Monday, June 6, 2011

Blogger Tags Along with Deerfield Beach BSO

I sent this letter to Chief Sudler, informing him of my experience during the ride-along I participated in on June 1, 2011.

Hello Chief Sudler,

I got your message and I have not had a chance to call you back.  I am in the midst of trying to battle this tax and the language in the Sports Volunteer Ordinance, so I haven't had a chance to call you or write about Wednesday's ride along.  I can say that I was thoroughly impressed by the knowledge, professionalism, and demeanor of both Deputy Etter and Deputy Vaniquette.  If all of the deputies have even half of the integrity, I gleamed from those two, then I can rest easy.  In both incidents that we encountered they were courteous, respectful, and one could even say empathetic.  I don't think it was show (especially not from Etter) because he seemed to genuinely care about the residents that he was sworn to serve and protect.  Vaniquette too, if he wasn't talking about food all the time (This part is a joke and can be erased if you use this or forward

I do think that more people should take these rides because you get to see a side of the deputies that you normally wouldn't see.  Even in the roll call, they were light, funny (almost comedic because I bust out laughing at least twice), almost dare I say human, which sometimes we as residents forget.

[I also believe that Deputies forget that the people they are serving and protecting are human as well.  So, we have to work on both sides bringing back the humanity to the equation between the two entities, BSO and the Community.]

I explained to Deputy Etter that "we need to do better" on both sides residents of District 2 and BSO to bridge that gap that has existed between these two entities.  I advised him how appreciative I was for you, Chief Sudler, taking the initiative to walk the neighborhood of District 2.  Like I have said, I do believe that familiarity between patrolling deputies and residents will help in the building of reciprocal relationship of respect and cooperation.

So thank you for suggesting that I take that ride, it's one that I look forward to doing again, but definitely not in the backseat. (insert laughter here)

Tell Joe and Mark, that I said Thank You!


Let them know that I remembered their names without help...they'll understand.

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