Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chaz Stevens Back in the Saddle or Chaz Out on his Kister???

So it would seem that Chaz Stevens, who recently posted an article indicating that he is "back in the saddle" at the DBHA, may be out on his kister before he even begins his reign of tyranny and makes it a living hell for everybody on the DBHA Board of Commissioners and Executive Staff.  

I know I for one surely hope that this information pans out.  I would love to be the first to tell him and his DBHA Appointment to "don't let the doorknob hitcha where da good lord splitcha".  That's Ebonics for those who didn't know.  A language widely spoken by many who the DBHA helps everyday under the supervision of Mrs. Pamela Davis.

I really wanted to stay out of this, but after seeing that article in the New Times on August 9, 2011 entitled "Back in the Saddle at the DBHA" I had to voice my opinion.

My first question is why would anyone, Mayor Peggy Noland, ever put a person who was convicted of violating an order of protection against domestic violence in a position of power over women is beyond me.  Oh yes as a Commissioner, Chaz would be in a position of power over the many single mothers who would be applying to the DBHA for vouchers and other assistance.  Considering certain  facts of the case(s) that was against him, is it wise to give a person like Timothy "Chaz" Stevens access or even possible access to the personal information of any individual.  Oh, you were unaware of what Chaz was charged with?  You can read my post 

Plus, the fact that he has a record of being a bully against anyone who does not agree with him.  Is that kind of personality conducive to creating a good working environment that would best serve anyone?  No, I don't think so.  

Fact is Timothy Chaz  Stevens should never be appointed to any public municipal board which gives him power over any one.  From his past police record, to the Chauvinistic, masoginistic, and racially charged comments that he makes on his blogs, which all act as evidence to this fact.  

I think Peggy Noland is a reasonable person and the other Commissioners are as well.  So for her to nominate Chaz Stevens fora  second time, he must have some real dirt on her...and she in turn must have some real dirt or have made some real good promises to the other commissioners to get them to approve someone with Chaz Stevens history on a board that gives him direct power and influence over woman and African-Americans. IJS

So, like I originally stated I sincerely hope that his appointment is overturned, as there is nothing about him that says he has the best interest of anybody but himself and Kessler in mind.  


Here's a few post that demonstrate the type of person Chaz Stevens is

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