Tuesday, May 15, 2012

City of Deerfield Beach Accepts John Maurice LIES, Without Blinking An Eye Even When Confronted With the Truth...WTF???

Although the City of Deerfield Beach Live feed went out and many people did not get a chance to hear Former Executive Director of the DBHA, Pam Davis, tell the Mayor, City Manager, Commissioners, and the audience that Commissioner John Maurice is a liar.  She clearly stated that she had never, I repeat never, complained to Commissioner John Maurice about anything.

Get Microsoft Silverlight She went further and stated that the Commission needs to stop helping Chaz Stevens with his plots and devices to achieve his clearly stated goal of enacting revenge on her and destroying her.

Not even an hour after she spoke Chaz Stevens was on MAOS alluding that Mrs. Davis could not speak the King's English.

Now, that Mrs. Davis has come all the way from Gainesville to clear the record and we now know that "logically" and obviously to some of us, that Davis did not, would not do the things that DBHA Commissioner John Maurice, Sally Potter, and Mike Weiss claimed.  If they would go to such lengths to lie on Pam Davis just to achieve the nefarious goals of Chaz Stevens and the City of Deerfield Beach Commission what else are they lying about.

Also, point of interest,  Please notice how Pam Davis just advised the Commission that they had been lied to and not a single Commissioner was bothered or seemed the least bit interested in finding out why...

Does anyone else find that odd???

Ben Preston gave a lovely quote in the Pompano Pelican about how, they moved forward without all the facts.  You have a person whose name was thrust about as making these atrocious comments about a Commissioner come and tell you in your face that she did not say anything the DBHA Commissioner John Maurice claimed she did and Preston just moves on with business as usual.

What is going on here???

How do you explain the lost of live feed at this meeting???

Does anyone really care?

The question now becomes, John Maurice as a Commissioner, blatantly, knowingly, and bold-faced lied to an elected body causing the public record to be falsified.

Sally Potter, Mike Weiss also lied and caused the public record to be falsified what are the consequences for any of these individuals or like City Employees who "F" up will go un-punish to ruin the City some more.

What next???

March can't get here fast enough...

Maurice should be a shamed of herself and you wanted to be a NUN...

Now we know we definitely have two liars and a patsy on the DBHA BOC..

Liar Mike Weiss, Liar John Maurice, and Patsy Sally Potter...

I feel bad for those less fortunate folks at the Palms, at Stanley Terrace, and anyone else who is unfortunate enough to have to utilize any service provide by those at the DBHA.

Downhill from here...but we will be watching.

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