Friday, August 26, 2011

Commissioner Ben Preston, Whacky Cody Reporting for Duty!

So apparently the CODB is still wheeling from all the activities at the "Chaz-is-such-a-douchebag-Festival".  There was a truth-telling booth, fact-finding coaster, A cotton-mouth Noland machine, and even a pin the sheet on Chaz Stevens contest.

Obviously, this is all untrue.  Funny, but untrue.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch on the subject of "lay-offs" in Public Works and Parks and Recreation if the 10% Utility Tax is repealed or rescinded by the will of the City's residents.

Now, this information that I am about to drop on you is not confirmed or verified and is only my perspective on the subject, as I do not have access to the IUPAT 2011 Contract Agreement.

Apparently, the agreement contains language that guarantees the IUPAT members and associated contracted workers "No Lay-Offs" until 2013.  Which would mean that these two departments that I believe employ the most District 2 residents, will contractually be off the chopping block when the City staff, of highly recruited and highly paid individuals would be forced to go back to the drawing board and actually do their jobs, instead of utilizing the good ol' standards of taxes and lay-offs.

I personally think that is great news.  What about you?  Now the City has conveniently left this bit of pertinent information out of its messages to the workers.  In the hopes that many of them didn't read the contract and don't really know what benefits they have given away and what benefits/loopholes they received.

I mentioned this to a friend of the blog and they brought up a good question, "What about the Sanitation and Solid Waste Departments (who employ a few District 2 residents) who were not included in the "No Lay-Off" guarantee?

I say, the City is trying to privatize those Departments anyway, why fight and beat a dead horse!  No, if you read the 2012 Proposed Budget then you will see that the City is having reports commissioned to see if these departments are worth keeping or should they "outsource" the service to a private vendor.

If this City has proven nothing else, it has proven that "Its will be done, residents be damned"!

I would say to those employees of Sanitation and Solid Waste that you work hard within your community to ensure that District 2 obtains the political power it needs and the respect it deserves so that our CIty Commission and City Staff become more sensitive to our plight when they are making decisions that concern us.

To those that will shout that this tax is fair.  This tax could never be fair, as it was imposed while over 8,500 registered voters in District 2 did not have a voice or a part in the real decision making process that imposed it.  So, what Jean and the Rescind Unfair Taxes, PAC is doing by humbly requesting that the City rescind the tax and put it out to the voters to decide if we want to pay for their wasteful spending is the only fair option.

"That way if we all have to pay, we all should have a say."

Jean, if you are reading can borrow this statement as a rallying chant, if you

BTW, For those that have the mentality that District 2 residents should stop signing the petition because the City will get the money from somewhere and want to castrate us and would have us believe that our only choices are to lose a job or pay a lil more taxes...Like Biggie Smalls said, "Ya dead wrong"!

Like I stated on Facebook, if District 2 fought together, instead of each other and humbly requested that our City hold-off on building new parks until such a time that our City is financially healthy enough to afford it and stop with all the wasteful spending, then we wouldn't need a Utility Tax.  Force these highly educated, highly paid individuals to do their jobs, even if it's hard work.  That's the type of effovt we should expect from our City Staff being paid with our tax dollars, especially when those same individuals proposed to tax us just so they can higher more of their fiends, I mean friends.  Come on people, we all know it's true!  Unless you are politically connected in this small burb you ain't getting nothing outta of the City.  So stop sticking your head in the sand and let's all get politically connected, so our City will once again work for us, instead of the developers, special interest, and the few politically connected groups and individuals that are currently "being served".

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