Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Proof of Chaz Steven's Psychiatric Disfunction: A Court Ordered Evaluation

This just in...

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It appears that Chaz Stevens was court ordered to see a psychiatrist.

When Caryl Berner bought that piece of information to light last night at her inquisition at the hands of the City of Deerfield Beach Mayor and Commissioners, I was jumping at the bit to see if she was telling the truth.

Guess what she was...

I wonder if he ever completed the treatment because it would seem that either he never completed it and got better or he needs to continue to seek treatment.

Again, I extend my support to him, if he should endeavor to seek the professional help he so desperately needs.  

Maybe the doctor could prescribe a pill that would help him get back in touch with reality and realize that his actions have consequences and the Earth does not revolve around him and his delusions.

I wonder if his friends knew of his court ordered psychiatric treatment.

Do you think Mike Weiss knew?
(Does anyone else remember Commissioner Ben Preston advising the public at Weiss's appointment that he personally spoke to Weiss and Weiss advised him that he didn't know Chaz Stevens.  If good ol' boy Mike Weiss lies about his associations, what else is he lying about.)
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So now the question becomes...why is he taking his marching orders from someone who was not only court-ordered to seek psychiatric help, but also an admitted alcoholic and "other" abuser.

Better yet, why is City of Deerfield Beach Mayor Peggy Noland.

One can only imagine...

So, in my search for the documents corroborating Berner's statements...

I found another jewel, which Caryl mentioned and provided proof to back-up her statements, unlike the Three Amigos, Weiss, Potter, and Maurice, from her inquisition last night.

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Apparently Weiss, sent an email to another DBHA BOC commissioner...I just hope that Emery didn't respond because if he did...that could be a violation of the Sunshine Law. 

Weiss, in his email to DBHA BOC Chairman Keith Emery he actually advises the Chairmen that they "both... do what is right" and resign.  

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  1. David~

    Over Mr. Stevens objections, I decided to comment on this piece. (He didn't believe it was worthy of a comment). Normally I wouldn't write in response to such silliness, but I figured the piece at least deserved corrections of facts - for once. Additionally, I never see any comments to your posts, so I figured - it's about time.

    #1.Attorney Michael Silver (the attorney that signed the form) represented Mr. Stevens, not Mr. Wright. That's part of the Court record.

    #2 Mr. Stevens was not Court Ordered to seek psychiatric treatment unless he violated the terms of his agreement which is clearly indicated in the agreement itself - it's called a "downside"- meaning if you fail to do what you have agreed to do with the Court, this is what you are facing as a penalty.

    #3. Every person, innocent or not, must plea Guilty or Nolo Contendre in order to take advantage of plea agreements - it's the way the system works and it happens thousands of times, every day, in every Court in the country. Sometimes its due to financial issues, other times because it is one of the few ways to have a guaranteed result in Court which offers a defendant piece of mind. In either event, plea agreements often have little or no bearing on the actual guilt or innocence of a person. In this instance, Mr. Steven's was subjected to a legally improper restraining order issued by retired Judge Vonhoff, who, although well-liked, was notorious for granting restraining orders devoid of the required evidence. Numerous prior allegations by the same woman were thrown out of Court for being frivolous and without merit. Following repeated attempts, and despite the lack of evidence, Mr. Stevens's ex-fiance was able to secure a restraining order. At the time he had neither the desire, energy, or funds to have the matter reversed on appeal as the Restraining Order would have expired by that time anyway.

    #4 As much as this might frustrate you, Mr. Stevens, who was seeking counseling of his own accord as a result of his prior relationship with the ex-fiance, successfully sued her for destroying his business and disposing/converting tens of thousands of dollars of personal property and artwork. He was also given a spotless evaluation by his counselor which is part of the the Court file. It seems strange that you would infer that he is psychologically imbalanced when the Court record shows the exact opposite. Responsible, professional, journalism would normally require disclosing these facts in an objective manner. I repeat, "responsible, professional journalism."

    Not unlike politics in general, I suppose it is the job of every biased journalist or blogger to twist limited facts to suit their own goals so long as they don't deliberately lie. One would hope that grass roots journalists aspire to be a bit more honest than some of the larger "machines" that are often driven by power players and lobbyists, but that remains to be seen. I suppose you can try to tear the guy down and make him look like a villain if you believe it will somehow accomplish a goal greater than slinging mud pies; it doesn't change the fact that investigatory agencies that are far more intelligent and better equipped than any of us find merit in his accusations as they are supported by documented evidence - the same type of actual evidence that caused Ms. Poitier to be convicted by a jury, not Mr. Stevens.

    Without question, Mr. Stevens has his share of enemies, including yourself, but it would appear that everyone forgets that it is the state attorney's office, an independent state agency, that makes the decision after independent and thorough investigations, to bring criminal charges. Your pieces would suggest that Mr. Stevens omniscient and megalomaniac abilities somehow enable him to use jedi mind tricks on these agencies and individuals. If he is truly that powerful, you would think that he could use the same mind trick on you to write an accurate piece.

    1. Mr. Wright, (Lawyer for Chaz Stevens in intimidation letters and cease and desist letters)

      The fact that you started off with advising me that Chaz objected to you posting comments on this post...shows me that Chaz told you too. Just so you and he knows, I was LMAO when I read that bit. I also find it funny that you made a Star Wars reference here today and so does he in his post about Former Mayor Jean Robb being dead. She isn't!

      BTW, Chaz would be more SITH than JEDI. Like Jabba the Hutt, mind tricks don't work on me. Yeah, I like Star Wars, too...

      My statements do not infer anything, Mr. Stevens own comments and statements from his own blog and many others clearly DEMON-strate that.

      So it seems to me that you are saying that Chaz Stevens accepted a plea deal for a crime he didn't commit..doesn't sound like the Chaz I have come to know from his MAOS site. Plus, the fact that the order clearly states that he agrees to continue treatment with Dr. Alvarez at least 1x a month...

      I clearly stated that it would seem that he never got better or needs to continue. I have on other post that he is clearly a SOCIOPATH. Which has nothing to do with what the court case...The judges order in this "plea agreement" clearly the judge thought that there was a possibility from Mr. Stevens actions that he needed to seek just so happened that he was already in counseling...which doesn't say much accept that while in counseling Mr. Stevens committed these crimes that he was arrested for, unless the police officer was not telling the truth in his filed report which is also in the court documents.

      Any subsequent lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, the court documents-in her words clearly show that she never accepted his ring (so she was not his fiancee as you keep insisting, a clear delusion of Steven's and yours) is not part of this case, so why would I mention it.

      I love the fact that you state there are inaccuracies in this post..even going as far as to blame the judge for issuing what was a MUTUAL restraining order between your friend Mr. Stevens and his ex-fiance that your friend Mr. Stevens violated...the police confirmed that by arresting your friend Mr. Stevens...

      Damn, he even has you blaming others for his actions...Tommy are you a SOCIOPATH too...Birds of a feather, eh!

      You know what..your comments here...although well-written (and very telling) don't even deserve a further response from me justifying my post and I will however, leave them here so people can read them, unlike what your friend does on his site by deleting comments that are contrary to his agenda. I have no agenda here, but to demonstrate that your SOCIOPATHIC friend, the self-proclaimed GENIUS, is a compulsive liar. The fact that any agency listens to him baffles me. After filing over 26 complaints they arrested and criminally charged Sylvia with violating what amounts to an appearance of a possible ethics top it all off that same agency you speak of...investigated Stacy ritter, who actually benefited and actually admitted to her violation costing the taxpayers money to the Ethics Commission, while pursuing a criminal case where the States on witnesses proved that Sylvia's brother didn't stand to gain any special interest in the case..yet that jury found her guilty..LAUGHABLE and makes me Wonder about the justice system, well not the justice system, but the SAO. ELECTIONS are coming up..might be time for a change.

      On my blog the proof is in the pudding and people who read this post and all the others can view the same information that I viewed (because unlike your Sociopathic friend Chaz Stevens, I post the actual documents and the proof) and make up their own minds.

      Your comments and justification only prove to me that Chaz is connected and somebody doesn't want to ruin his very lucrative position as an ATTACK DOG and character assassin for-hire for governmental agencies and elected officials


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