Monday, May 21, 2012

Chaz Stevens, Husky Boy???

I wonder who's HUSKY, BOY!!!

Chaz leaving the gym...

Oops!  Wrong Chaz...

I just want to issue a public apology to Chaz Bono for confusing him with Deerfield Beach's Chaz Stevens. 

The above Chaz seems to have respect for WOMEN.

This is the real Chaz Stevens...

This Chaz HAS seems to have no respect for WOMEN, Minorities, or anyone but himself.

But what do we expect from someone who repeatedly violated an injunction for protection against domestic violence and was court ordered to continue psychiatric treatment.

Did I mention he has no problem with stretching the truth until there is no semblance of it at all, calls women vulgar names, is an alcoholic and "other abuser", and he is apparently so delusional and out of touch with reality that he doesn't realize he is a "HUSKY BOY".

While you, Chaz, were sitting on your couch contemplating your own brilliance, this "Husky Boy" was on vacation with my friends toasting to you and your cohorts at Deerfield Beach City Hall who give me so much to talk about and fight against.

Oh and I do love a Lovely shade of PINK!

Save me one of those "funny" shirts...

Can I have one that says, "I'm with Sociopath"

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