Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chaz Stevens Screams Harassment from Local Blogger. Guess He Can Dish It, But Can't Take It *Updated

So after reviewing Mr. Stevens website MAOS and hearing whispers that he emailed several individuals and others in a veiled attempt to warn them or sway them from attending the May 14, 2012 District 2 meeting to inform the public about the controversial "Stand Your Ground" Laws hosted by Terry Scott  and his non-profit organization Community reaching Youth, Inc (c.r.y., Inc.)

I fired off the following email to him:

Have you looked into community reaching youth, INC???  Cry for youth was more likely than not an error.
Knowing you you already know that, but delusions and your drug abuse keep you from printing the truth.
Also, tell your friend Tommy that if he wants to comment on my page to discredit me, as I have done to you so many please have his facts right because I have the court documents and they are on the site and people can read about YOU there. 
Keep attacking Terry...I wish you would take him down...somebody needs to and all the other political pimps like him.
Thank you 
Your friend David Cody 
If you need me to go with you to your AA meetings I will.  I wanna fully support you in your efforts to get clean and sober.
Next, you can look into getting psychiatric help for that little problem of yours that causes you to be a total douchebag or the clinical term, a Sociopath. 
Please note that this is my first and only email to Mr. Stevens

This was his very prompt response:

From: Chaz Stevens <>Date: Wed, May 9, 2012 at 2:42 PM
Subject: Re:
To: David Cody <>
Cc: Wright Tommy <>, "Chief, BSO, Deerfield Beach" <>

I am going to suggest this to you once. 
Never ever ever email me again.  I will consider any further communication from you as harassment. 
Do not reply to this email.  
Leave me alone. 
This message was sent from a mobile device.  Apologies in advance for any typographical and/or grammatical errors.

Looks like he can dish it out, but he can't take it.  

The truth hurts and I have legitimate purposes for contacting him and that is to correct the inaccurate and misleading information that he is disseminating through his website MAOS, on local blog comment sections, and via emails to various individuals.

It's funny that he is the one screaming harrassment after his actions.  As a sociopath I guess he wouldn't see his actions as having any he feels like the victim here.

He may want to change his site from MAOS to DOAS (Delusions of a Sociopath).


As a result of the above post a reader, Caryl Berner (who has been harassed, antagonized, criticized, and chastised, by Mr. Stevens for years) was prompted to email Mr. Stevens.
Funny u should get Pete (Chief Sudler) involved in this. I believe you and Wright (Steven's attorney and sidekick) play good cop, bad cop when it suits you. You went to, if you can't beat them (City of Deerfield Beach), join them. And you want Pete to protect you. You have harassed and bothered people with your posts to a psychotic extent and now you get Pete involved to build up some sort of case against David?  You've talked about your boxing lessons as if to scare off people because you're so strong and scary. Remember when you had an injury trying to learn to box? Like Popelsky is so fond of saying, "A leopard doesn't change it's spots" and you will never be respectable. 
I will be answering Wright's post on David's blog after the City meeting next Tuesday night. It saddens me that there are so many people like you, Wright, Weiss (DBHA BOC), West (US Congressman). I believe you're trying to get back at the world because ***** ********* wouldn't take your crap anymore and rejected you. So now you want to ruin everyone's life that you can. You're a terror, a horror, a bully and a very poor excuse for a human, let alone for a man.
You think you can intimidate everyone away with your bullying. You tell David you consider his email to you HARASSMENT. That is rich. I have to send that to Bob Norman.

This was his prompt response to her:

From: Chaz Stevens <>
Date: May 9, 2012 4:16:35 PM EDT
To: caryl berner(email removed)
Subject: Re: You Can Dish It BUT You Can't Take It

Crawl back under your rock. 

I kicked your ass good. 

No more emails from you either you worthless old bat.  (no soup for you)

Caryl likened his last statement to the "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld.  Which is funny to me because I have consistently called him Joseph Goebbels "Minister of Propaganda" for the Nazi's.

Why any elected official or government entity would listen to this guy is beyond me.

Don't forget his use of the "C" word to refer to Mayor Peggy Noland and then his racial slurs against the former DBHA Executive Director Pamela Davis, not to mention his insistence on attacking predominantly minority cities (Lauderdale Lakes and Delray) and entities.  That is not to say that he shouldn't be looking into these cities, but it is odd that out of all the blatantly obvious corruption in the political arena all around us, he zeros in on these specific city's is a bit coincidental.  

He will say he is an NAACP member, but a donkey with a checkbook or a VISA can join the NAACP as long as their cash is good.

I don't know any humanitarian who uses the language he does to refer to women or minorities.

Maybe I don't know the right "humanitarians"???

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