Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bill Ganz, Deerfield Beach City Commissioner, a Megalomaniac States Volunteer Fire Fighters Risk Lives...

Oh and before anybody else tells you let me be the first to say that.

While at the budget Workshop and I called Ganz out on the Fire Department and the fact that Plantation, which let's be honest is an affluent, well to do community.  Filled with Lawyers, Doctors, and Business people whose property values exceed ours and so I asked him and Chief Braccato if these people are and have been okay with a full volunteer Fire Department and 68 paid career EMT's in their City which has a higher population density and a higher land area, why does Ganz state that "volees" (volunteers) are a danger to the people.  He went on to pontificate and blow smoke up everyones arse that he will not look at risking a life to save a dollar.  But he will fire someone in what he considers a lesser department b/c they don't have a degree or other nonsense, basically ruining their life.  Some of these people could not get jobs, to provide for themselves or theifamilies.  So he might as well have killed them.  

The point is if you want to be fiscally responsible then you have to look at all the areas for cost savings, if restructuring the fire department (which obviously BSO will be doing once this merger is complete by getting rid of about 25 positions) to save a few sheckles then so be it.  Especially since there are models out there that work in (dare I say it) better City's than ours...then who are we not to try.  Choosing the Firefighters and their pensions over the livelihoods of our residents, is despicable.  Ganz and his Boy Pal Burgess Hanson hold to that and that is not right.  Peggy has this City so brainwashed about the DBFD that no one dares question them.  Well, I don't need your money, so I can speak out, not against you, but for fiscal responsibility.  Let's stop wagering the City's budget on the possibility that other models of Fire Departments won't work in Deerfield.  Compare them and let's see, you spend money on everything else for cost savings why not that, what are you people so afraid of.  It's sickening to think what you have done to this City in just over 2 months.  If you people stay in office any longer, I hate to even think about it.  It's so scary what they have done that they have the employees in the General Employee Union (many from District 2) so scared to speak out on that from fear of losing their jobs that it is ridiculous and then  others going around telling them that somehow this is good.  This is not good! When will it end?

WOW!  Well played fellas.

Oh and Peggy, you might wanna be careful because it obvious at least to me that Ganz is now trying to blame the state of the City on you and the past Commissioners, instead of taking responsibility that he helped in this fiscal irresponsibility  that was perpertuated by these seated Commissioners.  They may not have caused the initial downward spiral, but they didn't act responsibly to keep us from going further down.  Stopping the Mango festival a year ago and not funding special events obviously didn't stop the shortfall.  Some reason we are still having financial problems, it's indicative that it may not have been just the Mango, Deetjen, Mahaney, or the DBHA, as some would have us believe.  It's the Commissioners, plain and simple.  They are irresponsible and self-entitled, megalomaniacs.  Peggy, Ganz, and Popelsky...It is obvious that is the case if Tuesday nights meeting did nothing else it showed that.   

Ganz even had the gull to tell me to call him Commissioner Ganz, I let him know right then...He lost my respect on May 17 when he, while showboating and grandstanding as he is so accustomed to doing on the DIAS ONLY, begin his crusade to label me a pedophile.  I am not Cassandra Moye and I am not a deviant like Chaz Stevens, you can't fire me, hire me and then lay me off and I do not owe you anything.  I didn't vote for you, I will not vote for you.  You aren't a Commissioner to me, you are a self-entitled, megalomaniac who is trying to assert some authority while he can on his job against defenseless women, the elderly, and the residents and I want everyone to notice that he always makes sure that the public section is closed, so he can get the last word.  Try that at HOME, buddy!  Having the last word at a meeting does not make you right, it just means you were the last one to say something.

Just a note:  Plantation ISO (which is 2) score is comparable with Deerfield Beach (which is also 2o, so there Volees must be doing a bang up job over there.  Especially since they are 1/3 the cost (under $9,000,000 what we are and getting the same exact service with a possibly higher call volume and rescue time. 

Oh, and I also want to point out that the Public was not allowed to speak while oR ask questions while pResentations were going on, only the Commissioners have that right.  So we could not ask for clarification or ask about other options.  At the beginning of the meeting the City Manager indicated that the public at the end can comment, but no questions would be answered.  So again without a representative on the DAIS how do get our voices heard and or votes counted.  Seems even at the "public workshops" we are denied full access to the political process.

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