Wednesday, December 14, 2011

City of Deerfield Beach Mayor Peggy Noland's Possible Deal With the Devil and an Ethics Code Violation

So in thinking back on the events of the year, one event stuck out in my mind and that was when Deerfield Beach Mayor Peggy Noland, chose to appoint Chaz Stevens to the DBHA Commission.  Now, after the appointment choice was publicly denounced (thank God) and Noland had no choice, but to rescind her "deal with the devil", she chose to go after Caryl Berner in an obviously politically motivated attack.

The Mayor chose to speak against Ms. Berner for an off-hand comment that some individuals insist she made following a DBHA Commission meeting that Noland attended.  Ms. Berner stated, "We should get rid of that one (referencing the ouster of Mayor Peggy Noland)".  Ms. Berner made her comment in response to Chaz Steven's accusation that the DBHA deals in nepotism, which the Mayor bought into without any evidence of wrongdoing and on the sole word of one Chaz Stevens.  If Ms. Berner did indeed make that particular comment regarding Noland and nepotism, then her comment is spot on relating to a public body dealing in nepotism giving the fact that Peggy's husband, son, and daughter all work for the City of Deerfield Beach, where she has been a mainstay as an elected official for most of the last 20 years, which for the most part has not been without controversy, scandal, and the occasional "lapse" of ethical judgement when it came down to voting for lavish raises for the Fire Department (of whom members of her own household was and are employees), but no official charges have ever been brought against her.

Now, Peggy, in reference to being called one of the most vulgar words you can call a woman was able to shrug that public ridicule of her femininity off and even decided to appoint her verbal assailant (Chaz Stevens) to a public board (DBHA Commission, not once but twice), then in defense of her choice stated that she takes things with a grain of salt, these particular action seems contradictory and peculiar, since she most recently publicly condemned Ms. Berner and even looked for an excuse to have heremoved from that very same board that she once appointed to and wanted to appoint again the man who had called her, well I am just going to say it, Chaz Stevens publicly called her a "cunt" along with many other vulgarities

Does it indicate that she cares more for her political career than her own female pride, her name, and her personal reputation???

No one knows except Peggy Noland, but from her adamant condemnation from the dais of Ms. Berner's outburst, it would not be a stretch for one to assume so.

Anyway, let's just say that one did assume that Mayor Peggy Noland cherished her position of power and would do anything to keep it, which is possibly not far from the truth.  Would it be fair to say that if someone was threatening that political career with tales of corruption, scandal, intrigue, nepotism, and other sordid details and past attempts to squash him failed.  What would the next step be???

Would it be a truce?

Would it be a bribe?

Or maybe even a combination of the two.  

I would suppose the conversation may have been something like this back in early 2010: 

Peggy Noland: I will give you access, information and the carte blanche to go after those you want and see to it that you get on a public board over at the DBHA, it's time for a change over there anyway.  All you have to do is stop investigating me and my family.  Stop mentioning ,my husband, Howard's defrauding Workers Compensation, my conflict of interest involvement with JB's on the Beach, my son, Thomas's slap on the wrist for committing campaign violations, and all other sordid possibly corrupt details about us, the fire department, and City Management. 
Chaz Stevens:  So, you're gonna get me on that board?
Peggy Noland: I'm the Mayor! 
Chaz Stevens:  There will probably be publicity and news reports, plus I'll get on gotta deal!!! 
Peggy Noland:  It's Good to be the Mayor.

Early 2010 is when Chaz Stevens turned his efforts away from his usual target and the reason for his blog and his activism, Peggy Noland, and focused mainly on the DBHA and Sylvia Poitier.  By April 2010 he was DBHA Commissioner Chaz Stevens and by July he was ex-DBHA Commissioner Chaz Stevens.  

Now, I wonder if Mayor Peggy Noland truly made a "deal with the devil", if she did indeed convince Chaz Stevens to stop his heroic efforts to rid Deerfield Beach of her for good by highlighting the morally bankrupt and corrupt actions of the Noland Clan in exchange for a seat on the DBHA Commission, a public board.

If that is true wouldn't that be a violation of City of Deerfield Beach Ethics Code Article IX, Sec. 2-502 (i)
No regulated officer shall promise an appointment or the use of his/her influence to obtain an appointment to any position as a reward for any political support, activity, assistance or contribution.
It probably wouldn't be to hard to make a case for it, albeit a circumstantial one, but a case nonetheless. 

Hey, if she did make such a deal, it only cost her 75,000+ souls...

My sources indicate that Noland has been going around town at City events and expressing her disdain for me and advising the good ol' folks in earshot that I am attacking the dais on a personal level.  I don't know how much of that is true, but if it is maybe she will be offering me a position on a public board, too.

Mayor Noland, it would take nothing less than the creation of a new permanent public board whose sole responsibility is to monitor City functions for illegalities, corruption, malfeasance, and any mismanagement and report any and all violations to the SAO, Broward OIG, the Ethics Commission or other entity with jurisdiction.

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