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City of Deerfield Beach: There May or May Not Be Truth to "There Must Be Something in the Water"

Chaz Stevens, in his efforts to mock and belittle many residents of District 2 and the City of Deerfield Beach, has often mentioned that it "must be something in the water".  

Who knew that he could possibly be right...

Well as it turns out that Charles DeBrusco, City of Deerfield Beach Director of Environmental Services, knew and according to him in a front page article in the April 26, 2012 Observer entitled "About Your Drinking Water" the City of Deerfield Beach had levels of dangerous chemicals "below the maximum contaminent levels mandated by the Federal and State Government".

You may have already read my post from April 20, 2012 entitled "City of Deerfield Beach to residents: Let Them drink Vodka", which can read here, where I spotlighted the small public notice in the April 17, 2012 Sun-Sentinel from the City of Deerfield Beach advising of missed water contamination test dates and information on our City's recently and newly tested water.

The problem was and is that many people didn't "NOTICE" the public notice...

How Deerfield, right???

Well, in this new article by Diane Emmeott editor of David Eller's Observer, DeBrusco advises the public that this "oversight" was actually not the City's fault.  Apparently, according to DeBrusco, the company that actually does the testing of the water supply "on a regular basis", somehow "didn't send us (City of Deerfield Beach) the appropriate bottles".

Comeon really, Charles?  You couldn't come up with anything better than that...

Hell, even you usually have better excuses than that for your ineptitude!!!

Like, when you hindered FDOT from installing pedestrian safety measures at Hillsboro and MLK and then you and Ben tried to reason it out by stating that you didn't feel right about them looking at that area arbitrarily. 

Now that was a good one...

Hopefully, nobody dies from this one...but with our City`s drinking water going untested according to Federal and State guidelines last year only time will tell.

You are really piling up the bodies aren't you???  

The one good thing about the Preston/DeBrusco "Hillsboro and MLK Debacle" is that finally after thirty years of fighting with the City and most recently 6-7 months ago (when RESIDENTS, not Commissioner Preston, again begged the City and FDOT for pedestrian safety measures in District 2) that dangerous stretch of highway from Natura to Dixie on Hillsboro will have a full traffic study done by FDOT.

Charles you've really been a one man wrecking crew in the City of Deerfield Beach.  Haven't you?

Well, that is not true. You have had much help in the degradation of our once fair City...Burgess Hanson, Keven Klopp and the seated Commissioners and Mayor.

I have heard rumor that this slip-up was nothing more than the result of cost saving measures put in place by DeBrusco under the directive of City Manager, Burgess Hanson.

Is that true, Charles???

Now, why would the City "risk our lives" by tampering with the testing protocols and safety measures that are in place to ensure that the City maintains it's high quality of drinking water.  This blogger can't answer that question, but maybe instead of the Mayor spending her time listening to the childish complaints of some "SPECIAL" DBHA Commissioners regarding Caryl Berner and their vindictive quest to boot her from the DBHA Board and spend Tuesday Night May 1, 2012 asking the real relevant questions like how the HELL did this happen.  Deerfield used to have the best water in Broward County and yet it has slowly but surely gone to hell in a hand-basket under this Commission and this City Manager.  

You may have noticed that it has increasingly gotten worse and now come to find out that the City wasn't even testing it properly...then to hear DeBrusco give another excuse and try to rationalize that it is not mandated to be tested each does that mean that the City lets the quality go to $HIT and then when it comes time to test they fix it??? Well, if you have tasted the tap water in Deerfield Beach over the last, let us just say, 4 years then you might conclude that is true.

Anyway, am I the only one who notices that this Commission and this City Manager along with his , highly educated and highly paid staff have more excuses for their errors than the world has a--holes.  The only problem with that is that comparatively they are ALL full of $hit...and they are spending our tax dollars to clean up the many many messes that they are making and have been making for quite some time now.

Has anyone heard about the $1.65 MILLION Dollar re-payment to FEMA, which is the result of the Home Sec OIG Audit of the City's receipt of FEMA dollars, which resulted in an almost $4 Million dollar repayment suggestion from the OIG against the City of Deerfield Beach...maybe not because unlike the almost $4 Hundred Thousand repayment to HUD after the OIG came to town, which the City used to publicly humiliate and oust Sylvia Poitier from the dias...they have been all but quiet about it.  According to Ben Preston, the City is still disputing the recent FEMA repayment, which can be read the same manner Burgess Hanson did back in 2010-2011 with the HUD OIG repayment, which was also highly publicized in the news and at Commission meetings.  I wonder why the silence on this particular OIG Audit and repayment.  Is after all only a couple MILLION dollars as opposed to a few hundred thousand.  Guess with no Sylvia or Gloria to point the finger at the City is all but Deaf and DUMB when it comes to this.  Oh well...Guess they aren't sincere when they keep saying the "public has a right to know".

Is anyone else concerned that they proudly proclaim this in the media and from the dias, only after someone else breaks the news and they are providing an EXCUSE SPIN FABLE "explanation" of what supposedly actually happened to pacify clarify to the commission meeting audience and the 25 or so actually concerned and politically active citizens in our City.

This untested and possibly contaminated water situation and subsequent "explanation" is just the latest in a long line of MISsteps, MISmanagements, MISunderstandings, MISinterpretation, MISguided actions, MISinformation, MIS-uses of funds in the last few years under the directive of MISS Madame Mayor Peggy Noland, MISter Ganz, MISter Hanson, MISter Popelsky, MISter Miller, MISter Preston and MISter DeBrusco.

Hopefully, on May 1, 2012, at the next City Commission meeting this ragtag bunch of MISfits don't miss this great opportunity to bring forward the idea of rescheduling March elections to November.  Our City obviously can't afford to miss this opportunity to save money and fall in line like many other City's in Broward has done.  Instead of worrying about the repeal of a "blue law" and allowing Miss Madame Mayor the opportunity to purchase her booze in Deerfield Beach before 12pm on Sunday's, maybe they should be putting their little brains together and focusing on finally doing some good in our City that benefits the whole City and not just a couple businesses, a Mayor and her family and GANZ.

Hey, Diane why aren't you writing about that!!!

Oh yes, the roasters are coming home to roost...

So cock-a-doodle doo mutha------s...

Take a shot of last year's water supply...go ahead drink up!!!

*Please note that the public notice concerning the possibly contaminated drinking water did not appear in Deerfield Beach's own paper David Eller's Observer and it did not appear in the Pompano Pelican.  Both papers usually have announcements, editorials, and such from the City of Deerfield Beach when it wants to notify its residents of information.  Why not now???

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