Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chaz Stevens Accuses Poster of Telling Fibs on Him

It would seem Chaz Stevens is having a hard time with someone named Todd.  Chaz is now moaning and whining that "Todd" has accused him of a crimes he didn't commit and he is talking about how unfair that is.  

BTW, In the very next post of his he talks about me being a pedophile...WOW!  

The hypocrisy over on MAOS is spread real thick.  If you visit that site make sure to wear your waist high boots and bring a shovel because the ISH is that deep over there.  The stench from the ISH is so bad over on MAOS that it smells like a urinal after the third day of Woodstock.  A Urinal that still has not been cleaned and I am talking about the originalWoodstock back in 1969.  

I think it's hilarious that he can dish it out, but he can't take it. 

Maybe if you go back to what made you special in the first place, that blogger that many of us loved to read, and dare I say still do.  Then you want have to whine so much about people talking smack about you.  You put people out there, so you have to expect that in kind.  I can't say you don't deserve it, but I do think if what you are saying happened is true that is a little to far, but since I know you lie a lot on your blog in an attempt to get sympathy or whatever, I can't believe you and therefore can't feel any sorrier for you than I already do.  

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