Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Citizens of Deerfield Beach Got Hosed by Noland, Ganz, Popelsky, and Hanson.

Deerfield it is time to clean house on the DIAS.  Peggy Noland, Bill Ganz, and Marty Popelsky showed out tonight.  We had people being thrown out left and right, well 2 people of which one was a little old lady. Several walked out in their disgust over what the DIAS was doing.  The only sensible one up there was Joe Miller, who even got a little bit ballsy and raised the volume of his voice and the pitch got a lil bit deeper.  One would not be wrong to say he was feeling it.

We had 2 people get up in favor of the tax and about 20 who opposed and you could tell from the reaction of the crowd which side they were on.  Let's just say that if cheers and boos were indicative of the rest of the residents then the will of the people was not served tonight.  I can't wait to view the tape, since I was there I know what happened and I am sure that this will be more horrific to actually watch on TV.

Bill Ganz and Marty Popelski did their usual long-winded full of hot air and lies monologues or should I say soliloquies because half the audience had tuned them out after Ganz stated that he returned all phone calls and emails.  Well then he slyly stated that he returned all the calls that he knew wouldn't end up with him being yelled at.  Wow, so he screens his calls. Great to know!  If you are new to this blog then you haven't seen the numerous non-returned emails sent to those Kings of Pontification.

It's 11:40pm and I am sleepy a long day of collecting signatures for the referendum and the recall of Ganz, Noland, and Popelsky tomorrow.  So look out somebody may be knocking on your dooreal soon because those three and their City Manager are out of line with the people.   

So until tomorrow...Good night Deerfield!

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