Tuesday, May 1, 2012

City of Deerfield Beach Burns Berner in Witchhunt.

All rumor, all conjecture, and nothing to substantiate any of the claims made against Caryl Berner and somehow the City Commission voted 4-1 to remove Caryl Berner.

The three newly appointed DBHA Commissioners Weiss, Potter, and Maurice (all appointed by Noland, who has tried to remove Caryl twice) came to the podium and spewed their testimony all of which had no substantiation, no witnesses, and no value.  Notice that no other Commissioners or the Chairmen showed up.  If Caryl was such a burden and such a problem why did no one except the same Noland Klan show up to give testimony.

Caryl Berner took the podium and advised of her accomplishments on the Housing Authority, which were many.  She responded to the claims against her and it would seem that she worked and accomplished much in her two years...

Caryl joked that she should move to District 2 and run for Commissioner Prestons seat that will be up for grabs in 2015...She'd get my vote if it was between the two of them.

Why Commissioner Maurice would think it is not her place to see a problem and bring it to the attention of staff is beyond me.  What is wrong with her??  

I guess, like City Staff, no one attached to the City of Deerfield Beach should do their jobs when it comes to the residents, unless you live in District 4 or Deer Creek...

Hell, even the people at the beach are having problems that the City just don't seem to want to work and correct...  Go figure!!!

I feel so bad for that poor women who complained, again, about the noise pollution, only to have Noland try and cross-examine her on how long she has been at her address.  The nerve of Mayor Peggy Noland...

Why did Joe Miller not step in, that is his District (1)...Does he not care, either?

Apparently, as I have always lamented that the current City of Deerfield Beach Commissioners and Mayor don't want anyone on a City board that actually cares about the residents.  Which from Caryl's testimony she is one who cares...

Caryl walked out of the Commission Meeting, rightfully so, knowing that the DIAS has already decided to burn her.

Popelsky was upset that she didn't stay and listen to the planned and practiced attacks of her.

It is ridiculous that this is allowed to happen.

I wonder who they will appoint her in her place.  

WTG Caryl, for standing up for yourself against those tyrants on the Commission and those puppets on the DBHA BOC.


Why would Pam Davis or Mr. Bennett complain to Joan Maurice, instead of the other 2 seasoned Commissioners or the Chairmen himself???

Joan Maurice, Mike Weiss, and Sally Potter broke the DBHA rules, just as they claimed Berner did...Peggy are you going to remove them too...

Caryl, MUAHHHHHH from Canada!!!  Wish I was there to support you.  

Oh and by the way...I will be watching for those individuals who did not make the deadline for the Section 8 and if any of them end up with Section me...I will be all over it ;)

To take a page from Caryl herself
"if you haven't been called a troublemaker, you haven't lived"  WINSTON CHURCHILL

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