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Hanson & Klopp, a Lose/Lose Combination for Deerfield Beach and it's Employees (repost)

This is the article from March 2011 that Bill Ganz referenced in his tirade that was disguised as anti-Chaz Stevens rhetoric which turned out to be his version of actually showing support foracism and those who make racist remarks towards individuals.  He stated that basically people should have been outraged that I posted an illustration showing a slave owner beating a black man and stealing his baby (the last illustration in this post.)  He's right people should be outraged at the City Manager b/c the illustration is not calling him a racist it is just illustrating the fact the black people were brow beat by the City when their livelihoods were taking away by the City Manager, Burgess Hanson back in October during the lay-offs.  It was widely being said and not only by the black community but by sensible people everywhere that the City was balancing the budget on the backs of the blacks...which ironically is similar to the phrase that the people of North Miami Beach were shouting when they fired Keven Klopp for attempting the same thing that has happened here in their City.  The difference is theiresidents stood together and stopped it by fighting for their employees, and ouresidents did not and are still not.   Anyway, read the post and see if you are as outraged as Bill Ganz would want you to be.

Hanson & Klopp, a Lose/Lose Combination for Deerfield Beach and it's Employees

Burgess “Balance the Budget on the Backs of Blacks” Hanson is at it again.  The city has offered its heart and soul employees an opportunity to save their jobs.   The clincher is that they have to take a pay cut, give up their pay raises earned in 2010 and then on top of all that they have to help the city pick up the tab for the insurance the City provides to them.  In essence, it seems like Hanson wants the employees to pay the City for allowing them to work.

WTF, this is some Mafioso style **** (insert expletive here).  So, let me address this one kick in the a$$ at a time.

So who's idea was it anyway?
First, the City wants the general employee union to agree to a 5-percent across the board pay cut.  So what does this mean exactly?  All city employees will have a 5 percent reduced salary or just the ones who slave for the city each day in Parks and recreations, Public Works and other departments where the majority of the employees are black.  Will the city management and their assistants be taking a pay cut?  If I remember correctly, according to the 2010/2011 budget proposed by Hanson it indicated that his office was getting over $900,000.00, a $300,000.00 hike from last year’s budget.  So he found money to pay himself and his friends, but somehow the city could not afford to keep those they laid-off due to budget constraints.  I can see why…Deerfield Beach had to make sure that Hanson and his cronies can get paid.

Apparently, they had job openings in the City Manager’s office where assistants to assistants could make over $80,000.00.  I wish I could make that money as a glorified secretary.  Hanson, are you still hiring in management, I type 85 wpm and I have a great phone voice.  I don’t look to good in stiletto’s, but for $80,000.00 I’ll surely wear them and I’d be fierce, if that’s what it takes to get paid by the City and keep your job. 

Hanson interviewing Klopp after his promotion to Assistant City Manager
Secondly, the City is asking that the general employees give up the “merit pay raises” from 2010, which are raises the employees earned because of positive evaluations for services rendered to the city.  Will management be giving up their pay raises?  Because it would seem that Hanson himself would be taking a drastic pay cut then, because he just got about $90,000.00 merit pay raise when he went from acting City Manager to City Manager in 2010.  Even, though he had no experience as a City Manager he is making over $150,000.00.  Who did he sleep with to get that job, or is that why his hands are never visible while on the Dias because he is giving one of the Commissioners a handjob as gratitude for that cushy position.  Then another slap in the face to those laid-off employees of the City.  Hanson hires Keven “Kill a City” Klopp, a guy who was most recently fired from the City of North Miami Beach and if you take a look at what’s happening there in the last 4 years with Management getting pay raises while the city employees get laid-off, and the City’s employee unions were being railroaded into agreements help the City pay for its top heavy management and administration departments. 

Wait, that’s happening here too.  So, I guess that’s why Burgess “Balance the Budget on the Backs of Blacks” Hanson hired him because he has experience in getting City Management pay raises, while justifying the expenses by reorganizing departments and then firing dedicated city employee’s to free up some cash.  It must be great to be in os the inner sanctum of the Burgess/Klopp gang.  Union negotiators and bargaining units beware because you are dealing with two made-men and the decks are stacked against you.

Third, the City is requesting that the general employees pay 10 percent of the City’s cost for individual health plan insurance premiums.  This would free up a lot of revenue that can be used to pad the pockets of the already overpaid management team. 

In conclusion, the City is so broke that it wants its general employees to take a 5 percent pay cut, give up their “merit” raises from 2010, and pay an additional 10 percent of their insurance premiums.   All the while paying the management teams exorbitant sums of money, while breaking the backs of its dedicated employees. 

Burgess “Balance the Budget on the Backs of Blacks” Hanson proposed cutting the budgets of almost every single department in the City Of Deerfield Beach, except Human Resources, Commission, City Clerk, Engineering/Utilities, Solid Waste, Risk Management, and Non-Departmental expenditures, while proposing an increase of his own budget by about 57 percent, from $633,026.00 in 2010 to a proposed $987,939.00 in 2011.  Now you tell me, what tough decisions were made, except for what departments to cut so we can pay our huge and undeserved salaries?  Also, I didn’t even mention the fact that Hanson has been pitching around the idea that the laying off of sanitation workers (Solid Waste and Recycling), who are currently exempt from these union talks because the City does not have any information as to the effectiveness of this move, will lower our taxes.  Show me the proof, first buddy.  Because all I have seen so far is you and your flunkies breaking our backs while you pad your pockets and sit on your collective asses.

Burgess Hanson, you need to go, take Keven “Kill a City” Klopp and the rest of your lot with you.  The City of Deerfield Beach, its residence and its employees cannot afford you any longer. 

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