Saturday, June 11, 2011

Deerfield Beach District 2 Make Sure to Read the Instructions for Yourself...

Let me ask this, when you call a business for information, even going as far as to go up there ahead of time in person to make sure that all your documents are in order because you fear that you may have missed something and since they are the professionals you assume that they will be able to guide you in the right direction with the right information and they tell you that you're good.  DO you believe them?  When you ask specific questions relating to that paperwork to which the answer leads you to, not assume, but believe that you have everything in order

So, what do you do when you return to that business and they inform you the information which you had verify the day before, by the same individual, is not sufficient and there is something more you need?  

Well, you do what you have to do to correct the situation.  If you believe in what you are doing! 

I will not be specific here, but I will say it is very important to read everything that you receive because you can only depend on yourself to ensure that "YOU" have what "YOU" need.  Do not rely on others, even if there job is to help you, because you do not know their intentions (even though in all your dealings with said individuals have proven to be venomous) 

I found this out very recently, you could even say in the last couple of days.  If you know me then you know that I read, but sometimes I get busy and if their is an entity that handles a specific topic, issue, or situation then one assumes that you can depend on them to make sure you have everything in order, especially when you make sure to take them everything and verify that everything is in order.  

So you can see how someone would be frustrated when you go back to that very entity and they tell you that you missed something and you should have read all the material.  The first person you obviously have to blame is yourself and then you question why didn't they inform you of this while you had everything laid out in front of them the day before and especially when you asked specifically about it.  Should one conclude that the misinformation or lack of preemptive correction was intentional or a mistake, made to ensure that you did not accomplish your goal.  

Well, it would depend on how long the individual(s) who are paid to serve has done the job.  If they are new/rookies you can forgive a misstep like that.  If they have been doing it for over 10 years (and they make sure to inform you of this when you question them) and the rules have not changed then you can see why someone would think it intentional.  Especially when they are met with smarmy attitudes and dagger-filled looks when you ask them the very simple question, Why didn't you tell me this when I asked you yesterday?

So when you are about to give up, seeing that you have made an error in judgement by relaying on another do you give.  I'll say this I was about to give up and most probably would have too.  What happens when you realize, almost as if by devine intervention, that when you rushed out to correct the error, the information they so graciously handed you (to prove they were right, all highlighted and marked obviously prepared before you got there in anticipation of this very event) , holds the key to getting what you need accomplished, then you rush back up there fill out the paperwork in its entirety ask for dated copies, verify that everything is good, verify again that everything is good, then you request a signed document verifying that everything is good (if they don't give it to you, then you make sure again that everything is good and make sure you have a third party witness to their verification that everything is good.  Then what you must do is go behind them at every turn to ensure that you are getting the same treatment that everyone else is getting, to ensure that everything is good.  You read all the laws, all the rules, all the literature to make sure that you are not being left out on anything because it should be obviously apparent to you that those individuals at that entity did not want you involved.  When you find another slight you quickly email them to inform them of it to have it corrected, you may even "cc" their attorney so he can confirm.  You basically know that these individuals are not what they appear to be and you warn everyone that may have to deal with them about what had happen and give them the best advice you can on how to ensure what happened to you doesn't happen to anyone else.

So to you smarmy individuals, this slight will not be forgotten, but you will be forgiven because you are predictable and thankfully your venom did not kill me it only acted to re-energize me to push and fight harder for what you affirmed, by your action to hinder and obstruct, is the right thing for me to do.

Also, to those venomous, sly, and obviously corrupt individuals, and you know who you are.  You are forgiven, but this is not forgotten.  HE works in mysterious ways and you didn't know it but he saw me through your little trap and therefore will see me through anything else you come up with.

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