to know what kind of person our elected officials, including U.S. Representative Allen West are listening to and taking advice from.

I received many emails in my inbox, many of them from individuals looking to support and help walk Mr. Stevens through his 12 STEPS to Sobriety and Sanity. 

But, I received one which sparked my interest and attempts to clarify the legal "jargon" from the court document detailing the outcome and conditions of Chaz's run-in with the law.

Just what I suspected all along.

Look carefully at the form.  About 1/5 of the way down, last typed line before the written part - "Defendant to plead guilty. Sentence to be passed if defendant returns with proof of"....laundry list.
This was a deferred disposition- the form was started by the state's attorney's office (the filled in typed parts) and the rest haggled written and filled in, and/or added by the judge, when Chaz went to court and plead guilty on that date.
Acceptance of the plea of guilt was witheld by the court, provided Chaz did all the prescribed stuff, which he apparently successfully did, and the plea was never entered. 
This is common with 1st time offenders, to give people who made a mistake and learnfrom it  an opportunity to mend their ways and not have a criminal record of the conviction.   
This case was probably a little grosser than some 1st offenses, so getting deferred disposition--even with the psych evaluation, was a nice piece of work by Wright.
But, deferred disposition doesnt change the fact that Chaz Plead Guilty and admitted the allegations, right there on the disposition form.   
Signed, sealed and delivered.

Now, if that is the case it seems funny that Chaz over on MAOS indicated that these allegations were all rumor and lies.  Yet, he complied with the Judges order so the adjudication could be withheld.

I guess Chaz's public pronouncement that his conforming to the Judge's order was "LIES"...

I think he not only needs AA, but needs to return to psychiatric treatment for professional counseling for his delusions.

Dr. Alvarez do you have any appointments available for your old friend Timothy Chaz Stevens.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Proof of Chaz Steven's Psychiatric Disfunction: A Court Ordered Evaluation

This just in...

Click to Enlarge
It appears that Chaz Stevens was court ordered to see a psychiatrist.

When Caryl Berner bought that piece of information to light last night at her inquisition at the hands of the City of Deerfield Beach Mayor and Commissioners, I was jumping at the bit to see if she was telling the truth.

Guess what she was...

I wonder if he ever completed the treatment because it would seem that either he never completed it and got better or he needs to continue to seek treatment.

Again, I extend my support to him, if he should endeavor to seek the professional help he so desperately needs.  

Maybe the doctor could prescribe a pill that would help him get back in touch with reality and realize that his actions have consequences and the Earth does not revolve around him and his delusions.

I wonder if his friends knew of his court ordered psychiatric treatment.

Do you think Mike Weiss knew?
(Does anyone else remember Commissioner Ben Preston advising the public at Weiss's appointment that he personally spoke to Weiss and Weiss advised him that he didn't know Chaz Stevens.  If good ol' boy Mike Weiss lies about his associations, what else is he lying about.)
Click to Enlarge, 
So now the question becomes...why is he taking his marching orders from someone who was not only court-ordered to seek psychiatric help, but also an admitted alcoholic and "other" abuser.

Better yet, why is City of Deerfield Beach Mayor Peggy Noland.

One can only imagine...

So, in my search for the documents corroborating Berner's statements...

I found another jewel, which Caryl mentioned and provided proof to back-up her statements, unlike the Three Amigos, Weiss, Potter, and Maurice, from her inquisition last night.

Click to Enlarge
Apparently Weiss, sent an email to another DBHA BOC commissioner...I just hope that Emery didn't respond because if he did...that could be a violation of the Sunshine Law. 

Weiss, in his email to DBHA BOC Chairman Keith Emery he actually advises the Chairmen that they "both... do what is right" and resign.  

Make sure you read the comments section...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

City of Deerfield Beach Burns Berner in Witchhunt.

All rumor, all conjecture, and nothing to substantiate any of the claims made against Caryl Berner and somehow the City Commission voted 4-1 to remove Caryl Berner.

The three newly appointed DBHA Commissioners Weiss, Potter, and Maurice (all appointed by Noland, who has tried to remove Caryl twice) came to the podium and spewed their testimony all of which had no substantiation, no witnesses, and no value.  Notice that no other Commissioners or the Chairmen showed up.  If Caryl was such a burden and such a problem why did no one except the same Noland Klan show up to give testimony.

Caryl Berner took the podium and advised of her accomplishments on the Housing Authority, which were many.  She responded to the claims against her and it would seem that she worked and accomplished much in her two years...

Caryl joked that she should move to District 2 and run for Commissioner Prestons seat that will be up for grabs in 2015...She'd get my vote if it was between the two of them.

Why Commissioner Maurice would think it is not her place to see a problem and bring it to the attention of staff is beyond me.  What is wrong with her??  

I guess, like City Staff, no one attached to the City of Deerfield Beach should do their jobs when it comes to the residents, unless you live in District 4 or Deer Creek...

Hell, even the people at the beach are having problems that the City just don't seem to want to work and correct...  Go figure!!!

I feel so bad for that poor women who complained, again, about the noise pollution, only to have Noland try and cross-examine her on how long she has been at her address.  The nerve of Mayor Peggy Noland...

Why did Joe Miller not step in, that is his District (1)...Does he not care, either?

Apparently, as I have always lamented that the current City of Deerfield Beach Commissioners and Mayor don't want anyone on a City board that actually cares about the residents.  Which from Caryl's testimony she is one who cares...

Caryl walked out of the Commission Meeting, rightfully so, knowing that the DIAS has already decided to burn her.

Popelsky was upset that she didn't stay and listen to the planned and practiced attacks of her.

It is ridiculous that this is allowed to happen.

I wonder who they will appoint her in her place.  

WTG Caryl, for standing up for yourself against those tyrants on the Commission and those puppets on the DBHA BOC.


Why would Pam Davis or Mr. Bennett complain to Joan Maurice, instead of the other 2 seasoned Commissioners or the Chairmen himself???

Joan Maurice, Mike Weiss, and Sally Potter broke the DBHA rules, just as they claimed Berner did...Peggy are you going to remove them too...

Caryl, MUAHHHHHH from Canada!!!  Wish I was there to support you.  

Oh and by the way...I will be watching for those individuals who did not make the deadline for the Section 8 and if any of them end up with Section me...I will be all over it ;)

To take a page from Caryl herself
"if you haven't been called a troublemaker, you haven't lived"  WINSTON CHURCHILL

A Dedication to Caryl Berner Before Her Inquisition at the DAIS of the City of Deerfield Beach

So tonight is the big night...

The City of Deerfield Beach will be attempting to light the political pyre on the DBHA career of Caryl Berner for some trumped up charges that are baseless and senseless.

The Mayor and the Commissioners shouldn't be wasting our time and taxpayer dollars on these purely politicized whims of fancy for Chaz Stevens and Mayor Peggy Noland.  It's all political and has nothing to do with serving the interest of the public, it has everything to do with serving the political agenda of a few elitist individuals who would rather sale our City to developers and special interest groups and raid our City's coffers to supplicate the wants of upper management and Peggy Noland's Klan.

If the Commissioners, Mayor Peggy Noland, City Manager and his hand-picked rag-tag group of misfits had any interest in serving the "public interest" they would not have pursued this course of action and many others like it that they have perpetrated on the residents of Deerfield Beach in the last two (2) years.

Concentrate on the $1.65 Million Dollar FEMA repayment due to Staff inefficiency and error (if I am not mistaken Burgess was Assistant to the City Manager when these errors occurred), concentrate on the Department of Health Mandated public notice of possibly hazardous drinking water because it was not properly tested for possibly years and finding out who is responsible (Charles DeBrusco and Burgess Hanson) and making sure it doesn't happen again, concentrate on pedestrian/bicyclist/motorist safety in District 2 and the entire City of Deerfield Beach (the roadways are getting DEADLY), , and concentrate on the massive laundry list of real problems in our City.  Focus on fixing those, instead of writing editorials full of mis-leading information and blatant lies, focus on saving our City money by moving the March elections to November to coincide with the General Elections, focus on making our City's government transparent and providing our public with the truth, instead of always misleading us to serve your own nefarious purposes and the concealing of your own misdeeds that end up costing the taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars.  It it obvious that it wasn't Poitier's, Gonot's, or even the Capallini's of the City that cause the problems because they haven't been there for a couple years now...but a Noland has, a Ganz has, a Popelsky has, and even a Hanson has and the same problems and worse continue to plague our once fair and resident friendly community of Deerfield Beach.

Chaz Stevens, Bill Ganz, Marty Popelsky and the Queen of Hypocrisy, Nepotism, and Inefficiency herself Peggy Noland, all of whom should never point a single finger at anyone, especially anyone who is trying to do their best to make their community and the City better.  A task, mind you, that none of them have attempted let alone acheived.

So to Caryl, since I understand your plight and have been going through it with you in my own plight with the City of Deerfield Beach Commissioners, Mayor, City Manager and certain Staff and the hypocrisy and injustice, I dedicate this song to you, me, and all the other fighters for the residents of our fair City...

So, even if they succeed tonight in their vengeful and spiteful vendetta against you.

You hold your head up high...I have talked with many of the people that truly matter...which are the residents of the DBHA and they appreciate everything that you have done and tried to do.

I know that you will keep on fighting for the residents of the DBHA, Century Village, District 2, and the City of Deerfield Beach.  

You may be misunderstood by many, under-appreciated by some, dogged by others, but you will be remembered for your works by those that truly matter and care for the City of Deerfield Beach and it's residents.

The opinions of those idle-brained, selfish, and egotistical few who control the City and who are pulling the strings right now, will not matter in the long run.  Just remember, ELECTIONS are coming up really soon and the voting public will be heard and a change is going to come.