Friday, April 6, 2012

Mike Weiss Crying to Commission He Can't Get Along With Co-Worker...Grow Up says Commissioner Ben Preston.

Chaz Stevens, his henchman Mike Weiss, and others are now trying to blame Caryl Berner for Ms. Hobbs, Interim Director of the DBHA, for taking an indefinite leave of absence...

I would really love to see that doctors note...

Please excuse me from work,  Caryl Berner is getting on my nerves...

That is hilarious!  Has anybody actually talked to Ms. Hobbs to verify Stevens claims...or are they doing like Peggy Noland did when she originally appointed Stevens to the Housing Board back on April 20, 2010...we got this application, so I have to bring it forward...a face value appointment or a deal with the devil, which can be read here.

Basically no research or anything..and look how that turned out...

Now, Noland at the behest of Stevens is trying to boot Caryl Berner, the only Commissioner that does care about the people, from the board.  Just because she won't fall in line with their agenda.  Just because she won't be a "YES" man on the board like others...but I won't name names because you already know who you are.

Ben Preston was the only Commissioner up there at the April 3, 2012 making any sense...the DBHA Commissioners are adults and should learn how to get along.  I am sure by the next meeting they will have sucked out his brains, AGAIN, and he will have fallen in line with their will...just like always...

God, I long for an independent Commissioner who actually had the residents best interest in mind...

Anyway, how often do you actually work with someone that you see eye to eye with 100% of the time.  Adults learn to compromise and work out their problems.

The reason for the DBHA having a Commission, at least I thought, was so that different points of view could be raised and issues discussed and then decisions made, which I am sure that after healthy debate all involved conform to the majorities decision.  Do we really want a board where no discussion takes place, no dissenting opinions, that they just follow the lead of  one mindset no matter wrong or right...we already have that on the Dais..and we see how that has worked out for the people and the residents...I am not even gonna put my two cents in about them. 

Do we really want the board whose job it is to oversee the less fortunate of us to be run by one mindset...the mindset of the elitist few that have no idea what the less fortunate go through or want...not because they aren't telling them..but because they don't care.  

They were put there to do a job, apparently from their actions that job has nothing to do with caring for the people...IJS

Mike Weiss and another Commissioner are whining and complaining to the Mayor and Commission, like little children.  

Now is that what we want on the if one of those less fortunate residents don't behave in a manner that Weiss and company like are they gonna complain to get said person kicked off housing, too...

My question is...if Caryl is such a nuisance why isn't the chairman of the board Keith Emery composing these letters on behalf of the board...because a vote was taking.

Why was there not 6 letters from all of the Commissioners..many of whom have worked with Caryl a lot longer than Weiss...outside of Stevens who has been working against the DBHA from the day he forced his way onto that board via Mayor Peggy Noland's questionable judgement

Oh because no vote was taken and a couple of children are acting out..

booo, hooooo, hoooo

Don't cry, dry your eye 

Stevens and Weiss...Grow the Hell UP!!!  You can't have your way all the time...

You state that Caryl is trying to manage the day-to-day operations of the DBHA but isn't that exactly what you are doing by over stepping the DBHA Commissions Chairman and running and telling Noland.

Caryl asked for office space, Caryl asked for shirts, Caryl is the only one of you actually doing their jobs.

Now I have mentioned it before...the Commission and Stevens don't want anyone to have power that actually cares about the residents. 

Caryl cares and so Caryl's got to go...

Soon, they'll have BSO up reading a speech saying Caryl is trying to start a race riot or better yet. Sudler will just email the District 2 Pastors and tell ask them to help to get rid of Caryl...and they'll do it if they want what he promised them last year at the quarterly breakfast.

So, before we all lose our heads here..I think this sets a bad precedent for that board and one has to ask why is the Mayor stepping in for the third time against Caryl Berner because of conjecture, rumor, and requests made not by the Board Chairman, but Weiss a newly appointed puppet who is only there to do the dirty work of Chaz Stevens and who could careless about the less fortunate people who is sworn to serve.  If you cared you'd be like Caryl and would do more than just attend the monthly meetings you would be out meeting the she does.  You would be listening to them and not just letting Stevens pull your strings like the modern day Geppetto, which makes you Pinocchio.

Consider me your Jiminy Cricket and take this advice...when you are finally honest with yourself and the people of Deerfield Beach..maybe then you'll actually turn into a real boy and grow the hell up.

WTG, Ben Preston for advising them also to grow up!  

Oh Ben the fact that you spend time with someone who would post a picture of  fallice on their website, who would block people from accessing their site by routing them to a site where possible male octagenerians are performing fellatio on each other, who would call a woman the "C" word and use racially motivated language to refer to anyone is beyond me.  A man who continuously utilizes conjecture and lies to degrade people, entities, and cities, with no proof.  A man who would ask BSO to taze someone and count to 12 in German (I wonder what he was implying).  That's your pal, though!!!

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