Saturday, June 14, 2014

DOA Cody ain't DOA, but Pissed!!!

The thing about the internet, blogs, and posts unlike books , magazines, or even conversations is that once you publish something on the internet it's there forever, not just until its burned, thrown away, or forgotten. So yesterday (6/13/14), after a great breakfast and a tearful reading of the 6/12/14 page 7 of the Deerfield Observer. I became obsessed with righting a wrong a had since let falter, but still held residual guilt for. The guilt stemming from the death of my friend Thetus Fleming Jr a few years back (I won't rehash b/c after yesterday all those old feelings were stirred up), but this blog is riddled with post about those tragic events. Suffice it to say that I went back and looked through the blogs and articles from the last 2 years while I was away on my self-imposed retirement and then last years health crisis. 

The first thing I did, after emailing the Observer, the City of Deerfield elected officials and manager, and certain social media sites, was to GOOGLE News about Deerfield Beach. Articles about Cappellini's trial, postponements, not guilty verdict, and the over $1,000,000.00 price tag his attorney billed to CoDB and its taxpayers (hopefully its covered by insurance and not a taxpayer expense) populated the screen. There were other miscellaneous articles, but the one that struck me the most was the Honorable Mayor Jean Robb, being called a racist by none other'll never guess it!!! Go ahead and try....I'll give you 10 seconds. . . . . . . oh I can't stand it anymore...Chaz Stevens...yep!!! The guy who worships Satan (which is okay if your into eternal damnation-which from his life on Earth Chaz is into), the guy who has some not so nice words about well errrrrbody from me to the Christian Messiah Jesus Christ himself. The same guy who continuously tries to and impressively convinces many "small-minded" individuals that he is not a woman abuser because he filed a lawsuit against the female after she begged and pleaded the courts twice for a restraining order against him that was eventually mutually agreed to (poor woman). His claim is because he is a member of Amnesty International he could never abuse a woman or a child. Hmmmmmm... It gets better!!! He goes on to constantly to refer to, yet politely disparage, said female on numerous blogs, post and impromptu rants. Not to mention his constant use of the most unholy language that is socially unbecoming of any Gentlemen, let alone a member of Amnesty International including one of the most heinous words used to negatively describe, to belittle, to undignify, to berate, and to, quite literally, to piss off any woman...the "C" word and I don't mean "Comely". It's so inappropriate and offensive I refuse to repeat it, yet Chaz uses it quite often, even to refer to Ex-Mayor( Peggy Noland, which I didn't mind so much) and others. This is the same guy who only a couple of years ago referred to certain CODB "Afro-American" (I said it, yes its antiquated, but even my 80 something year old grandmother- who is "Afro-American" with an silver mane cropped into an actual afro- still uses that term) employees as animals and continuously attacks, belittles, and disparages almost anyone of color. Yet, he wants us to believe he is not racist because he is not only a !ember of Amnesty Intetmational , but also The NAACP. All you need to be a member of both of these groups is a credit card or a check book... 

Hell, i'm a member of the "Chick Fil-A" fan club and FACEBOOK page ( only b/c I signed up for it before the controversy-but will delete it now), but you will never find me patronizing their establishments, any longer in any fashion, due to their owners stance on religious and individual freedoms. Unlike back in the 1950-1970+ when it was commonplace for almost all proprietors and businesses to listen to their clientele and uphold the socially held beliefs of the's business world allows businesses and business owners to take political and religious stands...such as Chick Fil-A.  

Any business owner that wanted to stay in business did what they had to do to survive and some of the socially conscious individuals with concerns for the plight of all humans made their convictions known under the table doing what they could like Dr. Leo Robb, which from the stories my father...Moses Cody Jr. (Happy Fathers day, daddy) told me as a kid about Dr. Robb and his wife, Jean, then Dr. Robb although he did have separate waiting rooms, as was the custom of the time in the South, he quite often volunteered and gave of his time giving physicals so the Afro-American youth of the area, not only Deerfield, could register for their respective sports programs and schools. Even, if Dr. Robb held racist beliefs...he still did his duty as a doctor helping our community...scars and all. Yes some, like my father Moses Cody Jr.-who is listed in the Sun-Sentinel article being tauted by Jean's naysayers, are so scarred by the events of their youths spent as "colored" in the South that they become "Afrocentric" and anything else is considered an affront to our community. Well to the ones that care at my Dad. I digress, Chaz Stevens, is a paid gun for whoever will give him money, like Domani Automotive and its luxury cars advertising on Chaz's site, so he will say anything and do anything for $$$. He has no scruples and he has no loyalties. If I paid him he would advertise for my site, which quite often disparages his own. Like a scene from the movie "Campaign".

If my father were alive today, as his son, I can honestly say he would be proud of the obstacles Jean Robb has overcome to be the no-nonsense woman she is today. He admired her, even then, ad do I now. Even in disagreements I admire her for taking chances and standing her ground, unlike some Ben Preston, who ate spineless jellyfish. Who have to be told what to do, before taking action. My father despised him and only after talking with my family did I realize that during the time my father was battling Jean Robb and the CODB regarding the Westside Gym naming...that Ben was the notable.   "colored coon" that my father referred to. I had no clue when I fist met him, only that I knew his namesake...his son BJ. I referenced in many post about Ben's inactivity in the "Afro-American" community prior to his being tapped by Peggy Noland, to be the "watermelon-eater" on the commission replacing Sylvia Poitier's forceful opposition to the City's will and political dominance in the Afro-American community. 

Well several court cases and a 2 elections later, Peggy got her "watermelon-eater" to push through with admittedly "little time to prepare" the BSO merger and Utility Tax. Outside of some beautification projects a few health fairs District 2 is no better than when he took office. Hell, even his own friends and allies, namely Chaz Stevens and City Management, have nothing but negative to say about him. If I'm being truly honest, truly brutally honest...I recall many negative conversations between myself, his son, and a couple of friends about "BJ's Dad". 

 All of that brings me to the original point of this post. Out of everyone at City Hall, Jean Robb is the only one that gave a damn about the blight in District 2, well with the exception of Ben who wants to sweep the blight under the rug, to present massa wit a presentable house, even if that house has termites, rotten boards, cracked windows, and shody electric. I apologize for using this imagery, but one can only take a picture of an island from beyond it, to paint the picture you have to be on it. The point is somebody at City Hall has to care and fight for my District and from what I see that is Jean, faults and all, in her capacity as Mayor(elected to represent all of Deerfield). District 2's ineffectual Commissioner, Ben Preston is nothing more than a figurehead being thrown crumbs by City Hall's Management to seem effectual.  Hillsboro and MLK leading to I-95 (even at the 200 block which is at the corner of MLK and Hillsboro) sees speeding cars leading to traffic violations and deaths...add to that the dark driving conditions and it is a recipe for disaster. 

It has been 3-4 years since this problem was most recently brought before the Commission and to the specific attention of D2 Commissioner Ben Preston and like a good little boy he parroted to us what FDOT and CODB staff told him with no noticebly additional effort, except to claim responsibility for something he actually had very little to do with and he did not initiate, but I guess that's politics. 

Now, to see Joe Miller's, District 1, get turning signals after less than a year of complaints and no deaths that I have seen or heard of in that area, period, is further proof to me that Ben Preston is ineffectual and Jean is District 2's only friend in the game right now. So for anyone to parrot off about her racist past over 50 years ago...its time to look at those individuals recent past and I get you'd be shocked even going back 20 years to see the effect the reported racist has had in the black community as compared to any of her present naysayers. 

So, if you want my vote and support, do for District 2 what is done for any other area of the City. You want "US" to believe this is ONE CITY, then prove it. Your actions are the opposite of your words City of Deerfield Beach. 

A cookie is not a "biscuit"...

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