Friday, August 12, 2011

Chaz Stevens DBHA Appoinment Officially Withdrawn, Thanks to the Efforts of District 2 Commissioner Ben Preston and Common Sense

Just an update on the whole Chaz Stevens Housing Authority appointment...I just checked the Agenda for Tuesday August 16, 2011 CODB Commission Meeting and guess whose appointment is not listed for reconsideration...Timothy "Chaz" Stevens.  

So, Chaz, I would like to be the first to say to you and your DBHA appointment...Hasta La Vista Chazzy!  Don't let the doorknob hitcha where da good lawd splitcha!

And to all of you individuals in District 2 who had misgivings about Commissioner Preston, you will be happy to know that because of his efforts in contacting the City Attorney it was discovered that the appointments made on August 1, 2011 by Mayor Peggy Noland and the Commission was invalid because by law all resolutions, including those for appointments to public boards, must be made in writing and the August 1 appointments were not.  Therefore, they must be rescinded.  

Since her nominations were effectively rescinded Mayor Peggy Noland had time to reconsider her choice of Chaz Stevens and I guess she came to her senses that no one with Chaz's past police record of domestic violence, history of verbal abuse against women, homosexuals, minorities, and basically every other person on the planet who isn't Chaz Stevens or a Kessler employee, and she decided to leave his appointment off the upcoming agenda.  She was quoted as saying "I figure people need to calm down a little", so I guess that means that she may again try to appoint Chaz for a third time.  

This portion is to Mayor Peggy Noland, "Are you batty?". 

So, I repeat my questions from earlier post which ask why would anyone appoint someone with a history of verbal abuse,, cyber stalking and bullying, domestic violence, and who obviously thinks making misogynistic, racist, chauvinistic, and plain down right evil comments towards women, homosexuals, minorities, and the elderly to any public board where said person would be in a position of power over the very people he (Chaz Stevens) has clearly demonstrated in word, action, and thoughts that he has a very serious and deep rooted problem with.  Unless said person, Mayor Peggy Noland, agrees with those vulgar comments and shares those same values of Chaz Stevens.

So, I say to the District 2 City Commissioner Ben Preston, I may not have voted for you, but you have my full support from this day forward and thank you for fighting for "US", which is all I have ever wanted from our representative.  It is nice to know that we have someone on the DIAS that is not afraid to go to bat for the people that they were sworn to serve.  So, again, thank you Commissioner Preston.

Also, one more thing I do believe that I remember seeing a post on Chaz Stevens blog insinuating that he and one of the other nominees of Peggy Noland's, Micheal Weiss, are friends or at least have or had a common goal at the DBHA.  Is it wise or even prudent to have a friend or acquaintance  who shares the values of Chaz Stevens and who may have ulterior motives for wanting to be on the DBHA.  I sincerely hope that you talk with that gentlemen and find out his motives for wanting an appointment to the DBHA because if they are less than honorable (and by honorable I mean a true desire to serve the low and moderate income families and individuals that the DBHA has been serving for years) than his appointment needs to be withdrawn as well.  From what I know of Sally Potter, she seems to have a genuine interest in seeing that the DBHA is on the right track and she has a record of serving the community.


Mayor Peggy Noland, 

At present there is only one member of the DBHA who actually resides in the low moderate income community and only one African-American (both are the same person).  Do you think it's time that we have a few more people on the board who may actually know what it is to live in the area that is serviced by the DBHA???  At least appoint someone who knows the daily challenges low/moderate income people face on the board that way all perspectives can be equally represented on the board.


  1. Again David I enjoy reading your articles I feel they are eye opening and touch the real issues in our city. Please keep them coming and its good to hear from you that Ben Preston is not taking anything lightly. Further I hope from the last 6 months that District two will become a lot more active then they may have in the past. Their is so much talent there that can help make a real difference in lives of people from all the districts.

    Thank you

  2. It's a shame that you waste most of your posts with the abuse of Chaz Stevens. You have a real chance to do some good for your area, and all you seem to do is get in a "little kid's argument" with him. Please do not retort that "he starts it" blah blah. You are an exact version of him. You claim to be fighting the "good" fight whereas all you're really doing is fighting with him. Get up, grow up, and get over it, if you're really in it to make Deerfield a better place to live. Otherwise just STFU because it has grown very tiresome from you BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well, it is obvious that you haven't read this blog. Out of 209 post only about 20 or so are actually about Chaz. You are right though I did waste to many post on Chaz and it was like to kids fighting. So you may want to actually read the entire blog before you make comments like that.

  4. I have read many of your posts of your blog as well as your posts on other blogs. Just stick with facts concerning Deerfield Beach and try to forget about the personal attacks coming from him towards you and from you towards him. Please do not allow yourself to be portrayed as someone like him; and when you argue with him on internet, you seem exactly as him. But hey, this is your blog and you can do with it what you will; but if you continue this little kid stuff, then your mission statement to the right becomes a bold faced lie. Because honestly, you are not energizing anyone, and you become more of a hindrance than helpful. Just my 0.02..... take what you will and let the rest go byu.


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