Sunday, August 28, 2011

Deerfield Beach Fixture, Crabby Jacks, Burns...Deerfield Beach's Esteemed Fire Department Puts Out Blaze???

I just heard that the Crabby Jacks, on Federal Highway near 10th Street burned this morning.  The structure was declared a complete lost.  

My question is isn't there a a couple of fire stations within 4 minutes of this location?

-Station 102 (CODB Fire Headquaters, 1441 SW 11th Way) located off of 10th Street and 11th Way according to mapquest is 4 minutes away from Crabby Jacks.  Station 4 (928 E. Hillsboro Blvd.) is 1 minute away.  With the Fire Department experts going around stating how good they are and our CIty has ISO score of 2 and a 6 minute response time.  

How in the hell did this place, that me, my friends, and I think this entire city loved to visit burn completely down on this lovely Sunday morning?

Our City's Fire Departments first real test in a long time and it failed.  This is what we are paying for people...this is the fire service that we are paying for.  On the Emergency Medical Service side they are great!  No doubt about that, but this does make you say hmmmmm...

I hope, just hope that now we are contracted with BSO, no other businesses or residence go up in flames like this.  It actually makes me wonder, especially since I have had several public debates with Fire Chief Broccato and Bill Ganz about the Fire Department to only be shut down by talks of how great they are and how safe they make us, if this would have happened in Plantation (given the distances of Fire Stations, two within less than 4 minutes of the burning building).  

Aren't these stations manned 24 hours a day by highly skilled, highly trained, and of course highly paid fire professionals and experts. Why the need for 18 units from Deerfield and Pompano Beach, plus Ft. Lauderdale, WOW!!!  I am no Fire Expert, but this seems odd to me, how about you. 

Someone has some 'splaining to do...and all the citizens should be concerned and want answers as to how this was allowed to happen.  Are we trully getting what we pay for?  Fire Assessment fees and now this Public Utility Tax...maybe if this had happened after Oct 1, with the new tax revenue and the BSO contract in affect we could have celebrated the implementaion of the tax and the beginning of the BSO Merger with a bucket of beers and crab legs at Crabby Jacks, but that dream ain't possible now.

So long Crabby Jacks, you will be missed, dearly.  A fixture in Deerfield Beach for over 30 years.

You can view this pic from Channel 10 of the actual blaze...

CAT Community Meeting Sept 5 (Labor Day), Cancelled

The Community Action Team Meeting that's scheduled for Sept 6 at 6pm has been cancelled for the Holiday.  

We do encourage everyone, District 2 and all of Deerfield Beach's residents, to attend the Sept 6 CODB City Commission Meeting at City Hall @ 6:55pm.

It will be your last chance to sign the petition before the meeting, so please make plans to attend.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Commissioner Ben Preston, Whacky Cody Reporting for Duty!

So apparently the CODB is still wheeling from all the activities at the "Chaz-is-such-a-douchebag-Festival".  There was a truth-telling booth, fact-finding coaster, A cotton-mouth Noland machine, and even a pin the sheet on Chaz Stevens contest.

Obviously, this is all untrue.  Funny, but untrue.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch on the subject of "lay-offs" in Public Works and Parks and Recreation if the 10% Utility Tax is repealed or rescinded by the will of the City's residents.

Now, this information that I am about to drop on you is not confirmed or verified and is only my perspective on the subject, as I do not have access to the IUPAT 2011 Contract Agreement.

Apparently, the agreement contains language that guarantees the IUPAT members and associated contracted workers "No Lay-Offs" until 2013.  Which would mean that these two departments that I believe employ the most District 2 residents, will contractually be off the chopping block when the City staff, of highly recruited and highly paid individuals would be forced to go back to the drawing board and actually do their jobs, instead of utilizing the good ol' standards of taxes and lay-offs.

I personally think that is great news.  What about you?  Now the City has conveniently left this bit of pertinent information out of its messages to the workers.  In the hopes that many of them didn't read the contract and don't really know what benefits they have given away and what benefits/loopholes they received.

I mentioned this to a friend of the blog and they brought up a good question, "What about the Sanitation and Solid Waste Departments (who employ a few District 2 residents) who were not included in the "No Lay-Off" guarantee?

I say, the City is trying to privatize those Departments anyway, why fight and beat a dead horse!  No, if you read the 2012 Proposed Budget then you will see that the City is having reports commissioned to see if these departments are worth keeping or should they "outsource" the service to a private vendor.

If this City has proven nothing else, it has proven that "Its will be done, residents be damned"!

I would say to those employees of Sanitation and Solid Waste that you work hard within your community to ensure that District 2 obtains the political power it needs and the respect it deserves so that our CIty Commission and City Staff become more sensitive to our plight when they are making decisions that concern us.

To those that will shout that this tax is fair.  This tax could never be fair, as it was imposed while over 8,500 registered voters in District 2 did not have a voice or a part in the real decision making process that imposed it.  So, what Jean and the Rescind Unfair Taxes, PAC is doing by humbly requesting that the City rescind the tax and put it out to the voters to decide if we want to pay for their wasteful spending is the only fair option.

"That way if we all have to pay, we all should have a say."

Jean, if you are reading can borrow this statement as a rallying chant, if you

BTW, For those that have the mentality that District 2 residents should stop signing the petition because the City will get the money from somewhere and want to castrate us and would have us believe that our only choices are to lose a job or pay a lil more taxes...Like Biggie Smalls said, "Ya dead wrong"!

Like I stated on Facebook, if District 2 fought together, instead of each other and humbly requested that our City hold-off on building new parks until such a time that our City is financially healthy enough to afford it and stop with all the wasteful spending, then we wouldn't need a Utility Tax.  Force these highly educated, highly paid individuals to do their jobs, even if it's hard work.  That's the type of effovt we should expect from our City Staff being paid with our tax dollars, especially when those same individuals proposed to tax us just so they can higher more of their fiends, I mean friends.  Come on people, we all know it's true!  Unless you are politically connected in this small burb you ain't getting nothing outta of the City.  So stop sticking your head in the sand and let's all get politically connected, so our City will once again work for us, instead of the developers, special interest, and the few politically connected groups and individuals that are currently "being served".

District 2 Community Meeting hosted by Commissioner Ben Preston Tonight at 6pm @ Westside Park

District 2 Community Meeting hosted by Commissioner Ben Preston, tonight at 6pm at Westside Park.  All District 2 residents are urged to come out and find out what's going on in your City. 

Come find out about the Utility Tax, the new Crime Watch initiative that Commissioner Preston would like to start, the BSO/Fire Department merger, and other issues.  Also, bring all your questions and concerns to discuss with our new Commissioner.  

Keep in mind that this should not become a gripe session, but should be used as an opportunity to find out information relevant to our City.

I just hope that this will not be like the District 3 meeting, where the residents/attendees where prohibited from speaking from the floor until the designated period and all questions had to be submitted in writing beforehand. 

How can you dialogue like that?  The truth is, you can't!  What if residents develop questions during the presentations, of which I am sure one will be about the Utility Tax trying to disprove the information that was put out by Jean and her group.


Rescind Unfair Taxes will be making its presentation to the commission at the meeting Tuesday September 6 at 7 p.m. They will be asking for a vote to rescind the 10% utility tax. It is important that all be there to lend support to their effort.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Blog in Deerfield Beach That You May Want to Add to Your List!

Deerfield Beach, if you are looking for informative, creative, and intelligent blogging about issues that concern you, you can read about my perspective on those issues here, but I have found another blog that gives the Deerfield Beach resident a broader more informational based post and views on politics, events, and issues in our community.  You can read it at  The blog is written by Andre Samuels, recent candidate for District 2 City Commission.  

His first three post are informative, insightful, intelligent, and most of all inspiring.  I am inspired because now it`s not just me alone writing and fighting for Deerfield Beach.  However, I want to state this before the politico`s go crazy and the propaganda machine is restarted.  Andre and I have very different views on many issues, but the one thing and main thing that we both share is a love, a passion, and a deep burning desire to see our community of District 2 and our City of Deerfield Beach become a place that we are again, proud to call home.  We both have different methods and styles of getting our points across, but none the less our points will be made.  We can't be compared, but our views can be contrasted at times.  So  

That is why I support Andre to the fullest and wish him best of luck in his blogging endeavor.

Just some words of wisdom that I have come to learn and live by in my 7 months of blogging.  

Blogging is not easy, but as long as you blog for the "People" first, and "Yourself" second then it can be a very rewarding and worthwhile experience.

People may not like what you have to say or how you say it, but as long as you have personally chosen to do more than sit on your butt and gripe about the many complex issues facing our city, than have nothing to worry about and just remember that you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all the people all of the time. 

"Bloghard" and thank you for joining the fight to inform the community, so we become a more informed Deerfield Beach, a more educated Deerfield Beach, a more politically active Deerfield Beach, so we all can contribute to the goal of making a better Deerfield Beach.

Good Luck, Andre!


To other bloggers out there...

La parfaite valeur est de faire sans tmoin ce qu'on serait capable de faire devant tout le monde. 
-  La Rochefoucauld.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Is My Perspective on Deerfield Beach Negative or a Reflection on Reality (repost)

I wrote this back on June 9, 2011 when a few people advised me that I was to negative. I am re-posting it because I believe it answers a few questions, so people can either stop asking me "Why Am I So Negative" and realize that the we are not living in Cyberland, this is the real world and District 2's real world is a combination of the positive and the negative, but recently in the city of Deerfield Beach it has become filled with instance after instance and incident after that are negative and that is what I write about because no other supposed news source will even touch it. SO I highlight the injustices, misinformation, and propaganda that is spread around like horse manure on Southern Plantation back in the 1800's If no one highlighted this information people would not know it and would not be able to see all sides of the equation and then formulate opinions. That is my goal to give all the information, which is why I don't only write my opinion but I also include the links so readers can go and review the same information that I did and form their own opinions. Anyone who has a problem with must have a guilty conscience and is projecting. That's how I see that! So to all of those individuals out there in my District and beyond that have decided I am negative. I say this directly to you,
"You know I am not negative that the words reflect the situation, which more likely than not you are a contributing factor to why the situation seems so bleak in this District. Our people need to be educated and other people need to see an honest representation of how many in this District feel and see things, not the obscured or ELITIST version that you'd portray just to get the little thirty pieces of silver from the City or because you think that you have Jefferson'd and moved on up. At the end of the day you are still my bruthas and sistahs and like family we can disagree and call each other names, but we still need to communicate if our heart is truly into improving the quality of life in District 2. Anything else is counter-productive and tantamount to the same self-destruction that has plagued the black community since before the European ships circled the Ivory Coast (Cote d' Ivoire, I just love the way that sounds.) 
So, to those individuals (and you know who you are, so don't trip) and you feel I have an divisive or negative disposition.  Please take the time to call me and get to know me.  You have my number because let's keep it real and honest with each other and ourselves.  We both know that I reached out to you first, before this whole blog thing came about.  My passions and loyalties lie with my community in District 2 and Deerfield Beach.  I have no political alliances (despite what many think) and no City or Non-Profit allegiances.  My only allies are those individuals who have realized this fight and this victory is not and will not be about the individuals in the struggle, but about the community and City as a whole and all the glory that comes with it goes to GOD, not one man or woman.  So get over yourselves and let's work together for the common good, which is what I have been saying since April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is My Perspective on Deerfield Beach Negative or a Reflection on Reality

Someone, whose opinion I have always valued.  Told me today that I am to negative and that I should just work on getting the information out to the people. 

So, I thought about this, contemplated and prayed on the situation.  And I realized that I am not being negative it is just that the situation itself is negative.  How do I put a positive spin on the situation that is going on here in Deerfield.

If I lived in a different district and did not know the struggles that the people in District 2 live through day after day, then I could possibly put a positive spin on these events.  It would probably sound something like this.

Deerfield Beach is voting on a utility tax that will provide great amenities and places for my kids to play.  These new additions will draw young families to our city which help diversify and strengthen our economic structure and tax base.  This will lead to betteinfrastructure and lower taxes for all eventually.

That sounds great doesn't it.  Many would say that is exactly what the Commissioners have in mind.  However, let me tell the truth of the matter.

Deerfield Beach is voting on a utility tax, while over 8,000 of it's residents are not represented on the City Commission.  District 2, a minority community with many low-income and fixed income individuals, received about 5% or less of the last budget for Parks and the City still has not provided the amenities in District 2 that they promised back in 1993, but the City is moving forward with taxing all of its residents anyway so they can implement capital projects that will make improvements on the existing parks and create new ones.  The residents of District 2 are expected to help foot the bill for the improvement of the sections of the City from a vote and while decisions were made on where the funds would be spent while they weren't represented. This is great for the economy though because theisacrifice will lead to a better infrastructure and stronger tax base because young families will move into the City. 

Is that positive enough for you?  

Again, I will reiterate that this situation is bad and its obvious that everyone knows it and that is why the newspapers have refused to print about it.  They are uncomfortable with the model that is being presented.  Well that model is oureality and my writing only reflects my frustration with this City and the process that we have accepted.  

If you think my writing is negative then try and live one year in our community under the conditions we live in and then write about your experience.  I would bet you that even Mary Poppins would begin to sound just like I do.  

Some of you are saying why is it that not all of our community is speaking out.  Well, the answer to that is simple and if you take the time to ask one of them they will tell you.  They feel that "dem crackers gon do what they wanna do anyway" (please note this is an expression and not necessarily representative of thsi blog).  Now, this is destructive two-fold because this mentality prevents people from even trying to make a change because they feel like they would be wasting their time and it makes us look like an apathetic and lazy community. Which is unfortunate.  The his District 2 may not realize that when we stick together we get a lot accomplished as during the Civil rights movement and the initial Mango Festival.  The funny thing many of the people that hold that mentality grew up during those eras and I believe that because Deerfield really did not go through a real movement and the residents really did not have to be active we just rode on the backs of what Martin and others did in towns like Selma and Montgomery.  So, we have no real reference of succeeding against the establishment except from made for TV movies.  

The reality is all of the residents in District 2 and Deerfield Beach pay their fair share.  Even the renters!  Unless you can show me any property owner who does not factor in the property tax payable on the rental property in the cost of the rent, then you can say the renter does not pay their fair share.  Even once the property tax goes down does the property owner lower the rent, proportionately.  I think not!  So, your contention that anyone in this City does not pay their fair share is destructive, wrong, and down right deplorable.

Let`s look at what Ganz said on the DIAS on June 7, 2011 District 1 pays about $8 million toward the AV tax.  Question is does that figure include  businesses and residence especially since all of Deerfield Beach`s major businesses are in District 1, then District 4 pays $6 million again they have major businesses.  I will leave it at that.  Can I see the numbers excluding the businesses...lets look at the residents share...and then lets see which Districts are paying what, once the business portion of the AV tax is separated and  calculated.

Then talk to us about who's not paying what. 

If me pointing out the truth of the circumstance, situation, and life in Deerfield Beach is to negative for you, then you can take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland. And, I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. 

I think Ganz, Noland, and Popelsky have had a few to many of those blue pills.

Friday, August 19, 2011

David Cody Applies for Appointment on the DBHA...NOT!

Just to point out.  I have not now or ever applied for a position on the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority.  I, unlike other certain individuals, Chaz Stevens, understand that it takes a certain kind of person to effectively and compassionately undertake the job of Commissioner of the DBHA, as well as any other appointment onto any City board.

Someone asked me the question to which I replied, ask ***********, if they don`t do it, I will consider it.  After speaking with said person and believing that Chaz Stevens would be imposed upon the board I would have applied to be a nominee on the board.  With the threat of a horrible and misguided decision of appointing Chaz Stevens onto the DBHA removed, my interest was removed and I never applied. 

Now, if Chaz is ever bought up for appointment again, then I will apply because you must fight fire with fire.  His ability to disrupt the daily operations and operations period of that entity must be neutralized.  You have to someone who will not be bullied by him and has th ebest interest of the community at heart, as well as the intestinal fortitude to stand up to injustice and wrong doings and who better than me fits that bill.  

Whereas, my goal is to help my community I understand that the best way for me to do that is not as an appointee on some board, but doing exactly what I do.  In the thick of it daily, shouting, scratching and clawing, and even fighting for my entire community!  

So, like Bill Ganz said to Larry Barzewski of the Sun-Sentinel at the August 16, 2011 City Commission Meeting, `Get Your Facts Straight`.

City of Deerfield Beach needs a Budgetary Plan B and a Full Audit to Avoid Becoming the Next Lauderdale Lakes

Since I was discussing the City having a Plan B and Jean Robb was kind enough to take time out of her "UNPAID" schedule to do the City Staff's job and look at alternatives or create a Plan B for the City to consider, which she has been suggesting since before the Utility Tax was so arrogantly imposed on the residents by those three individuals Peggy Noland, Bill Ganz, and Marty Popelski, with Joe Miller being the lone voice of common sense and reason.  City Staff and Commissioners have stubbornly ignored her and the  viable options that she and other citizens have suggested to try and save the taxpayers money.  I wonder why...

On Sept. 6 , the Rescind Unfair Taxes will present 6,000 signatures for verification by the SOE and ask the commission to rescind the action take on June 7th when the 10% utility tax was imposed. Since the 10% has already been plugged into this budget, there has to be a Plan B. The tax is supposed to generate 6 million dollars to lower the millage rate by using 4,622,065 of the money.Last year's budget passed with 8 million in the undesignated reserve. This year there is 10,596,455 in that fund. Take 2,596,455 to lower the millage rate. The city can still maintain its bond rating with a percentage rating of the general fund which stands at 74 million.Where is the 2.9 million the city was to save with the BSO merger for the Fire Department? The budget sheet for the Fire Dept. lists costs at 18,192 thousand which reflects only 577,000 less than last year's budget.We hear everyone should pay his fair share. If so, if the worker bees are giving back 5% than why aren't the people making over 100,000 giving back 10%?The fire assessment fee was passed so everyone pay their fair share. It would seem more logical to increase that deductible fee to offset the money needed to lower the millage.The Charter says the commission can not make changes in their own salaries, but there is nothing to prevent them from voluntarily giving back 5 % of their salaries and make a move to end their pensions as part-time emplyees are not eligible.There are ways to lower the millage to 5.67 without adding a new tax to the mix.

Since the City believes that residents are spreading false information about the tax and are now looking to sue us.  Prove us wrong..put an article in the David Eller's Observer with the facts about the revenue of the tax and how the millage rate was lowered.  Explain to us why the City seems to be administratively loosening it's financial belt while tightening it's grip around the necks of the non-uniformed employees.  Discuss the deficit created by lowering the millage rate in the manner in which you have planned to do and explain the City's plan on how to solve the deficit problem. Explain to us which options are truly tax deductible and benefit the residents more than the City. Discuss all the monies available to the city in the different funds. Discuss where the money goes for vacant positions that are funded but are never filled (If you take a look at the Parks and  Rec.  some of those positions have been vacant for years and yet they are still listed and funded.  Some of those people listed haven't worked for the City in ages.)   Basically, I dare the City to for once tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us GOD and disspell the supposed false information.  Illustrate the City's financial hardships because you are not doing a good job of demonstrating that we are in any financial crisis, because making expensive office renovations at City Hall and the Golsby location (which btw, the City is slated not to renew the lease at Golsby, so why would you authorize office reno's in that location...another example of the fiscal irresponsibility of teh City Manager and City Staff.  Just because you conveniently kept the cost under $10,000.00 so the Commission and then the residents wouldn't be aware, but we are watching you Mr. Hanson/Mr. Klopp and I for one think you should stop wasting our money, trying to sue us and take some of that money and have yourselves audited.  Hell, you spent enough money on Kessler to audit specific Departments that you, Noland, and Ganz decided, well the residents would like a full accounting of all the departments so we have an assurance that our City is being run properly and fiscally responsibly so we don't end up like Lauderdale Lakes.
Like in Hollywood, Lauderdale Lakes' manager is blamed for bungling the city's finances. Anita Fain Taylor was fired last month amid accusations that she hid the seriousness of the fiscal situation from commissioners. The budget she and her staff put together -- and which elected officials voted into law -- now is considered so far-fetched that one commissioner said someone must have fabricated the numbers. Sun-Sentinel, June 18, 2011 Lauderdale Lakes bungled its budget, wants bailout -- and must make hard decisions by Megan O'Matz, Georgia East and Brittany Wallman.
It's time to call in a real auditing firm (with CPA's licensed in Florida) and make sure the City Staff's numbers are not misleading us down the road to another Lauderdale Lakes debacle here in Deerfield Beach, we just can't afford that to happen.  

With the CODB Mayor and Commissioners insistence on shutting the residents out and shutting us up, combined with the City's lack of providing information to the residents, and the City's irresponsible reliance on "the word" of it's experts, instead of asking foreal impartial and unbiased reports and studies be commissioned.  This will help to ensure that all viable options are considered and takes a bit of the politics out of the daily running of our City because no Mayor, no Commissioner, no City Manager, and no Fire Experts can argue with a report performed by an outside third party unbiased and unbought professional firm.

It's time we as residents ask for better.  If we don't we get what we deserve and I know the residents of this City do not deserve to be hoodwinked and bamboozled to the point of Lauderdale Lakes by Peggy Noland, Bill Ganz, Marty Popelski, Burgess Hanson, Keven Klopp, and any other individuals who have thrown their stock in with that lot.  It's time the residents request, no demand fiscal accountability and responsibility from our City, in the same manner they want us to demand it from the DBHA, the Community Development Department, the Westside Businessmen, and the Mango Festival.

Is it just me or is it ironic that all of these handpicked forensically audited departments are directly related to District 2...hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

City of Deerfield Beach: To be fair or to be yourselves...

I wrote this on May 26, 2011 prior IUPAT voting and accepting the 5/5/10 Union Agreement, which basically leaves the non-uniformed up the creek without a paddle.  If the employees took time to actually read the agreement, instead of relying on information from City man who have recently retired at the age of 44, and had the City adjust the retirement clause so that certain individuals who may not have had 25 credited years, say they only had 24, those individuals could retire at any age, say 44, and receive full benefits as if they had 25 years.  Do you anyone who fits that description?  Anyway, what else did this vote give away something like employment handbooks, so now the City can basically do what it wants and employee grievances are now being handled by the state instead of the CODB Human Resources Dept. (OK, I admit I didn't verify this section, but from what I have heard this is the jist of the new agreement).  To the Employees that are now screwed, I say you deserve this because you didn`t fight yourselves.  To those that benefitted royally, I say congratulations.  Great job fleecing your fellow man and woman, just so you could get your thirty pieces of silver.  Happy retirement!!!

Anyway, this post is just to reiterate that the City does not care anything about being fair, not to the employees and definately not to the residents.  They only care about themselves.  If you look at the disproportionate way a 5% deduction affects individuals at different pay scales, you see that those at the top of the scale (City Managers, Assistants, City Clerks, etc...) the 5% deduction means a choice between Aruba for the Summer or Jamaica with a family of 4.  For those at the lower end, which many of the non-uniformed employees are it`s the choice between keeping their lights on or putting food on the table.  Then you add in the City`s pay your fair share tax and then what are these individuals left with.  Themselves and their kids out on the streets.  I guess they can go live in Tam O`Shanter or one of the City parks cause they will have lights.  If the City really wanted to be fair.  It would make those highly educated highly paid individuals on the City Staff actually earn their pay by finding innovative and new ways to generate revenue instead of relying on the old standard of taxes and layoffs. Especially when the need really only arises due to the salary hikes and wasteful spending habits of those who we hired to save us money and make the City fiscally responsible, Ironic, huh!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


All I have to say is 5% of $24,000 (-$1,200) and
5% of $45,000 (-$2250)5% of $75,000 (-$3750)
5% of $120,000 (-$6000), and
5% of $160,000(-$8000)

Which grouping can stand to lose 5% and not have it make much of an impact on their standard of living?

Now, give back youraises and add the additional cost of insurance for you and your dependents.

Is it still fair?

Add in the additional 10% imposed by the Utility tax and the ever increasing cost of gas, food, and basically everything else.

Is it still fair, now?

Just to be clear, I am not advocating that the Union just disregard all fair offers.  I am just suggesting that some additional scrutiny is used when determining what is fair. 

How about asking the City to look at all viable cost saving avenues, that could help stave off lay-offs by lowering budget expenditures.  Combine that with innovative ideas for new revenue streams and voila!  All jobs are safe!   Or we could continue doing it the way the City Management and City Commission is doing it and using the workers as a savings account.  The choice is up to you...the thing is Savings Account usually dry up if not replenished with funds. So if they are cutting, cutting, cutting guys will back in the same situation in 275 days or at the end of this contract, which ever comes sooner, and then what will be fair?

*I just wanted to point out that a blanket tiered pay cut was suggested by this blog on April 6, 2011 and in a meeting with Burgess Hanson and Kevin Klopp and at the City Commission meeting during the Public Section on April 5, 2011 , and on this blog April 8, 2011.  Now, I am not claiming credit for this decision, because I am sure others can claim the same, but I do know for sure that it was being discussed before April 14, 2011.  IJS  Not like it matters anyway, the thing that matters is that they listened and the Union can take it for it is worth.  

Good luck guys, I hope you get the contract you deserve and not one that benefits a few for a few months longer.

And before ya'll jump down my throat...I understand the concept of an empasse and special master...Union does not mean unity, but with unity does come strength and hopefully you guys muster some up and fight for what you deserve.  Your counterparts in other departments, always that a fire siren I hear???  Oh, no I was watching Backdraft.