Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CDBG Funding: Facts for the Citizens of Deerfield's Target Area

Below you will find find an excerpt from an informational package prepared by City of Deerfield Beach's own Andre Samuels outlining and detailing CDBG funding uses.  The whole package was to extensive for me to post here, but I believe that it will be available at the Pre-Development CDBG Meeting on April 5 at 6pm at Westside Park...check back later and may have a link for you.

Thank you Andre for this...

Prepared By:
Andre Samuels

Our goal should be to build a healthy community with a positive environment, strong economic opportunities, quality housing alternatives for residents, and a strong social infrastructure that supports a wide array of community organizations that are fighting for our youth and elderly citizens.                           
                                                                                 --------Andre Samuels
Wants You To Make A Difference
The City of Deerfield is the recipient of Grant Funding that citizens can potentially use to make a difference in their communities. These grant funds, are provided to the city by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Community groups can use these funds for a variety of purposes that range from running a food pantry to starting a school to providing small business loans to improving the physical appearance of neighborhoods and homes. CDBG Funds can also be used to support youth based programs within a community. (From “Using CDBG to Support Community Based Youth Programs: by The Finance Project) Youth Programs are defined as: “Youth programs include prevention, intervention, and developmental programs across multiple domains, including academics, workforce preparation, leadership and civic engagement, and health and well-being.These programs are provided by large and small and public and private organizations in diverse settings such as schools, workplaces, and community facilities. Examples of youth program activities include counseling, mentoring, career exploration, summer employment, dropout prevention, financial literacy, academic assistance, and sports and recreation.
These are powerful tools that can help residents reshape their communities. Citizens are encouraged to empower themselves and fight for their community.
Citizens are encouraged to establish non profit organizations and apply for funds that may assist them in revitalizing the entire Deerfield Beach Community. Funds and recipient organizations will be rigorously audited and inspected for competency and effectiveness. Individuals or groups that are found to be ineffective or abusing grant funds will not continue to receive support, and may face prosecution. CDBG Funds are limited and organizations that are ineffective will lose funding in favor of those that can make a difference for this community.                                                                                                         

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