Monday, May 30, 2011

City of Deerfield Beach Residents Speak Out Against Lack of Input in City Political Games

I sent this to the editor of the Sun-Sentinel aftereading an article where a Canadian gentlemen, stated that he was upset with Deerfield BEach Commission because he, a property owner, but non-resident, did not have a voice in the decision making process.  He did not ask for a vote, he just stated that since he pays taxes here he wanted, at least a chance to express his opinions on issues that arise in the the town he and many others have chosen to purchase property in and spend his hard earn loonies and toonies in.,0,401315.story

If you haven't noticed, there are over 8,000 American Citizens in Deerfield Beach that do not have access to the political process.  Some have even stated that these 8,000+ American Citizens gave up their Constitutional rights on March 8, 2011 when they voted and returned to office Sylvia Poitier.  I do not remember the Constitution mentioning that a registered voter forfeited their civil rights if they vote for a candidate that subsequently is charged with corruption.  If that is the case, more than half of the American population would be without rights.  With that said, my question is why have your reporters not been investigating or printing on this subject.  Could it have anything to do with part of your operations being in Deerfield Beach and you do not want to rock the boat or is it that you don't care that this situation is going on, or maybe the Sun-Sentinel believes as that blogger believes that we gave up our rights and therefore should not have a vote or voice in what happens in our City before July 19, 2011 when we will take to the polls to elect a new Commissioner.

Which is it?  

I sincerely hope that your news teams begin taking this as many of the residents of District 2 Deerfield Beach do.

I know I have personally sent information to Larry Barszewski (who it would seem that you give free rein to write on the negatives in our community, but it seems he is editted or censored on everything else.)

Below find some examples:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sun Sentinel article

Deerfield Beach commissioner needs money to sue nemesis
By Larry Barszewski, Sun Sentinel
Story posted 2011.03.16 at 05:03 PM EDT

Deerfield Beach community searches for its voice after losing Commissioner Poitier

Staff writer Larry Barszewski reports:

What does by Brittany Wallman, but reported by Larry Barszewski mean???

Now, I could be wrong about this, but since you and other news outlets have failed to cover this story it will only stand to reason that you people do agree with the statment made by Chaz Stevens, that we basically forfeited ourights to participate by voting for Sylvia and that we should forever STFU!!!????

Well, we will not STFU and will continue to fight against this injustice until it is resolved.  It is appalling that we can not get the news paper to cover this story, but you will run here as soon as it is resolved one way or another.  I guess the Sun-Sentinel like all otherags and apparently the Deerfield Beach City Commission  is just not into doing what's right and makes sense, but is only after doing what makes cents.

Well, you can take this as my two cents on the subject.!

A Deerfield Beach Resident's Personal Memorial Day Remembrance: Moses Cody Jr.

Moses Cody Jr. June 19, 1948-Dec. 23, 1993

At the age of 19, Cody joined the US Marine Corp. faithfully serving his country during the Vietnam War in the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion-Bravo Company 1968.  He received the Purple Heart for Gallantry and was honourably discharged from service in 1970.  He returned to his home in Deerfield Beach, FL working at Southern Bell.  After witnessing firsthand the changes in the social scenery he became very active in local business and the political scene, taking on causes involving the minority community of Deerfield Beach.  In 1992 he returned to his childhood home of Louisville, GA where he passed away on a snowy morning December 23, 1993, leaving behind his 3 sons and 2 daughters who were en route from Deerfield Beach to spend Christmas with theifather.

Whereas he is gone, he is not forgotten and in my heart and mind he will always be remembered as “My Real American Hero”.

My role model, my inspiration, my hero, Moses “Junior” Cody, known simply to me as “DAD”.

May all of our soldiers find peace and courage in the knowledge that Americans from Shore to Shore are fully exercising their rights and enjoying the liberties that soldiers for the last 311 years have fought and died to protect for us.

Happy Memorial Day! 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chaz Stevens and Bill Ganz: Pair o' Pontificators

 23. Sports Volunteer Ordinance

On May 17, 2011 City Commissioner Bill Ganz at 2:45:16 into the meeting(as indicated on the Commission video) in reading the email that he initially indicated showed support for sexual predators, demonstrated that the City was being asked to include an appeals process to the ordinance to review special circumstances cases that may arise from the ordinance.  At the 2:45:40 mark he indicates "the problem with that is that the ordinance was written SPECIFICALLY, not including any other criminal activity, but sexual predators and sex offenders.  If you understood the ordinance, then you can't support it. in my opinion, that was my point."  

Well, folks here is the excerpt of the ordinance as it is written.  Aftereading it you tell me who is right, me or Bill Ganz and his best boy pal Chaz Stevens.

(c) The city hereby adopts the standards of the National Recreation and Park Association Recommended Guidelines for Credentialing Volunteers. The following are the criteria for the exclusion of adult volunteers including, but not limited to, managers, coaches or any other volunteer who has direct contact with youth sports participants. An adult means any person 18 years of age or older. Any adult volunteer shall be disqualified from participating as a volunteer of a youth sports organization if the person has been found guilty of any one of the crimes set forth below. "Guilty" means that a person was 
found guilty following a trial, entered a guilty plea, entered a no contest plea 
accompanied by a finding of guilt regardless of whether there was an adjudication of guilt or a withholding of guilt.
(1) All sex offenses regardless of the amount of time since the offense (examples include child molestation, rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, sodomy, prostitution, solicitation, indecent exposure or similar offenses).2
Deleted portions struck through; added portions underlined
(2) All felony offenses involving violence regardless of the amount of time since the offense (examples include murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, kidnapping, robbery, aggravated burglary).
(3) All felony offenses other than violence or sex offenses within the past ten 
years (examples include drug offenses, theft, embezzlement, fraud, child 
(4) All misdemeanor violence offenses within the past seven years (examples 
include simple assault, battery, domestic violence, hit and run).
(5) Two misdemeanor drug or alcohol offenses within the past ten years 
(examples include driving under the influence, simple drug possession, drunk 
and disorderly conduct, public intoxication, possession of drug paraphernalia).
(6) Any other misdemeanor within the past five years that would be considered an initial danger to children or is directly to the functions of that  volunteer 
(examples include contributing to the delinquency of a minor, providing 
alcohol to a minor, theft - if the volunteer is to handle money).
(d) Any adult volunteer who has been charged with any of the disqualifying offenses above with cases pending  court shall not be permitted to volunteer until the official adjudication of the case.

Ok, so does this look like it was "specifically and only written to exclude sexual offenders?"

Chaz Stevens has indicated that I am somehow trying to "besmirch" his name in attempt to over shadow the legal problems of Sylvia Poitier.  I haven't talked about Chaz Stevens for over a month while Sylvia Poitier is going through her due process of the law.  So, once again you look ridiculous.  The fact that (if it is a fact) that any news outlet knows about your past and would insist on you being involved with getting to whole world of possible trouble reminiscent of Bill Kamal, Michael Koolick, Jennifer Howe, Rob Schmitt, Derek Haywood, Jeffrey Wainsier, Russell Rhodes and a host of other notable South Floridians.

So, yes you are right consider the source.

Chaz Stevens, a guy who initially went so far as to insinuate that I poisoned his dog and then he has spent every waking moment since May 17, 2011 calling me a pedophile lover, pedophile supporter, NAMBLI President, and most recently stating that I am pro-pedophile.  (Who's stalking who???)  Oh, this is also the guy when he doesn't want you to read his blog will dig and find your IP address and re-route it to website ( where it is pictured three old men performing fellatio on each other.  JUST SICK!!! My personal favorite is his GO "F" Yourself Website...Brilliant, Chaz, Brilliant!   


Me, the guy who is fighting to make sure that his community has a seat at the proverbial "table" and who has done nothing but post the truth as found in Palm Beach County Courthouse's public records documents.  The guy who could care less about the media attention that could be derived from this and only cares about the protection and well-being of his community and defending it against attacks from those who would see it burned to the ground and a new crop of young families moved in.  

This is not a "besmirch-ing" campaign!  To "besmirch" would indicate that youreputation was "good" or "clean".  What you and your City Commissioner buddy, Bill Ganz, has done is besmirch mine and now people in the public have begun to believe it and personally attack me.  It's okay because I expect it from people like Bill Ganz and Chaz Stevens.

Well, who is putting up smoke screens now.  The fact remains that I am not and have never been a pedophile, pedophile supporter, or whatever else and I have never been accused of such, until Bill Ganz, Deerfield Beach City Commissioner, stated that I supported sexual offenders for not supporting the above ordinance.  As he so confidently stated that it was specifically written to protect the kids against sexual predators and nothing else.  Well, look at it!  The proof is in the proverbial pudding...

On that note, Jeff Sayles stated that I should not call Bill Ganz a douchebag and that I was wrong for doing so.  However, I have yet to see Jeff Sayles state that Bill Ganz was wrong for doing what he did and that was calling anyone (namely me) who didn't support his ordinance a supporter of sexual offenders.  

So, to Jeff I say thank you for showing me what kind of person you truly are.  You and Chaz have more in common than obviously you will admit.  But I see it!  You just hide behind that imperfect wall of your perceived superiority, that you have tried so hard to build and maintain.  Well, the cracks are showing, buddy.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

David Cody to Chaz Stevens, Let's Dance!

Let's Dance

To the drummers beat: cause , I've got rhythm, I've got music,... who could ask for anything more!

Now, I know I said I wasn't going to engage Chaz Stevens in a war of words and threats, but how long could I seat idly by while he falsely calls me a pedophile lover, pedophile supporter (probably on the behest of a certain elected official, no doubt.  Who by-the-way, has yet to respond or apologize to me, but that's okay).  

I have been accosted in stores and the streets with people calling me pedophile and one person spit at me, while calling me a child molester because of what that Bill Ganz stated in either blissful ignorance or in a blatant attempt to present a false fact, and play on the fears and sensibilities of good honest American Citizens and for his buddy Chaz Stevens to drive the point home, which he did.  

Either way, it's false and unlike Chaz I have no record of any kind.  I take the care and well being of children very seriously and there is a reason that Westside Park has not had any incidents of children being molested.  That is because for 15 years the Packer Rattlers has been one of the only volunteer organizations to do a mandatory background check, with an implemented appeals policy.  The City won't tell you that, Bill Ganz won't tell you that, Chaz Stevens won't tell you that.  

Chaz Stevens, made reference to Steve Feagin and I, well, I had no clue who Steve Feagin was until Mr. Stevens brought the name up.  (To take a page from Bill Ganz) I was in school (DBMS and DBHS ), so forgive me for not paying attention to what was happening in Illinois in 1993 and 1995.  Plus, I was not in S. Florida when that individuals more recent incident occurred. I still couldn't tell you who he is, if he passed me in the streets right now.

So, again I ask you to play fairly and only speak in truth when it concerns me and I will do the same for you.  So, you have my permission if you want to call me fat, go ahead.  If you want to call me Fat Albert, Troll, Conspiracy Theorist, Stupid, A$$clown, whatever you heart and mind desire, go ahead.  I will not even acknowledge you because that is beneath me.  However, when you and your pallies start messing with, infringing upon, and violating the rights of American citizens then I am going to get angry and respond.  Especially, when you are spouting off blatantly false conjecture and horrific lies that were obviously orchestrated by a certain individual to demean my character, then I will respond.  I will respond with all the truth under heaven.  Nothing I have said is false, nothing I have done is wrong, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and left you alone not even mentioning you even though you said some nasty things about me, but I laughed at most.  I like to laugh and make jokes.  Some of the things you said was pretty funny and me and my friends got a big chuckle out of it.  However, when you and Bill started to insinuate that I was in any shape or form in some kind of sex offender supporter or even involved with a sex offender organization that is where the line has to be drawn.   

Yes, two wrongs don't make a right, but since the truth shall set me free.  I told the truth about you to combat the lies you and Bill have spread about me.   So, I have no regrets or qualms about what I did.  I do feel sorry that it possibly came at the expense of an innocent woman who just wanted to be left alone to live her life without fear from you and here we are because of you her life is back in the spot light.  So, if you want to blame someone blame yourself.  You wanted attention, now you got it!  So, you can tell your friend to email me, take a picture, write a note, leave a post-it, whatever they feel is necessary. I'm prayed up and geared up if a battle ensues because no weapon formed against me shall prosper!

But to you, I offer you this, since you are so enamored with yourself and require the constant attentions of the public, the news media, and government.  I extend a chance for you to get just that.

How about a Dance Contest? Silliest moves win and then we can shake hands and agree to disagree and both continue our journeys through the blogosphere along this hard and arduous road providing different perspectives on events in this, our City.  I offered this to you, Jeff, Bett, and Wayne and to no avail.  I understand you don't know how to take me and thats good.  But that doesn't mean we can't all work together for the betterment of this City.  

The choice is yours.  You can armor up and attack me with everything you got (from this point forward maybe you'll try and keep it somewhere at least in the realm of truth and we can have our disagreements and still be cordial.  

So, I offer you this olive branch, again... Let's Dance!

Chaz Stevens: Anti-American, Anti-Woman, Anti-Everyone is Bad for America, but Perfect for Al Qaeda Secretary of Public Relations

If you go to , which is the business website of one Timothy “Chaz” Stevens, you will find all sorts of information.  The information that we will be discussing today is located at the bottom of the page and states the following:

“Copyright 1995-2011.  All Rights Reserved.  Zproductions is the online portfolio of Chaz Stevens – a guy who’s passionate about humanity, civil liberties…. “

Let’s take a look at this statement.

First Zproductions- I wonder if this is the same Zproductions who processed unauthorized charges on a certain young lady’s credit card.  The same young lady, who as it would seem, is very frightened of Chaz Stevens, so much so that she filed for a restraining order against him, which was granted and he later broke by processing unauthorized credit charges onto her Bank of America checking account debit/credit card, amongst other things.  

Excerpt from Court filings in the 15th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, in and for Palm Beach County in
Case No. DA 03 2772 FZ  10/30/2003

Click to Enlarge 

See the evidence :

1 of several charges Chaz allegedly attempted, fraudently, causing his female victim to have to close her account

Click to Enlarge

The result:

Arrested for violating an order of protection against Domestic Violence.

Click to Enlarge
So this criminal, who is a self-proclaimed humanitarian and states that he is passionate about civil liberties.  Well actions speak louder than words my friends!  What is this guys actions telling you??????

Oh, the blackmail...

Click to Enlarge

Excerpt from Chaz Stevens' letter to his female victim dated June 13, 2003 and included as evidence in case concerning Chaz Stevens' Domestic Violence  issue.

Click to Enlarge

So, Chaz Stevens black-mailed, exploited, intimidated,, frightened, and coerced this poor woman into submitting to his demands.  We can tell this from her very empassioned plea to the Courts, all she wanted was for Timothy "Chaz" Stevens to stop with his terrorist tactics, stalking, and manipulating and leave her and her son alone, so they could "move on and live a life without fear".

Now, is this someone you want on any City Board or anywhere near anyones kids in Deerfield Beach or the Western Hemisphere.  If he's not good enough for our kids, he sure is not good enough for our City.  Call your elected representative (unfortunately District 2 has none at the moment and we are seating on the sidelines of the political process until July 19, 2011) and let them know that this true criminal and enemy to woman and Democracy everywhere should stay as far away from our City Boards, sons, daughters, mothers, voters as possible.  If appointed to any City Board Chaz Stevens may try and enact some form of Anti-Woman, Anti-Gay, Anti-American Legislation during one of hate filled temper tantrums.  America does not deserve Chaz Stevens, please send him to any number of Country's populated with the Taliban who would appreciate the Chaz Stevens Anti-Woman/Anti-American Agenda.

Oh, I know, with Bin Laden out of the way, Al Qaeda has an opening.  With Chaz Stevens Anti-Woman and alleged Domestic Violence past behavior and agenda, plus the tons of Anti-American rhetoric floating around on your blog, you would be a shoe in for his position or at the very least Secretary for Al Qaeda Public Relations:

"No wait, strike that.   That's not the right point.   That's just an utterly ridiculous idea.   The noisy douche bags in District #2 have NO RIGHT OF REPRESENTATION.   They gave up those rights by re-electing Sylvia Poitier.   Okay.   She was going to vote no.  We get it.   Now shut up, grab a bagel, and give each other a handy."  

The above is just an one example of the many Chaz Stevens' Anti American sentiments.  I wonder if Joyce Kaufman and Bill Ganz know that their friend has these Anti-American, Anti-Women, Anti-Human inclinations and tendencies.  I bet they do!

Oh and after the jump (into that river he's crying over there on MAOS)...I'll be discussing how no amount of donation will wipe the record of what you did clean.  I just wish that poor woman who was victimized by Chaz Stevens (according  to Chaz Stevens arrest record and domestic violence case) would come forward and tell her story.  A person like Chaz Stevens should not be allowed to speak freely.  Oh, I'm sorry as an American citizen you are guaranteed that right.  It's just to bad the City of Deerfield Beach, Chaz Stevens and others have chosen to ignore that gloriously aged piece of paper, that we true Americans call the Constitution,  when it comes down to the rights of the residents of District 2.

So, with that I'm done with it!  Happy Memorial Day, Bill Ganz and Chaz Stevens.