Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Dedication to Caryl Berner Before Her Inquisition at the DAIS of the City of Deerfield Beach

So tonight is the big night...

The City of Deerfield Beach will be attempting to light the political pyre on the DBHA career of Caryl Berner for some trumped up charges that are baseless and senseless.

The Mayor and the Commissioners shouldn't be wasting our time and taxpayer dollars on these purely politicized whims of fancy for Chaz Stevens and Mayor Peggy Noland.  It's all political and has nothing to do with serving the interest of the public, it has everything to do with serving the political agenda of a few elitist individuals who would rather sale our City to developers and special interest groups and raid our City's coffers to supplicate the wants of upper management and Peggy Noland's Klan.

If the Commissioners, Mayor Peggy Noland, City Manager and his hand-picked rag-tag group of misfits had any interest in serving the "public interest" they would not have pursued this course of action and many others like it that they have perpetrated on the residents of Deerfield Beach in the last two (2) years.

Concentrate on the $1.65 Million Dollar FEMA repayment due to Staff inefficiency and error (if I am not mistaken Burgess was Assistant to the City Manager when these errors occurred), concentrate on the Department of Health Mandated public notice of possibly hazardous drinking water because it was not properly tested for possibly years and finding out who is responsible (Charles DeBrusco and Burgess Hanson) and making sure it doesn't happen again, concentrate on pedestrian/bicyclist/motorist safety in District 2 and the entire City of Deerfield Beach (the roadways are getting DEADLY), , and concentrate on the massive laundry list of real problems in our City.  Focus on fixing those, instead of writing editorials full of mis-leading information and blatant lies, focus on saving our City money by moving the March elections to November to coincide with the General Elections, focus on making our City's government transparent and providing our public with the truth, instead of always misleading us to serve your own nefarious purposes and the concealing of your own misdeeds that end up costing the taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars.  It it obvious that it wasn't Poitier's, Gonot's, or even the Capallini's of the City that cause the problems because they haven't been there for a couple years now...but a Noland has, a Ganz has, a Popelsky has, and even a Hanson has and the same problems and worse continue to plague our once fair and resident friendly community of Deerfield Beach.

Chaz Stevens, Bill Ganz, Marty Popelsky and the Queen of Hypocrisy, Nepotism, and Inefficiency herself Peggy Noland, all of whom should never point a single finger at anyone, especially anyone who is trying to do their best to make their community and the City better.  A task, mind you, that none of them have attempted let alone acheived.

So to Caryl, since I understand your plight and have been going through it with you in my own plight with the City of Deerfield Beach Commissioners, Mayor, City Manager and certain Staff and the hypocrisy and injustice, I dedicate this song to you, me, and all the other fighters for the residents of our fair City...

So, even if they succeed tonight in their vengeful and spiteful vendetta against you.

You hold your head up high...I have talked with many of the people that truly matter...which are the residents of the DBHA and they appreciate everything that you have done and tried to do.

I know that you will keep on fighting for the residents of the DBHA, Century Village, District 2, and the City of Deerfield Beach.  

You may be misunderstood by many, under-appreciated by some, dogged by others, but you will be remembered for your works by those that truly matter and care for the City of Deerfield Beach and it's residents.

The opinions of those idle-brained, selfish, and egotistical few who control the City and who are pulling the strings right now, will not matter in the long run.  Just remember, ELECTIONS are coming up really soon and the voting public will be heard and a change is going to come.

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