Friday, August 19, 2011

David Cody Applies for Appointment on the DBHA...NOT!

Just to point out.  I have not now or ever applied for a position on the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority.  I, unlike other certain individuals, Chaz Stevens, understand that it takes a certain kind of person to effectively and compassionately undertake the job of Commissioner of the DBHA, as well as any other appointment onto any City board.

Someone asked me the question to which I replied, ask ***********, if they don`t do it, I will consider it.  After speaking with said person and believing that Chaz Stevens would be imposed upon the board I would have applied to be a nominee on the board.  With the threat of a horrible and misguided decision of appointing Chaz Stevens onto the DBHA removed, my interest was removed and I never applied. 

Now, if Chaz is ever bought up for appointment again, then I will apply because you must fight fire with fire.  His ability to disrupt the daily operations and operations period of that entity must be neutralized.  You have to someone who will not be bullied by him and has th ebest interest of the community at heart, as well as the intestinal fortitude to stand up to injustice and wrong doings and who better than me fits that bill.  

Whereas, my goal is to help my community I understand that the best way for me to do that is not as an appointee on some board, but doing exactly what I do.  In the thick of it daily, shouting, scratching and clawing, and even fighting for my entire community!  

So, like Bill Ganz said to Larry Barzewski of the Sun-Sentinel at the August 16, 2011 City Commission Meeting, `Get Your Facts Straight`.

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