Friday, June 13, 2014

City of Deerfield Beach's District 2 Calling. Will Anybody Listen???

                                                                  I have tried to refrain from getting back involved in City of Deerfield Beach politics and hoped someone else would pick up the torch in my community.

This morning after reading Thursday weekly "Observer" tears poured from eyes. On page 7, there is an article and picture showing that after only a about a year of complaints the intersection at NE 2nd Street and Federal will be getting a turn signal. Yes that's right the entrance to Deerfield on Federal from "BOCA RATON" has their prayers answered by Broward County, according to the article. The last line of the article states, "Thank you Broward County for listening".

I guess the numerous complaints, deaths, accidents, and pleas from the citizens of District 2 in Deerfield Beach begging for a turning signal at Hillsboro and Martin Luther King fell on deaf ears. As recently as 3 years ago the citizens complained to City Hall for action to be taken at that intersection. Then Mayor-Peggy Noland, along with City Manager-Burgess Hanson, D2 Commissioner-Ben Preston, and the other Commission members flailed and danced around the request, putting it off on Broward County and FDOT. Citizens then took their plight to Broward County and FDOT and were given the run around. Shortly thereafter, a horrible death on Hillsboro very near that intersection occurred. It was not the first and it has not been the last. The City and FDOT scrambled, after citizens pleaded with D2 Commissioner Ben Preston to finally get involve and do his sworn duty to act in the interest of his constituents and contact FDOT & Broward County, which he finally did and after months of wrangling and back and forth b/w Citizens, current Mayor Jean Robb and others, along with numerous editorials in several local news media outlets, including the Deerfield Observer, the D2 citizens were told no signal was needed at that intersection and that FDOT would look into other measures to protect the pedestrians and motorist of that intersection possibly in 2015. To my knowledge, since a couple of years ago no one, including myself, has complained or inquired about actions to be taken at that intersection. So when I read the congratulatory article in the Observer praising Broward County for their quick action and for listening to the Observer, I got pissed. 

Like I said I was hoping to avoid getting back involved with the "POLITCO'S" at Deerfield Beach City Hall, but maybe with current Mayor Jean Robb at the helm of the Dias, maybe the City and/or Broward County and/or FDOT will come through for D2, like they so quickly did for the affluent section of Deerfield leading into and from BOCA RATON.

I'll write the apologetic and congratulatory article myself, if and when the pleas of D2 at Hillsboro and Martin Luther King are finally heard and finally answered by ANYONE.


  1. Dear David...
    so glad to see a post from you, unfortunately the sad reason why. I'm sure you see all the crap that continues on at City meetings. As much as you're needed, you can understand now why I once stepped away. Unfortunately, sometimes when we see so much crap going on, we're called back.
    I was so excited to see a moment of silence at the last meeting. Knowing Robb, she most likely again asked all at St. Ambrois to complain about the moment of silence. Interestingly, Father Dalton will never invoke the name of a Diety in a Chamber such as in the City. The City will say "they can't tell people how to pray", yet they feel they can tell private citizens how to talk. The Council of Christians and Jews have guidelines for Invocations at City meetings, but Deerfield Beach feels they are above what would not be offensive to some of its residents. We have our causes and as you are well awear, as a person of a minority religion..the religious invocation at City meetings has always been my number one cause. As a minority in terms of your race, I as sure you understand and respect my perspective on this matter. I will be addressing this issue Tuesday night.
    I would hope to see Tuesday night, but I trust I hope for too much. Your community certainly needs you. You see what they do to Mr. Bennefield. Ganz will do it to if you come back and Rosenswieg (Mr. Manners] will follow in Ganz's footsteps.


  2. I will be there Caryl. I know your passion regarding the invocations, which I affectionaly refer to as...your passionate belief that an individual has a right to practice their religious beliefs as they see fit as long as it does not infringe upon another individuals right not to be forced to entertain it. A moment of silent reflection is the best way to uphold every individuals right to free religious practice.

    Its sad, the discourse at City Hall, but i don't blame Jean for it because it was there while she was not on the Dias. The only difference is that the hostility from the other four is now directed toward her and she is a strong willed and empowered woman and won't stand to be bullied by the Commissioners, Burgess, or Chaz.

    Things have to change in this City...if you speak out against obvious disparity and injustice you are labelled a "race baiter", racist, pedophile lover, witch, crazy, " old" or what have you. They use our passions for our own individual causes against in the end the City/Power holder always wins and since the City power players have an individual who has no allegiance and whose only passion is for causing strife, discourse, and chaos in their corner to disseminate misleading and often time false info to the undiscerning masses, who only think TMZ and Deco Drive are news.

  3. Dear David:

    I am happy to hear that I will see you Tuesday night. I see that you have lost none of your skills, if anything, time has enhanced your talents.
    Sadly, I am the bearer of bad news.. I passed a horrific accident today in the area you are concerned with. It was a daytime accident involving a car and a bicycle. That's all I know. I don't particularly want to face any other details. I hope all involved in the accident survived.



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