Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stand Your Ground Law Informational Session in Deerfield Beach on May 14, 2012 *updated

Now, I figured that Mr. Stevens was gonna be upset when I posted about his run in with law.  I was just hoping that he didn't have a relapse and go back to drinking and abusing "other" substances as a result.  I couldn't live with myself if that happened.

So I have been keeping a watchful eye over there on MAOS looking for signs of a relapse and I have to come forward and say.  I think he has!

In the last couple of weeks, it would seem that he has reverted to a state with delusions and a compulsive need to lie.

Typical sociopathic behavior...

1. He posted that Former Mayor Jean Robb was dead.  She isn't!
2. He had his "snaky and oily" lawyer friend, Thomas Wright, Esq. to post comments on my page.  Comments, I might add, that are full of inaccuracies, false accusations, and well dare I say, seem to have come from the mind of delusional and sociopathic child.

Now, 5 minutes after I originally posted this flyer he attacks Terry Scott.  Now, that is another snake I despise, but I can't sit idly by and allow Mr. Stevens to blatantly lie and possibly ruin a chance for my community to have "speakers in the know" to inform us on these controversial "Stand Your Ground" Laws, as proposed by Mr. Scott's event.

According to, Community Reaching Youth, Inc under President Terry D. Scott is an actual entity.  Now, I am not sure if the flyer is inaccurate or if Mr. Scott has changed the name of his organization.  But it would appear that it was a typo (the flyer says CRY for Youth, Inc), but Mr. Stevens having nothing better to do with his time than to attack the black community with lies and misleading information.

The funny thing is, I would love for Mr. Stevens to take on Mr. Scott and all of those political pimps like him.  Let the Government raid their non-profits and dig around, I am sure something will turn up.

The thing with that is...there are a lot of non-profits in Deerfield Beach (Yes, even outside of District 2) and Broward County and not all of them are shells and abusers of that tax status.  Obtaining grants and then utilizing the funding to pay the legal maximum for administrative purposes and then not actually helping the community.  those funds could go to actual productive organizations with actual hands in the community.  

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